Travels with the Bear: Yellowstone National Park

It’s unlikely that I’m the first person to ever photograph their Teddy Bear in front of Old Faithful…while it was erupting. 

But it’s probably safe to say this type of thing doesn’t happen very often.


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33 Comments on “Travels with the Bear: Yellowstone National Park”

  1. Karen JL Says:

    That’s awesome! You should make a little animated GIF out of it. 🙂

    Remember that Disney cartoon with the Yellowstone ranger and all the bears picking up the trash? “First you pick it up, put it in the bag, bump, bump…” Loved that one.

  2. Kelly Says:


    It’s “unlikely” that you’re the first one? I dunno, sounds pretty likely to me. Have to do a Flickr search and find out. How many people would think of it?

    The first one seems to match his mood best. By the last one he looks like I do when the kid’s still got tons of energy and I’m wondering why Mama’s bedtime has to come after kid’s bedtime. I’d just as soon go first! “Oh, go ahead and erupt. I’m tired.”




  3. Friar Says:

    @Karen JL
    I vaguely remember that cartoon…!! I have better memories of the Tweety-Sylvester one. Where Tweety manipulates the clock showing when the next eruption is going to take place. He moves the clock heads ahead, causing the geyser to erupt, and getting Sylvester in trouble! 🙂

    The Bear probably dosent’ have too much patience…because the whole sequence probalby took less than two minutes.

    What the photo doesn’t show is the 400 people standing around watching the same thing.

    I got some strange looks when I took these snapshots! 🙂

  4. Ellen Wilson Says:

    Friar and his bear.

    I think you should paint your bear red, so it stands out more. What do you think? Or you could make him a red outfit.

    Did you get a chance to view the people that get too close to the wildlife at Yellowstone? I get a kick out of that. Apparently the bison are the most dangerous.

  5. Friar Says:

    Oh, No! I woudln’t paint the bear or make him wear any clothes…he’s an outdoor bear…he likes to be in his natural state.

    Besides, that’s what I like in my photos..the bear is often camouflaged, even I have a hard time remembering where he is.

    Yeah..I like the idiots at parks who want to get close to all the critters…like it’s a Disney movie or something. You see that in Canada too…especially when tourons (tourist morons) come within 20 feet of a moose or bear.

    Actually, I find in the “real” wilderness (outside of parks) the animals are skittish and you hardly get to see them. It’s only in parks where they get used to us stupid naked apes..they tolerate us and don’t run away.

  6. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar…off topic alert.
    During the Montreal Comedy festival in July there’s a South Park Live show. Matt and Trey will BE there for one night only, talking about the show and showing clips. I happen to be going to Montreal during the festival and I got tickets online. So stoked! Go to to check it out. 🙂

  7. Friar Says:


    Not too far off topic (it’s related to my last post!)

    Matt and Trey….OMG! Those guys are my heroes! That sounds awesome!

  8. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar
    Ha! So it is. 🙂

  9. Ellen Wilson Says:

    Friar – I see your point. The camo bear is a good thing. Is it a male or female bear?

    Karen – Matt and Trey are hilarious! You’ll have a good time. I’ll be there during the jazz fest. Hopefully. If I miss it I’ll still go to Montreal. I like that town. I like the way the vagabonds approach me in French for money. Then swear at me in French when I don’t give them anything. I need a translator. We did walk through Gay Montreal and a guy said, “Gay vous?” I got that much.

  10. Karen JL Says:

    @ Ellen
    lol…’gay vous?’.

    Yeah, it’s great. I’m originally from there so I’m quite familiar. 🙂
    I haven’t been back during July (or the comedy fest) since I left 12 years ago, so I’m excited. Nothing beats Montreal in the summertime.

    Matt and Trey are a bonus. I’m in the biz, so it’s extra cool for me. Hey…I think I can write off the trip now!! 😉

  11. Ellen Wilson Says:

    @Karen – Sweet! Are you a comedian?

  12. Aww, cute bear again…

    Sorry to hear canoe trek was too windy for fish, but I am sure it was good to get away a bit.

    I came up on the back side of an elk when hiking in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know who was more surprised. Me or the elk. They are HUGE. I think it must have been one of those animals that had acclimated to humans though. He WAS near the trail for goodness sake.
    Which reminds me, there was this really neat show on Discovery last night about couples and groups who had done THE ALASKA CHALLENGE. Three months of survival in the wilds of Alaska. It was fun to watch. I think the Survival Guy was the host. Not much time for painting what with all the wood chopping, water gathering and big bear avoiding going on. 🙂

  13. Friar Says:


    Yes, due to the strong response…I had to include the Bear again. I think I’ll make this a semi-regular post. sucked. The “Winds of Shit”, I call them. But I did get a few the other night (not trout, though). I might write about it soon.

    Wow..the Alaska Challenge. Three months…that’s gotta be brutal (I’m thinknig mostly because of the bugs). Also, the lack of toilet paper!

    It reminds of the Stampeders who crossed the Yukon during the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. These were just city folks, idiots who didn’t know anything about camping or the wilderness. Yet many of them actually made it…!

    “Klondike”, by Pierre Berton is one of my favorite historical books.

  14. Friar Says:


    Gay Vous? That’s a new one on me!! I used to live in Montreal (8 years ago)…and I’ve never heard that one before!

    PS. The bear is male, and his name is “Junior”. (I commented this on your recent post!)

    @Karen JL
    Oh, man! And you get to write off your trip, too! Lucky!

    Where did you used to live in Montreal?

  15. Karen JL Says:

    @ Ellen
    No, (sorry)…I’m an animation artist (but I have partaken in the stand-up arts in the past 🙂 )

  16. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar
    Grew up in Verdun and I lived in NDG (who didn’t?) 😉

    And yeah, now I’m thinking I actually *can* write it off. I’ll be visiting Toon Boom too, so that’s business for sure.

  17. Ellen Wilson Says:

    @Friar – Haaaa! We just missed eachother. Too funny. Junior. And you don’t have to feed him. He just is a ham and wants to be in the pictures. Gay vous is something you hear when you’re straight and holding hands in front of people that aren’t straight and hold hands with the same sex. I tried to get Mike to visit the gay bars but he wouldn’t have it.

    @Karen – I’m sure you can write it off. It’s part of your education. Right?

  18. Friar Says:

    Well, mabye Mike would have compromised…he goes to a gay bar with you, and he takes you to one of the many “gentlemans’ clubs” on St. Catherine Street. 🙂

    (Seriously, have you ever seen any other city where they display these establishlments so proudly?)

    I grew up in the West Island…(so it was quite the train ride downtown). But I still know my way around a bit.

  19. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar
    Woo Hoo, Super Sexe! And Club 281 for the ladies (if it’s still there).

    I’ll be visiting my best friend in Beaconsfield so I’m familiar with that area too.

    Sh*t, I’m getting all excited for Montreal and I’m going to F’n Hawaii in 4 days!!! Duh.

  20. Friar Says:


    Montreal is okay…..but all things being equal, I’d rather be in Hawaii!!

    (I only saw the Honolulu Airport at 3:00 AM…on a stop-over to Australia).

    PS. Didnt’ there used to be a Sex-Aquarium? (Where the ladies swim instead of dancing?)

    Only in Quebec..! 🙂

  21. Thanks for making me smile, Friar! That Teddy is one well-traveled stuffed animal. Does he have his own passport?

  22. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar
    Never heard of the Sex-Aquarium but I wouldn’t doubt it!

    Third time in Hawaii and *love* it there. It’s much deserved…I’ve barely left the house in 6 months. Literally.

    Damn cartoons. 😉

  23. Steph Says:

    Wait – Trey and Matt in Montreal? Are they going to act out South Park in French?? (I watched that clip, Friar! Ahahahaha!)

    I love this bear series. Never mind the strange looks. Tell them you’re doing it for your fans.

  24. Friar Says:

    No, he dosen’t have a passport. I just stuff him in my knapsack on the airplane.
    (I would never put him with my regular luggage, in case they lose it!)

    When I drive, sometimes I deliberatly put him in the front seat with the seatbelt (just to mess with people).

    The U.S. border guards really scratch their head when they see that!

    Wasn’t sure if it’s still there. I think it existed well into the 90’s.

    Have a good vacation. I’m jealous!

  25. Friar Says:

    Yeah..aint’ that French clip of Southpark just AWFUL?

    The French should learn English, so they can appreciate the show in it’s own language. Instead of subjecting the world see such a horrible translation! 🙂

    As for strange looks…I get so many of them (regardless of whether I have the bear or not) that I’ve become immune.

  26. I’m cracking up at the thought of you pulling up next to me at a red light with a teddy bear seat-belted in your front seat …

  27. Friar Says:


    How about when my car was searched crossing the Maine/New Brunswick Border?

    A good looking 25 year old border guard with a gun was gonig through my bags..and she came across the bear.

    I think it was at that point, she probably realized I was just a harmless nut instead of a would-be smuggler.

  28. 🙂 yea!

    I am inspired and smiling now!

  29. Friar Says:


    The bear always seems to make that impression on the right people! 🙂

  30. Mania Says:


    I’m surprised the border guard didn’t eviscerate the bear to search for smugging stuff inside.

  31. Karen Swim Says:

    Friar, twisted and so deep friar! LOL! Poor thing looks a little scared!

  32. Friar Says:


    Awww…the Bear was all right. He’s been in scarier photos! 🙂

  33. Friar Says:


    I’m just glad the guard didnt’ eviscerate ME!

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