A Break from the Cube Farm…

Very rare situation at work today…My two other office mates are gone.   I have the room to myself.

(Sob!)  Pardon me, I’m getting emotional here.  

It’s just been so long…so, so long.  I’ve forgotten what this is like.  

I’m not crammed in like a sardine.  I don’t have to listen to five different conversations at once.   I can actually hear myself think. 


All this, from being alone in quiet room.   Who’da thunk it?   

WOW….what a concept!

Someone should suggest this as a radical new way to increase productivitiy.  


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7 Comments on “A Break from the Cube Farm…”

  1. Brett Legree Says:

    And then, whenever it happens to me (on those rare occasions), I don’t know what to do… so I troll around blogs and leave comments!

    (I’m off sick today, officially) might not be fit for duty, but I can poke around on the laptop.


  2. Steph Says:

    Hey Friar, I’ve found the opposite! When I was in a cubicle surrounded by office mates, I was MORE productive! But that might have been because my supervisor was at the front of the room as well. It’s much harder to goof off then and I could tune them out if I had to. Alone, I can do what I want: write fun stories, surf blogs… Even when I shared an office with my hubby, I worked hard. Didn’t want him to think I wasn’t contributing!

    However, I do totally understand the peace and happiness you experience when you’re not surrounded by people all the time. I think that kind of quiet is good for the soul. What a nice way to begin a weekend!

  3. Friar Says:


    I especially like it when the people who pressure you the most to meet all your “commitments”, are the ones who have the best offices where they can shut their door when they chose.

    Tell ya what, Mr. Manager. Change desks with me for a week, and let me know how productive you are!

    PS. Howcum you’re sick? Might it have something to do with a few pints last night?

    Oh, I still goof off on my own…A LOT (like I am right now, at this moment). But at least I have the option to work when I feel like it.

    (…which is seldom). But you know what I mean 🙂

  4. I hear you Friar! I’ve experienced it every which way. At one job, we all sat in cubes in one large, open space so people stayed on task pretty diligently because everything and everyone was so visible. At another job, row after row of cube provided plenty of distractions for idle chat and water cooler conversations. I prefer the peace and quiet of my home office now but sometimes I miss those distractions and working around other people.

  5. Friar Says:


    I don’t like to work in isolation, but I also dont’ like to work with people talking 5 feet away. That would really suck being in open-concept cubicles like you were.

    My present office mate thinks of himself as quite the comedian. He will often break into Catpain Kirk impressions or quote cartoon shows.

    At first I thought this was kinda fun. Here’s a guy with a sense of humor. But after the 30th time in one day, I kind of reach my limit and I just want to throttle someone! 🙂

  6. Ellen Wilson Says:

    @Friar – I don’t like people talking around me either. I just can’t concentrate.

    You could always tell your office mate that it isn’t funny anymore. Politely. But you have to have that kind of relationship where he will appreciate honesty.

    @Brett – Hope you feel better soon. Drink lots of water.

    Everyone, Mike and I are having a party tomorrow. You’re all invited. That would be so funny if you all showed up on my doorstep.

  7. Friar Says:


    Can’t figure out my office mate. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s a bit strange. Another close friend confided to me that the guy’s yelled at the Admin. Assistant and made her cry. On more than one occasion.

    So much for Mr. Congeniality. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

    Hmmm…party sounds tempting. Though (depending where you are in Michigan) it could be a 10-12 hour drive each way. Might be a bit too much for a two day weekend. 🙂

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