Lessons Learned from a Two-Day Project Management Course

They made us take this course.    And (no, I’m not making this up),  this was the level of our instruction:

“Okay, people, when you hold a meeting, it’s important to remember these key points:  

First, indicate WHERE the meeting is going to be held..it’s important to tell people what room the meeting will be in.  You also need to tell them WHEN the meeting is going to take place.    Remember, you need to specify the TIME…the DATE…and the PLACE.  

Also, let everyone know WHO is invited.  It’s important for the right people to show up when they’re needed.

Finally, you have to provide an AGENDA….people will want to know what the meeting is ABOUT”.


And no doubt, the consultant was probably billing $2000 a day for these pearls of wisdom.  

What I want to know is…where can I get a job like that? 

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