Friar’s Artist Tips: Cheap brushes work just fine.

In a typical art supply store, watercolor brushes range in price from $3.00-10.00 for the cheap synthetic ones, to $20.00 (and upwards) for ones made with sable fur.

$50.00…. for stupid BRUSH.  (Yikes!)  Who has the money for THAT? 

When it come to brushes, I’ve learned this is one area you can skimp on.   About 10 years ago, my teacher told me to save my money because the cheap-o brushes work just as well as the premium animal fur variety.   

So that’s what I’ve been buying ever since, and it seems to have worked out okay.   The paintings I’ve posted on this Blog (or sold) were all done with the lowest-priced brushes I could find. 

Plus I’m a “weapon” (i.e. I tend to break and/or lose things).    So if I end up trashing a $4.00 brush, who cares?


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3 Comments on “Friar’s Artist Tips: Cheap brushes work just fine.”

  1. Ellen Wilson Says:

    I agree Friar, about the cheap brushes.

    I wish I could say the same for photography (it’s expensive).

    Good quality paper for watercolors isn’t cheap either. Have you thought of selling hand painted greeting cards in your local market?

  2. Friar Says:


    I’ve printed out a few of my paintings as cards, but mostly so my Mom can give them out to friends.

    Sadly, there isnt’ really much money in cards. People are willing to pay mabye $2-3 bucks per card, tops. Which ends up working to much less than minimum wage, after you take the time to trim and hand-paint them.

    There ain’t no money in art (…which is why I keep my Ugly Duckling Day Job).

  3. Jason Says:

    Hi … I work for a newspaper in Chico, CA and I’m doing a calendar entry for a local watercolor exhibit and I am looking for an image to use in conjunction with it (they provided none). I am writing to seek your permission to use this image of brushes (if it’s your image) with the listing. I’d give you credit and include a link to your blog.

    You can email me at

    Thanks, Jason

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