FriarToons (May 9, 2008)




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10 Comments on “FriarToons (May 9, 2008)”

  1. OMG, these are hilarious. I especially like the first one. Echo Canyon! Clever Friar!

  2. Ellen Wilson Says:

    Good ones. This is what happens to me when I go to the bathroom in the woods. Except it hits my foot. Why do the nuns have chicken legs? Because they’re flying nuns?

  3. Sandie Says:

    I tagged you for a meme…thank Brett for that one!

  4. Ellen Wilson Says:

    he he. I knew I shouldn’t tag you for a meme. You’re too popular.

    I should probably run around now and tell everyone that I tagged that I’m playing a game.

  5. Friar Says:

    I got hundreds more sketches stashed away (literally). I’m going to be posting more.

    Nuns terrify me. (Bad childhood experiences). So I like to take the occasional pot shot at them (Hee hee hee!)

    I’ll have to check this out (I couldn’t open the link from work!). Do you really want to know 8 things about me?

    Well, I still know a relatively small blog group, so almost everyone I know has already been tageed. I hope I dont’ break the chain.

  6. Ellen Wilson Says:

    I’m glad I didn’t get it nun phobia like my mom did. She was hit with rulers by them.

    Sad, mean, ruler yielding nuns. They are the vanguard.

  7. Friar Says:

    I didn’t actually get smacked, but oboy, my Grade Three Nun was mean and she laid on some pretty good guilt trips. I still get anxiety dreams about her.

    I had another nun in Grade 8. She was somewhat more normal, but insane, nevertheless.

    Good ol’ Catholic Guilt. Nothing like growing up with it.

  8. 6 Weeks Says:

    […] We were talking about how I wanted to have a drawing for some of my writing, to warn people to grab a box of tissues.  And well, you know the Friar… a uniquely twisted spin on the idea!  You can see some of his other stuff here. […]

  9. neyellen Says:

    @Friar – That’s what my mom always said about the Catholic guilt trip. So are you still holy? Ha!

    Oh, I like bears, too. But I think I’m in the wrong column for commenting about bears. Bears cannot see very well and they will eat you if they can.

  10. Friar Says:

    No…I’m not holy at all. I gave up the guilt trip years ago. I’m a Fallen Friar.

    We got bears at work. The company garbage dump is a few hundred yards away from the main parking lot. When you take a walk at lunch, you can see them. They wait for the garbage truck to come and it’s a huge Smorgasbord.

    Fortunately the Widget Factory is surrounded by miles of bush in either direction. There are no houses around, just the dump. So nobody is ever attacked and the bears are left alone.

    GRRRR (shaking my head from side to side). GRRR! GRR! GRRR!

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