The Philosophy of Life Using Everyday Household Objects.

Pick an object, any random object.  

And I’ll write a “deep, meaningful” post about it,  using it as a metaphor to explain the intricacies of Life.  

 For example:

Vacuum cleaners
Life is like vacuuming.   You pass the vacuum cleaner over the carpet and remove all the undesirable dust and dirt.   

Similarly, we need to periodically “vacuum” our lives, to get rid of the dirt on the Carpet that is our daily existence.

Vacuuming needs to be done regularly,  otherwise the dirt gets matted in, and then a rug-shampooer in needed.   An otherwise simple household chore has now become a bigger, more complicated job.    

It’s a lesson that we should always take care of the little problems, before they get out of hand.

When do YOU vacuum your life?    What kind of vacuum cleaner do YOU use?


Life is like a blender.   You take separate ingredients, mix them together, and create a new type of food that’s tastier than the sum of the individual ingredients.

Fresh berries, fruit juice, yogurt, for example.   Each is delicious on their own, but combine them together, and you get a Smoothie!

Thirty years ago, very few people knew what a Smoothie was.   But someone tried a new idea, and now Smoothies have become a nutritious part of our mainstream diet.  

Similarly, we can all discover new “recipes” in life, by abandoning our pre-conceived ideas of what concepts “should” go together, and trying and creating new things.

What new ideas have YOU blended together?   What flavour is YOUR Smoothie?


A stapler is a fascinating device.   It produces strips of bent wire.   Each only worth a fraction of a penny.   Nothing much there, one might think.

But look at what staples can achieve.  They help bind together important papers and documents. 

Have you ever tried to write a report, or produce an important contract without a stapler?  Imagine  how disorganized and messy our work would be, if we didn’t have staples.

Life is like that.   When things get too complicated, we need to look for our “stapler”.   It provides a central anchoring point to keep all our important “pages” together.

Our stapler can be any number of things: 

Our values/beliefs.  A best friend.   A role model.  Or faith in a supreme being…

Regardless of what your “Stapler” is…it’s as essential part of your Life.   

What kind of staples do YOU use?    What do you do when your stapler runs out?



Bumblebees.   Thumbtacks.   Picking up your dry cleaning…etc.

You name it…I can philosophize about it.  🙂

Now…go and find YOUR philosophy!

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44 Comments on “The Philosophy of Life Using Everyday Household Objects.”

  1. Chair
    sturdy and loyal
    Hidden in Background, you share
    the farts of thousands

  2. Friar Says:


    Hey…poetry AND philosphy. With a fart joke included.

    I approve! 🙂

  3. Brett Legree Says:

    If you were having a really bad day, you could say “Life is like a dildo”

    …you can see where this is going…

  4. Friar Says:


    Yeah, a dildo would probably be the most accurate metaphor for Life….

    (Though if I wrote about it, it would scare off some of our more genteel readers!)

  5. Friar, this is hysterical! I’ll never use a stapler the same way again.

    Reminds me of those spoof inspirational posters.

    “Heartbreak: He left you because you’re stupid and ugly.”
    “Loser: Maybe you would have won if you tried harder and used steroids.”

  6. Friar Says:


    What? You’re not going to tell me how these brilliant posts changed your life forever? 🙂

    Hey, if you like motivational posters, check out this hiarious link:

    I’ve also been known to make a few motivational posters myself (if you check in my archives!)

  7. Steph Says:

    Like the posters? 🙂

    Anyway, Friar, very thought-provoking! I love the way your mind works. You know what? I think working at the Widget Factory has actually been good for you. Out of boredom and frustration comes ultra creativity! I see this with Brett and all his ideas and goals, too.

  8. Friar Says:


    The guy who came up with is my HERO!!

    (Actually, I have a few printouts of his posters in my office…just small enough not to be noticed).

    Well, I’m BORED today.


    (so I should expect a burst of creativity shortly…!)

  9. Rita Says:

    Now that you mention it, I’m reminded that I almost got thrown out of college because of the one Philosophy course I took (true story). Thanks, you just gave me tomorrow’s blog!


  10. Friar Says:


    Glad to see I can help create new ideas! (Did I act as your “blender” today?) 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your post…!

  11. Yes, like the posters! Exactly. OK, Friar, that link was awesome. The kid with the collars deserves to be choked by them. I checked your archives but I couldn’t find your posters … where are they?

  12. You won’t pursue the dildo huh? Okay, life is like a vibrator. You can achieve endless pleasure as long as you remember to stop and recharge your batteries every once in awhile.

  13. Friar Says:

    @Urban Panther

    Yesss!!! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    I’m glad someone else had the guts to say it!

    If I had written that…I’d probably get scolded 10 times over.

    (I think it’s considered less offensive when a women jokes about these things, than when a guy does it!)

  14. @Urban Panther — LMAO

    @Friar — your posters are fantastic! my favorite is “banana, steamboat, waffle.” Very inspirational.

  15. Karen JL Says:

    @ Urban Panther – good one!

    Never understood the dildo thing. WHY would you buy a hunk of rubber that doesn’t *do* anything when you could buy a vibrator? No contest.

    Note to self: Go shopping.

    (Friar – I am *not* one of your ‘more genteel readers’… 🙂 )

  16. @Friar – it simply had to be said. It was way too good an opportunity to miss. And besides, I can always be counted on to step up to the plate.

    @Karen – totally with you on this one. Have never understood the dildo fascination. Especially since I have a man, but even when I didn’t. Nope. 1 million rotations per second is the only way to go.

    @Friar again – like assisting with the whole Bob Dylan thing, I am doing my part to up your site ratings.

  17. Friar Says:

    @Urban Panther and Karen JL

    Oh, dear. Close the shutters. Run to the cellar! The ladies are at it again. (Just waiting for Janet to join in on the party!) 🙂

    @Karen JL
    The advantages of Vibrator vs. Dildo? 🙂 …I must admit….the thought NEVER occurred to me! (and mabye that’s a GOOD thing!)

    Wonder if it’s worth printing out a few copies of the banana-steamboat poster on a large printer, and posting them at work?

    Don’t’ wanna brag, but I think my posters are at least as good as the other ones out there!

  18. Friar Says:

    I’m just waiting for my poor Mom to read this (she checks out my blog sometimes!)

    Just what kind of women does your blog attract? she’ll ask! 🙂

  19. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar

    Cool ones. 🙂

  20. Karen JL Says:

    …and just to be clear:

    Brett started it. 😉

  21. Friar Says:

    @Karen JL

    Oh, yeah. Brett.

    Of COURSE he started this….why wouldn’t he? 🙂

  22. Friar Says:


    Well, I’m grateful that nobody right now is yelling to the Thought Police and holding candle light vigils on my doorstep, just because someone mentionned a Dildo.

    Yes, you ladies ARE cool.

  23. …sexy, self-assured…oh, and my personal favourite, sassy!

    @Friar – and you have no idea what is in your mom’s bedside table drawer.

  24. Brett Legree Says:

    Just call me the instigator… heh heh, make random comment, then leave the room.

    Reminds me of an old joke:

    “There are two kinds of men – those who “amuse themselves” in the shower, and those who lie about it.”


    It would be the Anti-Sex League showing up 🙂

  25. Cath Lawson Says:

    Friar – this is brilliant. I’m trying to vacuum my life using tips from Tom at Delightful Work. Trouble is, I don’t think I’ve got a big enough hose to reach all the bits I need to clean.

  26. Friar Says:


    Oh…then I should philosophize some more ….Life is a Vacuum hose….:-)

    Sometimes you need enough resources to clean house in your life, so to speak.

    Sometimes the hose falls short, and you only sweep clean the easy parts…the tougher-to-reach spots (Lifes more difficult challenges) still remain dirty!

  27. Rita Says:

    DANG YOU UP! You did it again! I just came back here to ask why life couldn’t be like a VIBRATOR? That mind-reading thing again? And you say you grew up “sheltered?” Well, hurrah for you, my friend!

    And yes Friar, you are my blender for tomorrow – and the next day. It’s gonna be a 2-day post because of you! So, I guess you’re my blender – with a double-shot poured in!


  28. Karen JL Says:

    @ Urban Panther – re: Friar’s mom’s bedside table.

    I’m sure that comment had Friar put his fingers in his ears, close his eyes and yell, “La la la, I can’t hear you!!!” 🙂

  29. Kelly Says:

    “Pick an object, any random object. And I’ll write a ”deep, meaningful” post about it, using it as a metaphor to explain the intricacies of Life.”

    Okay, Friar…


    Go ahead, make that deep and meaningful without going snarky and crude… like I’m about to…

    Karen JL,

    Because men don’t vibrate. Might depend on the effect you’re after. Ahem.



  30. Karen JL Says:

    @ Kelly

    They should. 🙂

  31. Brett Legree Says:

    @Kelly & Karen JL,

    You haven’t seen me on 12 cups of coffee then.

  32. Karen JL Says:

    @ Brett

    Your wife is a lucky woman. 😉

  33. Friar Says:

    @Karen JL and Brett

    If I vibrated…I’d want to come equipped with a switch…to turn the batteries off and on (so they don’t wear out)

    @Karen JL
    Heh! You beat me to it…that’s excactly what I wanted to say “LALALALA….I can’t hear you…LALALALALAH”.

  34. Friar Says:



    There are soft ones that lots of people tend to pick. Many of us just want to be cushionned and pampered against any bumps. We just want to fall back into a fluffy bed of feathers.

    Then there are the harder ones, that arent’ as pretty. Lots of us tend to look on these with disdain. Ugh..look at the standard utility models, with the hard springs.

    But soft mattresses are deceiving. They don’t offer back support, we often don’t sleep as well on them as we’d expect. They’re all show, and no substance.

    But the hard mattresses, while not much to look at, keep our backs straight, and will give us a better night’s sleep.

    Life’s like that. We often fall for the easy solutions, the “Soft Mattresses”, so to speak. But these are of little substance and we’re often dissapointed with the results.

    But life isn’t always easy. We’re often confronted with “Hard Mattreses”. Which might not seem as comfortable at first, but they provide us with a solid framework upon which we can depend when things get rough. Life’s “Hard Matresses” are better for us in the long run.

    What kind of mattress do YOU have right now? Would you prefer to change it with another one…?


    (heh heh heh…I’m just making this up off the top of my head….so dont’ take me TOO seriously, now!) 🙂

  35. How about… a ceramic flat iron? A WaterPik? A View-Master?

    This is fun.

  36. Friar Says:


    1. Ceramic Flat Irons: Use a lot of energy and effort, to force curly hair to be straight. But it only lasts for a while…before hair goes back to being frizzy again.

    Life is like that. If you want to be something you’re not, you can use tools and aids to force things a certain way. But this only lasts temporarily. Eventually your True Inner Self comes to the surface.

    If only we would stop using the “Flat Irons” in Life, and accept ourselves who we really are.

    2. Water Pik
    Notice how it focusses all the water, to dislodge food and plaque that normally can’t be done with just normal rinsing and brushing.

    Life is like that. If we cant to achieve our goals, we cant’ just take a half-assed approach. We need to FOCUS our energies…pinpoint where our efforts go, much like a Waterpik pinoints the flow of water.

    What parts of your Life do YOU like to Water-Pik?

    3. View Master
    Shows two images. One, with subtle changes, slightly different than the other.

    Seperate, we just see two average pictures. We can hardly see the difference between the two.

    But put together, our brain combines them to get a THREE DIMENSIONAL picture, that’s much more stimulating and more interesting to look at.

    Life is like that. Take an idea or belief you’ve always adhered to. Try to see it from a slightly different point of view. Now you’ve widened your horizons, you can look at old familiar things, and see them differently, in a new light.

    Heh heh heh. Geez, I could write a whole book on this. 🙂

    And once again, Please DO NOT TAKE any of this seriously! 😉

  37. Kelly Says:

    Karen JL and Brett,—Oh my! ROFLOL!!!

    Coming back a day later is too darned late.


    Every single one is LOL funny and annoyingly, also wise. I want to take it all seriously!

    The “mattress” philosophy—I just emailed that to Brett the other day. I swear. Now I feel like a cheap philosophical hack.

    Truth—I have a hard mattress. Fits what you would have guessed, doesn’t it?

    Until later,


  38. Friar Says:


    I can’t believe I can sound wise. Because I’m deliberately going out of my WAY to be a smart-ass.

    Either I’m a sensitive insightful genius like all the other Life-Coach Philosophers…

    …or maybe they’re just a bunch of amateur hacks like me, and anyone can write this stuff.

    (Hmm….it’s probably the first one. I’m a genius….yep. That’s GOTTA be it!) 🙂

  39. Rita Says:




  40. Friar Says:


    What if I combine my blender, Water-Pik and ViewMaster?

    WHIRRRR…….SHHHHHPLAT….(OH, look at that.) 🙂

    Maybe life isnt’ LIKE anything…maybe it’s just LIFE.

  41. Friar, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff. It’s like you’re always ON! When are you gonna go pro?

  42. Friar Says:


    I don’t know how I come up with this stuff either. Just random thoughts that my brain churns out.

    I’ll go “pro” when I can figure out how to get someone to PAY me to write this stuff! 🙂

    (In the mean time, I’ll keep making Widgets at the factory!)

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