Increasing your Traffic: Blog Posts that are Guaranteed Crowd-Pleasers.

C’mon.  Admit it.   We’ve all done some of these. 😉

– Friar


Write a link post, listing your favorite bloggers.

Write a link post, thanking your favorite bloggers.

Write a link post, thanking other bloggers who wrote a link posts about your blog.

Write a link post, listing the blogs that tell you how to blog.

Post one of your photos.  Any photo.   It will be awesome.

Announce that you’re going on vacation so you wont’ be posting for a while.   Coyly ask your readers if this is okay.

Write about something that makes you cry.  Chances are, everyone else will too.

Pick one of the Cool Kids’ blogs, and write about how great they are.   Don’t people realize these blogs reduce global warming and eliminate world hunger?

Quote a passage from somewhere, and explain how reading it changed your life.

Fill in the blanks:   “Life is like a _________.    How do YOU deal with the _______’s in YOUR life? “

If you slept badly or you have the sniffles,  let everyone know you feel bad.  They’ll be impressed how you soldiered on and kept posting.

Write an open letter to a loved one, and watch the Kleenex fly.

Mention your kids (you can never go wrong with this one).

Write about some mundane everyday task (like combing your hair or taking out the garbage).    Invite readers to comment on how they deal with the same mundane task.

Explain to others how, if they follow your expert advice, they can drastically improve their own lives.

Announce your recent self-discovery that you find your life unfulfilled, and that you have decided that it’s time to make some changes.   You don’t necessarily have to do anything yet.   Just announce it.

If you’re one of the Cool Kids,  it doesn’t matter what you write.   You poo smells like oven-fresh cinnamon buns, and you can do no wrong.

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43 Comments on “Increasing your Traffic: Blog Posts that are Guaranteed Crowd-Pleasers.”

  1. veredd Says:

    OK YES I’ve done several of these.

    It works.


  2. writerdaddotcom Says:

    Man, I haven’t cared about being one of the cool kids since eight grade, but if it’ll make my poo smell oven fresh, then hell, sign me up.

  3. Amy Derby Says:

    What about writing a post about your neighbor’s prostitute? Is that ok? Because I have one of those in the works. 😉

  4. Mike Goad Says:

    I do the pictures thing all of the time.

    I’m “on vacation” all the time and I post when I can.

    I do a linking thing sometimes to thank those who have visited and commented.

    But, most of the other things I don’t do…, at least I think I don’t.

  5. Wendi Kelly Says:

    I’m sure I have done some especially if they were on the thankful side or inspirational side…after wouldn’t be very *Life’s little Inspirationsl if I wasn’t trying to get someone inspired I guess.

    But, going by experience in my working on almost 50 years on earth, I’m not going to turn *cool* no matter if I do the whole list. I’m about as much PROM QUEEN as Carrie. I’ve got Geek down pat. I just don’t have the fortitude for cool. I’m too blunt.
    And I tend to wander. I forget who the cool kids are that I’m supposed to be kissing up to and just go hang out with who I like.

  6. Evelyn Lim Says:

    What a list!! I am beginning to see that I have done some of these…and yes…they are most certainly crowd pleasers!

  7. t.sterling Says:

    I must try these techniques. Thanks for the info. I have posted pictures I’ve taken… many of them obscure or in the moment. The last one was a strange and long disgusting bug thing I killed and I got an angry letter from PETA. On the other hand, my mother was grateful but refused to see any pictures, much less the real live dead thing. I don’t blame her, it was gross.

    BUt thanks again for the advice. I’m working my way up to being a cool kid. I think right now I’m the quiet kid in the back of the room napping and/or listening to my iPod. Hard to tell if I’m wearing sunglasses.

  8. Friar Says:

    You might have done some of these, but I dont’ see it that often. Your blog is so unique and interesting, I never know what you’ll write about next.

    That could be a motivational post: How to Make your Poo smell like Over-Fresh Cinnamon Buns.

    Open invitation to any bloggers: Feel free to borrow that title.

    I was almost going to put that one in there: “Write about a whore”.

    Thanks for reminding me (Now of course, I have to go check out your post!)

    What I like about posting pictures is that no matter what, everyone has something positive to say. Sometimes I feel like I should be on the cover of National Geographic or something 😉

    The fact that you don’t care, and you chose to just hang out with who you like, implies that you’re a potential cool kid. (You’ve collected quite a following, whether you admit it or not)!

    (Just promise you won’t use your telekinesis on me and send me to my room!) 🙂

    If you’re ever having a slow blog day, just pick one of these topics and you’ll do FINE. 😉

    Well, showing squashed bugs depends on what kind of blog you have (For example, if you’re writing something inspirational, it might not go over too well). 🙂

  9. Ha! Friar, I think you just wrote a first draft of “Blogging for Dummies.”

    As a dummy, I say thank you for the tips 😉

  10. Friar Says:


    I just write what I see….;-)

  11. Steph Says:

    The best is that your very post was one of those things too, title and all. So there!! 🙂

    I’m totally guilty of a few of these, which made me laugh, but you know, honestly, I’ve never done it to drive traffic. I never check my stats, and since mine’s a free blog, what stats there are on the dashboard don’t tell you much at all! So long as people are commenting and I like them, it doesn’t matter so much to me how many there are. It feels a little weird to want to purposely drive people to my blog when I’m not really writing anything of importance, just what’s in my head.

  12. Brett Legree Says:

    So Friar, how *do* you deal with combing your hair? 😉

  13. Friar Says:


    Oh, we’ve all done some of these, (including yours truly). 🙂

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I think if one person writes a certain type of post, and it does well, then others do the same, and then you get trends starting, where on certain weeks, it seems all the blogs are writing about the same stuff. It comes and goes.

    My prime goal is certainly NOT to “maximize my traffic”. it’s to write and amuse myself.

    But I thought (tongue-in-cheek) that this title sounded knowledgable, like one of those “serious” blog posts about how to maximize your on-line business and find your right market niche.

    heh heh I bet you some bloggers will come visit this and they’ll be sadly dissaponited. 😉

  14. Kelly Says:


    You forgot:

    Write about Bob Dylan.

    Thank your Mom for fishing with you.

    Mock the locals.

    Just trying to help.



  15. Friar Says:


    Well, the things you mention worked for ME…but these were quite Friar-specific. I don’t know how well they would work for other bloggers.

    But mentionning Mom would be a sure-fire winner for everyone, I think.


    Life is like combing your hair. Things are often messy and in dissarray. And combing itself is a difficult and often painful task.

    Yet, once you make the effort, your hair looks really nice, and you feel better about yourself. In the end, the extra work was worth it.

    Life is like that. Often there are tasks we dont like to do, but it’s worth it in the end.


  16. Kelly Says:


    Dylan, trashing locals, also good for all. Planning a little local-trashing myself soon. I can’t hear enough of Dylan to quote him. 🙂

    If my mom ever fishes with me, I will NOT be thanking her. I hate fish, fishing, water, boats, and muck!

    Until later,


  17. Friar Says:


    Well, you woudn’t have enjoyed last night in Splat Creek, then.

    I was fishing, and got a big strike. I was hoping for a decent walleye.

    Turned out to be a BIG UGLY CATFISH. A good 20 inches long, 4-5 inches thick. Brown on top, slimy white underbelley, with whiskers and needle-sharp fins.

    I can’s stand ’em (Even though they’re supposed to be good to eat). That’s one I got rid of quickly.

    PS. If you want to quote musicians, how about Rap stars?

    #$%@ $%*# @#$!! !!!

  18. goldenzen Says:

    Aren’t you the SMART one!

    A letter to a loved one:

    Dear John,

    I have posted your blogging just about long enough and you are I don’t twitter anymore. I used to Digg you and find you but now, I think you need to get Linkedin to someone else’s blog.

    Yours truly,

    Kleenex anyone?????

  19. Amy Derby Says:


    I’m getting a little weepy over here.


  20. Amy Derby Says:



    Back when I ate meat and, well, fish — because it’s a substance all its own — I loved catfish.

    I don’t think I can marry you after all. 🙂

  21. Friar Says:


    That’s great! Your Dear John letter combined several of the themes listed!

    That’s sure to attract readers, now!


    We’re spoiled here. Why eat catfish when you can have walleye? (That’s what I was supposed to be catching last night).

    Sigh. If you wont’ marry me, I guess I have to start calling on Claire Chaffington, then. 😦

  22. Steph Says:

    Ah, Friar: I don’t think anyone could ever be dissaponited coming here. First off, your creative spelling is intriguing. Makes you…mysterious. Is he that amazing that he is allowed to make up his own words and spelling? After all, his copyeditor friend never corrects him.

    Yes. Yes he is. He is Friar. Subscribe. You will not be dissaponited.

  23. goldenzen Says:

    Dear Friar –
    Be prepared. I started a new series called Friday Fiascos. It includes some spoofs.
    Yours is the first. It is meant with love and admiration, but still…(and yes, I had to include my love letter after I saw the affect i had on Amy. Bless her heart, she is such a tender soul!)
    Tomorrow, is Friar Friday.

  24. Friar Says:


    Yeah, I know my spelling is dissaponiting 😉

    The spell-checker on WordPress SUCKS (it’s inconsistent). (And I dont’ know how to spellcheck on the comments…I often type faster than I think, so of course there will be mistakes).

    I used to flip back and forth cutting and pasting from WordPress to Word to check the spelling. But it’s such a pain….

    So YES, I’m aware of my bad spellnig (spelling). But I do enough nit-picky copy editing myself at work all day. When I blog for fun, I deliberately cut myself some slack.

    Hope the readers understand.

    (After all, this is not a formal document being submitted to a Federal Regulator)


    Oh..that sounds great! (Something else to look forward to, besides Viking Fridays).

    Can’t wait to see the first post!

    PS. Dear, sweet Amy. Such a gentle, delicate little flower. We best not do anything to upset her! 🙂

  25. Kelly Says:

    tap taptap tap tap taptap tap


    tap taptap tap




  26. Friar Says:


    Now, just STOP IT! 🙂

    (Maybe I haven’t given up on Amy…just yet).

  27. I’m still trying to talk my Mom into doing a guest Post. Not to get more traffic…just because she is the most inspirational person I know. But I bet you are right…I bet it would have the side effect of working.

  28. Friar Says:


    Actually, now that you remind me, my Mom’s offered to write a guest post. (I might take her up on the offer).

  29. Amy Derby Says:

    Okokok, I change my mind.

    I want Friar back, fish or no fish.

    Friar, will you take me back? 🙂

    p.s., your mom is guest posting? yay!!!!!

  30. Oh Yea,
    A Friar Mom Post! I’m all about that!!! Yep tell her to do it.

    Oh, I can think of all kind of subjects: Stories about How cute the young chubby cheeked baby friar was,

    His picky eating habits….
    She could get out all of the embarrising baby Friar pictures and tell us all the gory stories.

    Bet there is a fur rug one or a bubbly bath picture. Amy can put it in the wedding album…

  31. Rita Says:

    Watch what you write, buddy…let’s see how my writing about Friar (et. al) works in generating comments. It’s coming. So, will it get BIG hits or LITTLE hits? Hmmm…I wonder…

    Or, you could always hold up a 3″ fish and manipulate the camera so that the background shrinks…and all you see is fish! OOOHHH, ILike THAT ONE! 🙂


  32. Friar Says:


    Well, if it gets BIG hits, then that would mean I’m one of the “Cool Kids”.

    If it gets LITTLE hits, then I’m just a small Fry(ar). 🙂

  33. I have seen every one of the posts you’ve mentioned, some more than others, and many repeatedly on the same sites. I had no idea there was strategy involved! Then again, I’ve strayed from linkbait and traffic-generating schemes for the time being. Maybe I should get back on that!

  34. Rita Says:


    You’ll ALWAYS be the “Biggest Friar of them all.” After reading your mom’s post, you’re SO LUCKY to have the encourgment you had!

    Thanks for sharing “Mom Friar.” She explains A LOT!


  35. Friar Says:


    This was just my Friar-Style observation on what seems to be currently popular in the Blogosphere.

    There was no tongue-in-cheek intended here. (Oh, NO, absolutely NOT!) 😉

    I didn’t realize how Friar’s Mom would be so popular. Maybe I’ll make it a regular feature (if Mom is interested, that is).

  36. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Friar – When I began reading this list, I thought you were making fun of me personally, as I have done several of these.

    Mind you – it’s so true that popular bloggers can post any old crap and folk will comment. Shoemoney once posted a pic of some grafitti on a toilet wall and he got heaps of comments

  37. Friar Says:


    Oh, I admit, I was poking a bit of fun here, but it was NOT intended in a mean way. And no, it wasn’t directed at any one person in particular.

    As I’ve said, we’ve all done at least some of these posts, including yours truly 😉

    Heck, I’ve gotten dozens of comments just by posting some photo about Popeye candy cigarettes!

    And I just posted something about my Mom.

    For whatever reason, you gotta admit, these posts do work, though!

  38. […] funny. Another one of those blogs that always manage to surprise me – in a very good way. Your post Increasing your Traffic: Blog Posts that are Guaranteed Crowd-Pleasers is a great example of your writing style: sharp, insightful, and […]

  39. gandcdotcom Says:

    I have to try some of theses. I will be doing some link love posts on Monday to help increase traffic and give other bloggers more exposure.

    I also need to post more photos.

  40. Friar Says:


    Link posts are GUARANTEED to make everyone happy! (They seem to be the big hit on the blogosphere this past month!)

  41. Here via Mom Grind.

    Damn you – there you go giving away all my secrets….:-)

  42. Friar Says:


    Thanks for dropping by.

    Well, a great challenge to all the bloggers out there would be to find out ANOTHER style of blog post that draws the crowds.

    (I’m still trying to figure it out myself…I rarely write about the same thing twice).

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