To follow up on my earlier posting about trying to buy a chicken in Splat Creek….

I was fortunate enough to be at the Cheezi-Mart yesterday during day-time store hours.  And I found out that YES, you actually CAN just walk in and buy a deli roast chicken, unannounced, without having to reserve ahead.

Providing, of course, it’s during the day.  And forget about doing this after 3:30 PM.   

And even then, I was told, this will probably only be until summer time (after which, I presume you’ll probably have to “reserve” a chicken for lunch too).

For crying out loud.  WTF is it with this town, that chickens are in such short supply?   (You’d think we were asking for Lobster Thermidor or something).


To Mr. Cheezi-Mart Store Owner:  It’s just a…Roast…F*$#ing…Chicken.   Did it ever occur to you that you could…maybe…ummmm…COOK SOME MORE?

Mabye I should write a letter to the editor, suggesting this to the town.  

Better not…though. (I might incur the Wrath of the Grayheads again)

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