Gone Fishin’

Hey, kids.   I’ll be off for a bit.

I’m heading up north.   To storm some castles, annoy some asshole-squirrels, and chase down some monster fish.

In the mean time,  here’s one of my old posts.

Actually, it’s the first one I ever did.  And it’s one of my personal favorites.

I know it’s a re-run, but it only got 15 views the first time around.   So I figure it might be worth  posting again.

So without further ado, here’s the link to the  Highlights of the East Knobville Livestock Auction.

(Have fun discussing this among yourselves while I’m away!)  🙂

See ya sometime after Labor Day.


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13 Comments on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. Karen JL Says:

    Have a good one Friar!

    Hope the weather is awesome, the bugs keep at bay and the fish are a bitin’.

    I’ll poke through your archives while you’re away. I know I’ve missed a bunch.

    Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Steph Says:

    I expect to see pics of the ones that didn’t get away, bud! And one of bear, too. Have a wonderful time unplugging, far away from group hugs! 🙂

    Like Karen, I’ll be snooping in your archives…

    Will miss you!

  3. Steph Says:

    So you won’t believe what I just saw! Or maybe you will. Do they do THIS in Splat Creek?

    You know those foot scooters that kids have? Well, my new young neighbour’s friend has a motorized, very irritatingly loud one, onto which *he’s strapped a cooler.* I’m not kidding.

    He just “drove” by on it, happily commandeering this thing while sitting on the cooler, holding a canned beer in his hand.

    I’d say ingenious, but for the warning in my heart.

    After giving myself a slap, I say, no. It’s just hillbilly WT.

  4. Have fun Friar! Don’t go to any weddings without me!

  5. Karen Swim Says:

    Waaahhhh, I didn’t get to say Good-Bye. 😦 Have a great time Friar! I’ll miss you!

  6. Ellen Wilson Says:

    Expect some fish pics. And some lies about how the big one got away but you almost had it…

  7. Kelly Says:


    Watercolors! I want new paintings when you get back!

    As to your comment at 6 Weeks, you are wrong. I can not go two weeks without my Friar fix.

    Begin thumb-twiddling now…



  8. Jenny Says:

    Miss you Friar! Will have plenty of you to keep me company as I read past blogs I’ve missed!!

  9. Last plane out….green I am green with envy and happy, very happy for you. :~)

  10. Hey Friar,

    Happy fishing. Don’t get eaten by a big brown bear and leave those chicks alone. 🙂 We look forward to see you back whenever Labor Day is.

  11. Rita Says:


    Hope you’re having fun and the fish aren’t. Miss ya. I got a contest up with YOUR prize suggestion, and you’re not here to participate?

    Dang – maybe I’ll wait to annouce a winner, and give you a shot at it. Just let me know by email when you get back.

    That prize is awesome………….shhh……….

    Rita 🙂

  12. Amy Says:

    Hope you’re having fun Fried One.

  13. Steph Says:

    Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? I miss you.

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