Happy Blog Day To Meeeeee.

Hey kids, this is my 176th post!

Lots of people announce their 50th post.  Or their 100th.

But me being the blogging dilletante, it had never occurred to me to count.   So when I recently checked my stats, I found out that I had passed the century mark a while ago.

Geez, and I never even told anyone.

(I hope Blogo-Land will forgive me.)  😉

So anyhoo….(insert tongue in cheek here), I’m celebrating this post…my 176th.


Well….Why NOT?

176 is a nice number….11 x 16.   And 11 is a prime, and 16 four squared (two to the power of four).    That’s good enough reason as any.

So Happy Blogoversary to me.

“….and there was much rejoicing.   (Yay.)”.

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48 Comments on “Happy Blog Day To Meeeeee.”

  1. Karen JL Says:

    Had to throw the math in there, didn’t cha?


    (That’s my present to you. Happy 176th.)

    And nice, nifty new banner!

    “…and there was much rejoicing again. (Yay.)” *waves little flag*

  2. davinahaisell Says:

    Hi Friar. Love the new banner! And congrats on #176. Um… 16 four squared… what??? Not even a calculator will help me with that one! Quit math after grade 10.

  3. Writer Dad Says:

    Happy Bloggiversary Friar, and the banner looks awesome!

  4. Karen Swim Says:

    Happy Bloggiversary Friar! I brought Toblerone! 😉 I love the new banner! Whoo hoo, 176!

  5. Neil Says:

    Nice banner and happy 176th! May you have many, many more. Think about it you’ll be able to further impress us with your math abilities!

  6. Beth Partin Says:

    Thanks for being your irreverent self!

  7. veredd Says:

    Happy Blogoversary to you
    Happy Blogoversary to you
    Happy Blogoversary dear Friar
    Happy Blogoversary to you

  8. Congrats, Friar!
    You’ve made 176 of our days a lot brighter. Keep up the great work!

  9. Allison Day Says:

    Yay! 😀

    And nerdy as I am, I very much appreciated the number explanation, of course. 😉

  10. Friar Says:

    Okay, I admit it, I’m an engineer….I cant’ HELP but think of numbers.

    Mabye I should have waited till 179. That’s also a prime!

    I have a feeling there will be many more banners.

    But oh, dear. Didn’t mean to confuse you with numbers! (I’ll stay away from logarithms, then) 😉

    @Writer Dad
    Thanks. I just got these nifty new color pens…I HAD to try them out here.

    @Karen Swim
    I hope it’s the BIG Toblerone you’re talking about (that they sell this time of year).

    Now I’ll have to pick an even MORE mess-up number for my next anniversary. 🙂

    Irreverent…Who, ME? 😉

    Aww, gee, thinks. (Blowing out my virtual candles right now).

    Wow…Thanks. Those are good stats…I’m batting 1.000, according to you. (I had figured with 176 posts, surly at least THIRTY would be good…not all 176!)

  11. Marelisa Says:

    OK, I’ll play along: Have a great 176th post Friar’s Blog, and may you have many more. And that banner truly is awesome.

  12. Happy Blogoversary! Henceforth, 176 will be known as a “Friarversary” (as far as I’m concerned).

    Hey, why not pick your own number? It’s just as random as 100 or whatever, right? Besides, not only is more, but it’s waaay cooler.

    Here’s hoping I make it to my own Friarversary.


  13. steph Says:


  14. Friar Says:


    Thanks! (As Class Clown, I always appreciate being humored and having people play along!)

    Hey….you just coined a new word. “Friarversary” has now been recorded for the ages! Don’t worry…you’ll make it to your Friarversary too….sooner or later, everyone will.

  15. Betsy Says:

    Neener, neener, you’ll always be older! 😀

  16. Friar Says:

    Oh, and I I already have other ideas for new banners, (once I get tired of this one!) I like to keep stirring things up and changing things! 🙂

  17. Friar Says:


    Okay, that’s a new one. You have the honor of being the FIRST PERSON to ever say “Neener Neener” on my blog.

    (But what counts as old? The number of posts, or the length of time you’ve blogged?). I haven’t hit my first anniversary yet. I’m still a young Friar.

  18. Amy Says:

    Dude, did I not comment before? I swear I thought I did.

    Anyway HAPPY BLOGDAY TO YA, Fried One. (And many more!)

    Love the banner. Even though I already told ya that, just had to say it again in public. (Blog platitudist rule #513)


  19. t.sterling Says:

    And there was much rejoicing, indeed! Congrats all around!

  20. Friar Says:


    Thanks…and I must say…I really love YOUR banner too (heh heh heh) 😀

    @t. sterling

    Thanks, buddy. (Yay!….all around!)

  21. Brett Legree Says:

    Is that a horse chestnut tree in your banner?

    Heh heh, and I see a Viking fish throwing an axe at a bear… cool.

    I love what you wrote about this, I’m still pissing myself…

  22. Amy Derby Says:

    *raises hand*

    I have a question. Is that Shrek up there in the Viking cap? LOL

  23. Frair,

    Happy odd-day blogging anniversary.

    How Loud IS your OWN DRUMMER? How far do you march to get away from the crowd this well?

    I have an idea. You should do paid commissioned banners. You should stick a page link that says “Hire Me todesign you an original Fried Friar Banner.”

  24. I’m with you on the math, the hip hooray banner and just because it’s your Happy blog day , I should probably reach for your salmon….. I heard that really makes a party get started… Oh, Kelly!!!! We need to give Friar the royal treatment…..176! He made 176! Remember the time he exposed his cute little derriere, or the time he went all Dylan and everybody in the world showed up… there should be grog don’t you think….and dancing.

  25. Brett Legree Says:


    That’s Garpak 🙂

  26. Kelly Says:


    Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip HOORAY!!!!

    You are such a cool kid. You even celebrate cool birthdays. Rock on, dear Friar.

    Love the banner! Much more “you.”

    (Karen Swim—Is Toblerone the 176th-birthday traditional, or modern gift?)


    I see a need for some Slappage here. 176 (177?) slaps on the backside is gonna hurt, but y’know, it’ll hurt me more than it does him…


    YES. He should. Every wiseacre in the Blogoverse should own their very own Friar Banner.


    It wasn’t his derriere. Then I got in trouble and got myself a reputation, just for knowing it *wasn’t* his derriere.

    On the other hand, I’m all for grog and dancing and one extra spank to grow on, so okay. 😉

    My favorite Friar post ever, since you didn’t go all traditional on us and post links:
    How They Sucked All the Fun Out of Writing: A Personal Account

    Y’all go read it and don’t miss the ending. It works particularly well today, on his first Friarversary.

    Congratulations, my friend. Never stop writing.



  27. Kelly Says:

    Moderation for one link? Boo. Fish me out, darling.

  28. Ooh good one, Kellly. How did I miss that post?

    Well, I guess in my memory I was liking that it MIGHT have been his derriere, but I do recall now that astutely you proved that it was upper gluts or lower lats, or just a tempting torso.

    It’s all that field work I’ve done. I love to observe wild things in their natural habitat… uh…. what’s a Garpak?

  29. Brett Legree Says:

    Garpak is the patron saint of safe employees at The Factory… 🙂

    (Friar could tell the story better, and might not want to do it here!)

  30. Kelly Says:

    Janice, it was his back. That’s why people thought it was his backside. Well, that and not enough life drawing classes…

    It was a very handsome picture of a back, as I recall, but I don’t seem to have bookmarked it, and I have no doubt our Deep Friar would far rather I just shut up about it, LOL.

  31. Friar Says:


    Well, that was supposed to be a pine-tree but it can be a horse chestnut one if you like. (Don’t even ask me why I drew these things…I just put down on paper what my brain felt like drawing..). I can never explain half my doodles.

    I KNEW you’d liek the Viking shit, though. 😉

    Brett’s right…that’s a Garpak (It’s a long story). I might get in trouble if I explained the whole story here (suffice to say, it’s something I got called to the carpet for, several years back).

    You READ my mind! I’m thinking this is something I might offer people as a side-line. Custom made Friar banners (Amy was already my first customer).

    I’m hoping to get on my own hosted site in the near future, and I’ll be able to do that. (Right now I can’t…Wordpress gets snippy if you advertise)

    Oh, YAY!! 🙂 I’m going to get the Royal Treatment from you and Kelly (Whatever THAT is…). Is it something I’d enjoy (or should I be afraid…very very AFRAID?) 😉

  32. Friar Says:


    I dunno why your commented got moderated. Word press has been doing that to me the past month..randomly picking out comments and stopping them. (Yours was the ONLY one for this post!). Maybe WordPress knew you were gonna slap me! ;-D

    @Janice and Kelly

    Wow…my post where my butt was (allegedly) shows musta really touched you somehow……because you’re still talking about it 6 months later! 😉

    How they sucked all the fun out of writing. WOW…that seems like AGES ago. I was a fairly new blogger back then….I dont’ think that got too many views.

    You know..it’s TEMPTING to tell that story. (Gotta take my Anti-Dooce meds first…).

  33. Kelly Says:


    I make the best cakes ever. (In my not very humble opinion, that is…)

    I’ll send you a virtual one, with 176 candles on it.



  34. Ah, Kelly ‘s making virtual cake… And there’s a story in that Garpak….yep… calls for grog…and yes, we do have a fairly long memory for fine bits a’ nature…..;-)

  35. Friar Says:

    I hope it’s a CHOCOLATE CAKE! (That’s my weakness…make me a chocolate cake, and I’ll follow you everywhere) 🙂

    I just had a bit of Grog right after work (and hopefully will have more Grog tonight with Brett if he’s around).

    Bit’s a nature. It’s TOO COLD to do that right now (You might have to walt till spring!)

  36. Evelyn Lim Says:

    Happy Blogoversary to you!! Yes..176 is a significant number. Just like 347.914376325423187 for mine. The decimal points refer to all the drafts that I have not published or that are currently in WIP!

  37. BrettHead Says:

    176 is impressive. And I’ve only read about 20. I don’t think I have 156 archived blogs in me. So do this for me. Tell me the three blogs of yours that you are most proud of, or think are the funniest, or most popular. I’d love to read them.

  38. Friar Says:


    Wow! 18 significant digits! That number must be really important for you to remember it in that detail 🙂

    PS. What’s WIP? (Like I said, I’m a blogging dilettante!)

  39. Friar Says:


    Good questions. I’ll try to answer:

    Three posts I’m most proud of (in terms of writing ability):

    – The Magical Fish
    – Cleansing Waters
    – The Dog Nobody Wanted (warning: Kleenex alert!)

    Three most popular posts (in terms of sheer number of views)

    – Bob Dylan is Messing with us (2400 views…mostly a spike from one day)
    – Things about the Work Place I don’t Want to Understand
    – Motivational posters Part II

    My three personal favorite posts (in terms of popularity and humor)

    – Vikings Versus Pumpkins
    – Friar’s Tips to Seniors: How to Annoy the Younger Generation
    – The Gitchiest Christmas Ever

  40. Kelly Says:


    How funny. I though you were going to tell me that because of not being able to smell them, you couldn’t care less about cake.

    Are cakes other than chocolate legal? I though there was a law. Don’t worry, in my world all cakes are chocolate cakes unless I run into a heathen with a special need.



    I don’t need them, because there all taped to the wall in my Friar-room, of course, but y’know, other folks want to click through to them. So they can love your writing too, dear Friar.

    OMG, how could I forget The Gitchiest Christmas post? That was a howler.

    & look at your sensitive side: the three you’re proudest of are all mushy ones. You’re not such a cynic after all.



  41. Friar Says:


    PS. Other cakes are fine (just that chocolate is better).

    It’s WEDDINGS, where there oughta be a law (against the shitty fruitcake-type they sometimes make!). ;-(

  42. Kelly Says:

    Ah, your wedding post was a good one, too. Wedding cakes must be like dry sawdust, except the groom’s cake, which must be like chewy stale sawdust that gets you high. ICK.

  43. BrettHead Says:

    Hey, I appreciate the links. I’ll hit them all this weekend. Thanks!

  44. Ooh, I LOVE THE MAGICAL FISH, my all time favorite. 😉 Applause, and one of those funny noisemaking blowey things….

  45. Friar Says:


    I think you were my biggest fan for that story (It helped encourage me to write other “real” stories after that…).

    Only 6 more months, and I can go to that same spot, and catch those fish again!

  46. Happy blogoversary Friar! I wish you many more posts to come 😉 Okay, so maybe I’m wishing them for me, you know, so I get to enjoy them. Anyway, salutations (that’s what Eeyore said on Pooh’s birthday).

  47. Friar Says:


    Thanks. And say Hi to Eeyore.

    I never would have guessed I’d have so much to blab about in 176 posts. And it isnt’ even close to my 1-year blogoversay yet.

    (Which I’ll also deliberately ignore….mabye I’ll post my 413th day or something). 😉

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