Watercolors: A Couple of Alpine Scenes

I’ve been into mountains these past few weeks.   Here are a couple of quick ones.

This first scene is from Colorado, just before sunset.  I was amazed you could drive on pavement at 10,000 feet, and see stuff like this from the side of the road. 


This second one is Mt. Assiniboine (near the Alberta-B.C. border).   This is from a old photo I took on a back-packing trip a few years ago.


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10 Comments on “Watercolors: A Couple of Alpine Scenes”

  1. Steph Says:

    They’re both very lovely! I especially love the second one. The colours are wonderful, too.

  2. Friar Says:


    I tend to like the 2nd one better two. (Better composition in the foreground. )

    Colorado aint’ nothing to sneeze at. But I prefer painting the Canadian Rockies. They’re further north, so there are fewer trees, and more jagged rock and icefields.

  3. Kelly Says:


    The second one looks like something you might jump into at any moment. 🙂

    It’s sublime. The bare hints of yellow in a couple of spots make it so lively. Feels like I’m there. Lovely, as always.



  4. Friar Says:


    Oooh..you woudn’t want to jump into THAT. Looks inviting, but it was Ice-cold glacial water.

    If it had been warm outside (like in my other photo from Colorado) I’d have ventured in for a few seconds.

    But it was actually pretty cool outside (despite the August weather). The evening before, there were ice pellets!

  5. Kelly Says:


    I wouldn’t have jumped into the other one, either. Yikes!

    That’s why I said YOU might have jumped in. Though I guess ice pellets is a bit much for even a wild Friar. 🙂

    Until later,


  6. Friar Says:


    Some things are too cold, even for a Friar!

    (Even Lake Superior is pushing it!)

  7. yeah, Colorado is quite inspirational! Nice paintings friar, what other mediums do you work in?

  8. Friar Says:


    I do a bit of pen and ink, and I’ve toyed around with oils, but I mainly focus on watercolors. (There are just so many hours in a day..!)

  9. Ooh and ahh. .. love the top one mostest because of the warm cool contrast. Really spacious looking, Prince Friar. 🙂
    I have been wrestling with the painting. Just taking a quick spin around…Alls well?

  10. Friar Says:


    I found the foreground of the top one is a bit boring, I tried to make the trees interesting but there is only so much you can do with watercolor before the painting gets overworked. I decided to quit while I was ahead. It was a quick study anyway.

    But I did like the contrast of the trees then the sudden transition to bare brown rock and snow. It’s like the trees just quit all of the sudden (instead of gradually).

    Aside from that, all’s well. I should fit in another painting session soon (before I get rusty and quit for the summer). I almost always take the summer off (too busy chasing fish!)

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