Miss Management 101 (Lesson One): Using Visual Aids

Step 1.    Assemble a list of management buzzwords (i.e. “expectations”, “commitment”, “action”, “achievement”, “goal”, “performance”, etc. )

Step 2.  Select a common object (i.e. a pyramid, a chair, a ladder,  a circle, a shoe, etc.).  It could be anything.

Step 3.  Hire a consultant to randomly combine the buzzwords and object into a Powerpoint Slide. (Hint:  Use lots of bright colors, your staff will like that).   

Step 4.  Practice the ability to talk about your Power Point Slide for 30 minutes at any given time. 

Step 5.  Use this slide to describe your corporate mission statement, repeatedly, for the next 6 months.

Step 6.  Repeat Steps 1-6, as often as required.

 Practice on this as an example:


Got it?….Congratulations!  You might be senior manager material!

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4 Comments on “Miss Management 101 (Lesson One): Using Visual Aids”

  1. brettlegree Says:

    Hey Friar, you’ve been busy the last little while! Good choice of theme, Michael Martine is a great guy and a master at what he does.

    Ah yes, the cylinder. I slipped and fell on the ice the other day trying to outrun the cylinder.

    The sad thing was, I was on my way to the presentation on “how to walk safely in the winter”… 🙂

  2. Friar Says:

    Hi Brett

    Hey, thanks for commenting. You have the honor of being the FIRST EVER to answer my Blog.

    If the Cylinder of Responsibility doesn’t work for you, mabye try the Cube of Expectations (it’s got square edges, and wont’ roll on the ice).

    (The only thing is, someone needs to design the Cube).

  3. brettlegree Says:

    We can design the Cube of Expectations with The Fallen One at the next Cardiac Breakfast…

    – The Father

  4. The Friar Says:

    That’s all the world needs now…another Management Tool Visual Aid. (I’ll bring my crayons..)

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