Vintage Friar Toons #4



You probably wont’ get this last one, I’m afraid, unless you grew up watching Canadian TV. (My apologies).


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14 Comments on “Vintage Friar Toons #4”

  1. Karen Swim Says:

    ROFL! The stealth frisbee is my favorite! Ahem, there’s a couple of people I’d love to play stealth frisbee with today, do they ship to the U.S.? LOL!

  2. Friar Says:


    The Stealth Frisbee was developped by the Pentagon/CIA, so you should have no problems finding one down there.

  3. Karen JL Says:

    Friendly Giant, right?

    …or AC/DC? 🙂

  4. Neil Says:

    Stealth frisbee is nice, I’ll need to put my order in.

    The third one looked like a Friendly Giant reference to me. Thanks for the laugh Friar.

  5. Friar Says:

    @Karen and Neil.

    YESSSS!!! Friendly Giant. You guys got it! 🙂

  6. Got Friendly Giant on the brain, eh? You are welcome.

  7. Kelly Says:


    The poor dog! I laughed, then I felt guilty for laughing, then I realized, he’s just a toon so a few more giggles is fine.

    Then I felt guilty again…

    Love the moonshiner, too. Too funny.



  8. Friar Says:

    I had this cartoon filed away years ago…but thanks to your recent post, I felt the need to post it.

    Look up. Waaaaaay up.

    And I’ll call Rusty.

    Oh, don’t worry. The dog is a Lab..and they have think-boned skulls shaped like cinder-blocks. Nothing can hurt them! 😉

  9. I love your vintage cartoons. The first one is my favorite and I laughed out loud when I saw it.

  10. I’ll overlook the dog abuse because these toons are so damn funny.

    Wonder how triple-Q booze tastes? And what it does to you after a bottle or two …

  11. Friar Says:

    I’m resting on my previous laurels here. These cartoons were done in ’87-89. I just hope I get inspired to keep making new ones (so I don’t run out)

    Like I told Kelly, it’s a Lab, they’re indestructible…assume the dog is okay.

    I think triple-Q hooch would be slightly better than Triple-P, but not as good as Triple-R.

  12. Brett Legree Says:

    Oh, don’t worry Friar – I have a feeling that our Thursday night chats will soon start giving you a LOT of cartoon ideas… heh heh Viking Productivity Inc. FTW!!!

  13. t.sterling Says:

    I might’ve woke someone up last night when I saw these drawings. The NyQuil may have influenced me a little but now that I’m sober, they are still pretty hilarious. I’m not familiar with Canadian programming but for some reason the last one still amuses me.

  14. Friar Says:

    I’m also getting lots of cartoon ideas, just by showing up to work everyday. It’s like living in a real-time joke, and waiting for the punchline to happen.

    The Friendly Giant RULES…and every Canadian who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s watched him. (He’s the Canadian equivalent to Mr. Rogers, I’d say).

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