Office Stereotypes 101

Can you guess which one of these lads is least likely to get invited to the Deer Camp next weekend?


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6 Comments on “Office Stereotypes 101”

  1. Brett Legree Says:

    The millwright (third from the left) looks like he’s getting a bit tired of Mr. Cell-phone. You never know, Mr. Cell-phone might get invited to deer camp. You know, for when they need to sight in the rifles…

  2. Friar Says:

    Wonder what Mr. Cell phone does on the weekend for fun?

    Maybe he and his fellow M-Chip Implantees sit down and go over procedures on how to write procedures, and discuss the proper use of the word “Shall”.

    If he got invited to Deer Camp, he ‘d be the person designated to stay back and make SAMMITCHES for when the Lads come back from hunting.

  3. Ellen Wilson Says:

    All of the guys would be invited to deer camp around here. Except yeah, Mr Suit Man probably works somewhere in the rich suburbs of Detroit and he has a “hunting lodge” where he and all of his rich friends go. There is such a thing in the Upper Peninsula of MI and it’s called “The Huron Mountain Club” That sounds nice, doesn’t it? It sounds fancier than deer camp. They have thousands of acres of land up there and actually do useful things like trying to help stop acid mining in the UP.

  4. Friar Says:


    Sounds like your rich city folk from Detroit with a “hunting lodge” are the equivalent ouf our rich city folk from Toronto who have a $500K “cottage”.

    Lucky, Torontonians don’t come up this far. They consider Huntsville (2 hours south) to be the end of the planet.

    Acid mining on the UP. Wow..that would have a big impact, wouldn’t it? (After all, the U.P. isn’t THAT big).

  5. Ellen Wilson Says:

    Yes, it will make a big impact, Friar. And it’s pissing me off just thinking about it and I want a cigarette now!

    Alright, let the emotion pass.

    It will infiltrate into the groundwater and there will runoff into Lake Superior. Sulfuric acid nasty runoff. Some people just care about money, like the mining industry. Rio Tinto is based in London.

    Then they (Rio Tintonians) say they would like to take over the UP and mine it all up. Of course, they used their Big Brother speak. Would they say anything so honest?

  6. Friar Says:

    Ow. That sucks.

    The North Shore is pretty unspoiled (you get 60 mile stretches of roadless undevelopped coast line). But there are yucky spots (near the Soo), or around pulp mills (i.e. Marathon).

    Hope they leave the U.P. alone. It’s a place I always wanted to see…I drove thru it..but never took the time to check it out. Mabye this summer…..

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