Water Color #3: Double-O Arch, Utah.


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5 Comments on “Water Color #3: Double-O Arch, Utah.”

  1. brettlegree Says:

    I always liked this one. I’d like to go there to see what it looks like in person. But for now, I like this painting.

  2. The Friar Says:

    That whole area (Arches National Park) looks just like the Roadrunner cartoons…arches, balancing rocks, big orange cliffs..etc. I didn’t see any falling coyotes, though.

  3. Peter Says:

    When I stare at the shadow on the underside of the arch, and just absorb the scene, I have this weird sense of being right there!

  4. Steph Says:

    How many times has someone said this about your artwork? That you transport them right in to the painting? It’s true! Friar, I am so blown away by your talent. I love your watercolours especially. That one of the leaves just stunned me. I have a photo like that, just closer up. I also took a neat one at eye level.

    You could go really far with these if you wanted, I would bet money.

  5. Friar Says:


    Aww…thanks. I”m blushing here!

    I do sell my paintings once in a while (but obviosly not enough to quit my day job!).

    Some of my stuff is hanging in a local gallery right now, actually. The owner is trying to get local artists more exposure, and tourist season is starting. So mabye I’ll made a bit of pocket money.

    Thing is….people dont’ value art as much. They’ll blow 50 bucks on dinner without thinking, but they wont’ pay $150 for a painting that will hang in their house for 25 years.

    There are much better artists than me, who do this full time, and hardly make any money.

    That’s okay…I’m not complaining. That’s the way the World Works. I have my Widget job to pay the bills, in the mean time.

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