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Friar’s Prime-Time Shows for the 2010 Summer TV Line-Up

April 26, 2010


- Nova:  A history of belly-button lint
- One Lump or Two?  The first of a 12-part documentary on tea-time in Victorian England.   Chapter One:  The introduction of the Crumpet.
- Agatha Christie Presents:  Hercule Poirot Waxes his Mustache

Discovery Channel
- Disemboweled Within Minutes
- Two Guys Smashing Things
- The Elvis-Nostradamus Conspiracy

The Learning Channel
-  Help!  I’m lying in my own filth!
- The boy whose skin exploded on contact.
- When Bed-Bugs Burrow Into Your Brain.

National Geographic Channel
- The Dog Euthanizer
- Egypt’s 20 Most Compelling Sand-dunes
- How the Civilization and Life as We Know it Will End within 10 Year

- America’s Funniest Groin Injuries
- Desperate Adultresses
- Dancing with Morons

- When Chimps Explode
- Gordon Ramsay’s “You Stupid $%&@!!, Get the #@%&* out of my Kitchen!”
- So You Want to Be an Ass-Clown
-American Douchebag

- CSI:  Lincoln, Nebraska
- How I met who I think might be your Mother
- The Not-so-Amazing-Give-it-a-Rest-Already Race

- Former 60′s Child-TV-Stars-Now-in-Rehab Apprentice
- America’s got Stupidity
Conan O’Brian Jay Leno All-Night All the Time

- Growing up Taliban
- Anne of Green Gables Part XXXVIII:  A New Sun-Bonnet
- The Nature of Things:  Why David Suzuki is right and you’re wrong.

Cartoon Network
- Douche-Bob Underpants
- Ogi-yoh Sajamé!
- Death-Ball
- Fart-Masters of the Universe
- Like, totally.  What-EV-er.


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