Customer Disservice and “Small Town Moments”

So, Friar, you might ask me, what are the local businesses like in Splat Creek (Small Town Ontario)? 

To give you and idea what it’s like here…there are a few thousand people in town.  Most of us work at the FewBar Widget Plant down the road (which is pretty much the major employer for the whole area).  

It’s a small downtown, as you can imagine.  But at least we have a Beer Store, a Burger Gulp and Blow, a Timmy Ho’s, and a Crappy Tire.  Throw in a few restaurants, and a few other local yokel businesses.   Add the mandatory East Indian and Asian guys who run the dollar store and convenience store, and that’s pretty much it…

In one direction down the highway, there is the “Big City”, which is a good 30-40 minutes away.  In the other direction, it’s at least an hour before you get any human habitation of any consequence.  The rest is all bush.

So any local businesses here are basically a monopoly, and the store owners know this.  And they basically dont’ give a shit.  They pretty much decide what kind of merchandise to stock, and set the hours if (or when) they decide to serve you.  

Here are a few examples of Exemplary Customer Disservice,  which I call “Small Town Moments”:

– I showed up 10 minutes before closing at Subway’s, but they wouldn’t sell  me a toasted sub.  Because they had closed down the oven.

 – I showed up at the drug store 30 minutes before closing.  They wouldn’t sell me a lottery ticket because they had “shut down the computers”.

– I showed up at the Cheezi-Mart grocery store 10 minutes before closing, and they woudlnt’ sell me cold cuts.  The Deli counter had shut down for the day (But they told me they would sell me “sausage”, if I wanted).  (WTF?  Excuse me…???)   

– God-Awful’s Pizza has a special on certain weeknights. But only until 9:00 PM.  They refuse to give you the special price if it’s 5 minutes after 9:00 (even though they’re open for 2 more hours).  

– I showed up at the Gas Station Restaurant at 12:05.  They refused to serve me breakfast because I was five minutes late. (Despite the fact their competitor, the other restaurant was only a few hundred feet away and served breakfast till 4:00 PM).   

– At the Ice Cream store, my friends kids were scolded by the girl behind the counter.  They were taking too long to decide on their ice cream flavor and “we’re closing in 10 minutes”. 

…anyone see a PATTERN here?

Welcome to Splat Creek.

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