Friar’s Artist Tips: Warm Down with a Quickie

I’ve ruined too many paintings at the very end by not knowing when stop and take a “Time Out”.

So if you’ve just spent a big chunk of time finicking with a detailed painting, and you find yourself getting tired, my advice is STEP AWAY FROM THE PAINTING.    Back off, and just walk away.

Instead, warm down by quickly doing another small sketch.   Pick a reasonable size (6″ x 8 “) that you can do within 30-40 minutes.  And then just go nuts and let the paint fly.  (Who cares how it turns out?) 

I like to do this towards the end of the art class.   (I find I especially get in the “Zone” in the last 10 minutes, when people are packing up and getting ready to leave.)   It drives some of my classmates nuts.

Here’s an example of one I did in just under 30 minutes:


Try it.  You might surprise yourself.  There are times I found my “Quickie” painting turned out better than my “Serious One”. 


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2 Comments on “Friar’s Artist Tips: Warm Down with a Quickie”

  1. jancartier Says:

    Oh paint!!! Yay! Look at my flickr badge…watercolors are there.

  2. Friar Says:

    Hi Jan

    Another painter. Hooray!

    I saw your site. I was going to leave comments a while back, but I kept goofing up the sign-in process.

    You have really good stuff. I’m partial to watercolors and I especially love your water lilly. That’s awesome.

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