Double-standards you shouldn’t even bother TRYING to argue against…

There’s a heat wave and the Eco-alarmists will instantly attribute it to Global Warming.   But if there’s a sudden cold snap across the country, they’ll ALSO say this is caused by Global Warming.   (Because Global Warming “causes instabilities in climate”…there will be some hot periods, and some cool periods.)

If women on TV talk about kinky sex in vivid detail, it’s considered “exploring their sexuality” and “empowering”.  But if men did this, they’d be called “pigs”.  Candlelight vigils would be held, and the “sexist” show would be banned from the networks.

Your company screws up and blows tens of millions of dollars on a major project, and nobody gets fired.   But you get raked over the coals when your one, tiny, insignificant report is a week overdue.

Hurting someone (to the point of them collapsing on the ground writhing in agony) is not only perfectly acceptable on TV, but it’s encouraged and considered FUNNY.  (But ONLY  if you’re male..and only if you’re getting hit in the genitals.)

The Do-Gooders will pick on overweight people and smokers, claiming these people put a drain on the Public Health Care system.  Yet these same critics will be dead set against allowing anyone to pay for their own private medical insurance (which is illegal, in Canada).

If a dog refuses to learn a new trick, it’s because they’re “too stupid”.   If a cat refuses to learn a trick (ANY kind of trick) it’s because they’re “too smart”.

They promote you to a position with more responsibility and longer work hours,  but they’re offended when you have the gall to ask for an increase in salary.

Writing a blog post describing a list of tips on how to start thinking about putting together notes to prepare a rough draft of a short story will get 150 comments.    Actually WRITING a short story…maybe 20.

Your Yuppie friend self-righteously announces they’re buying a $2500 energy-efficient front-loading washer to save on energy costs.  But then they’ll fly to Flagstaff Arizona for the weekend, just to enter an Eco-Triathalon for fun.

You share an office with several noisy co-workers, to the point that you can’t concentrate on your work.  You don’t have a lap top where you can go find a quiet room to work.   Your boss wont’ give you one.  And you’ll get scolded if your work is late.   Which may come up on your annual performance review.  Which your boss will probably type up on THEIR lap-top.

Even though you work and pay taxes, they’ll criticize and question your lifestyle choice if you’re overweight, buy a gas-guzzling SUV or smoke.   But nobody dares question the lifestyle choice of the drug addict getting free needles, or the welfare mom with four kids from four different dads.

Christmas trees are being banned, but some people want to start bringing Sharia Law in the courts.

They schedule a work meeting at lunch, and offer to feed you.   But when the pizzas are delivered, they sit there getting cold, because everyone is too scared to get up and demand to start eating.

You’ll get a ticket if you parked in a handicapped spot. (Yet when was the last time you saw one of those spots actually OCCUPIED?)

Parents want certain cartoons banned because they’re violent and are a bad influence on kids.  Even though they’re precisely the same cartoons the parents grew up watching in the first place.

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49 Comments on “Double-standards you shouldn’t even bother TRYING to argue against…”

  1. veredd Says:

    “They promote you to a position with more responsibility and longer work hours, but they’re offended when you have the gall to ask for an increase in salary.” – really? Did it happen to you? Because unless we were in a global recession, I would say this is not a good place to work for. Of course, we ARE in a global recession so any place is better than no job. I think.

  2. Friar Says:


    Didn’t’ happen to me, but it happened to a several work colleagues of mine, not that long ago.

    Two were doing work way above their job description, but they were almost bullied and scolded for daring to ask for more money…They got fed up and eventually transferred to another branch within the same company. Another person left the company altogether.

    A fourth co-worker asked to be “de-promoted”, and went back to his former position. “It pays the same”, he told me, quite happily. 🙂

  3. ribbon Says:

    I like your blog! where r u in the world? Couldn’t find an about me.
    Best wishes 🙂

  4. Friar Says:


    I’m in Splat Creek, Ontario. (Obviously, not the town’s real name). It’s a small town between Ottawa and Thunder Bay.

    I’m a shy, retiring Friar 😉 So I kinda like to keep incognito.

  5. Brett Legree Says:


    A global recession is no excuse for employers to treat employees like shit. We seem to hear it all the time these days, “be happy you have a job”. Why do we have cutbacks and layoffs many times? So that companies can PAY THE SHAREHOLDERS FIRST, in my experience.

    Oh, and give the executives big bonuses, sort of per Friar’s paragraph three.

    I could provide plenty of examples of a company funded by taxpayer money doing this, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars, but if I named names I might be shoveling yak shit in Siberia – and then I’d be thankful I had a job.

  6. Friar Says:


    You make a good point. There’s NO excuse for treating employees like crap, no matter how good or bad the economy is.

    “Be happy you have a job” is the default position. I think (no, I KNOW) that I deserve better than that. We all do.

  7. hannah78 Says:

    Arg! Some double standards drive me crazy! Except for the one about not parking in handicapped spots, that is just common courtesy. Is it so hard to walk a few extra feet? 🙂

  8. Friar Says:


    Well, of COURSE I’d never park in one of those spots. And I agree handicapped people need close parking.

    But I think the number of spots is a bit out of proportion. How often do you see a a tiny parking lot with 10 spots, and 2-3 are handicapped? (Does that mean 20-30% of the population is handicapped). And of course, those three spots are always empty!

    Another stupid handicapped spot I saw was way out of town, out in the bush. So people could park close to a HIKING TRAIL! 🙂

  9. Kelly Says:

    Oh, my goodness you boys stayed up late last night! Anger=insomnia, eh?


    My fave was “If women on TV talk about kinky sex in vivid detail, it’s considered ‘exploring their sexuality’ and ’empowering’. But if men did this, they’d be called ‘pigs’. ”

    Mostly ‘cuz I haven’t seen any women doing this on t.v., so now I’m thinking I don’t have the right channels. LOL.

    “Christmas trees are being banned, but some people want to start bringing Sharia Law in the courts.”

    1. Really? In Ontario? (About the trees.)
    2. What’s a Sharia Law?

    No excuse for treating employees like crap. They’re your first line to the recovery, folks. Totally agreed.



  10. Friar Says:


    Well, what if there was the equivalent of “Sex in the City”, but it was MEN constantly talking about hooking up with someone and trying to get laid? How popular would THAT be? 😉

    Or Desperate Housewives? (Women having affairs and cheating?). What if there was a show where MEN did that? 🙂

    And yes, in parts of Ontario (Provincial Govt. and Federal Govt. buildings), some workplaces have disallowed Christmas trees. Won’t even put them up.

    As for Sharia’s a Civil Law that they use in Islamic countries, to handle cases like divorce and financial matters and such.

    There’s a surprisingly large number of people in Canada who’d like to see this implemented into the mainstream judicial system. It’s already been causing a kerfuffle in the UK and Australia. (Australia has refused it).

  11. Kelly Says:

    Oh, they are SO not explicit on that show. I can see your point, though, watching guys do the same would be annoying. Then again, I never watched Sex and the City (much…), because I find that show annoying. Guess I don’t want to watch anyone being so self-absorbed.

    Hm, the Sharia Law… yes, I heard about that being used in the UK, I just didn’t know the name of it. That does seem like a bad precedent to me. I was pretty surprised, listening to the reports. Where do you draw the line on that?

    And a Christmas tree in a government building… I’m on their side on that. (You guessed that in advance, didn’t you?)

    How I must frustrate you, Friar! But I do half-agree… 🙂

  12. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I love double standards…. My daughter can have one gummy bear after supper. But I can have as many as I want. Why? Because in my house I make the rules and rule number one, I don’t follow my own rules.

    See, that is just like a guy running a company. You must put in your 8 hours…I’ll be at the golf course doing “business”.

    Friar, you really should start moderating your comments. I’d block people like me.

    Oh, and your drawings still suck.


  13. Betsy Says:

    Efforts to impose Sharia Law are quite prevalent in the U.S. as well. Surprise, they’re just not reported that much. Hard to imagine, I know.

    Examples in Minnesota, all within the last year: Cab drivers refusing to pick up passengers at the airport if they have dogs or liquor in their possession. That one got shot down after months of PC-filtered “discussion” on how to accommodate their religious preferences. Solution: pick up any and all passengers, or don’t get your cab license.

    Target’s employees refusing to ring up pork products in the grocery line. I buy my chops and ribs at this store specifically, now. 🙂

    Paint factory’s female employees refusing to wear provided safety overalls because then it might be known that – gasp – they’ve got two legs. I guess it was more important to observe religious dress code than it might be to prevent getting caught in machinery. Cluetrain station: the one where you don’t apply for a job if you can’t comply with safety dress requirements at the job site.

    Footbaths installed at public university to guard against injuries when individuals were using sinks to wash their feet before prayer. I guess separating church and state only applies to certain religions – that have churches, eh?

    But hey, it’s all good. We’re diverse.

  14. Maybe I should write a guide about how to start thinking about training your Dog by reading lots of blogs about how to start thinking about how to to train your Dog by reading blogs about….

    You get the idea.

    Might get more comments like you suggest.

    Splat Creek sounds lovely!

  15. XUP Says:

    Some very good points, but in what universe do people not judge drug addicts or single mothers (whether they have 4 kids from 4 different fathers or 1 kid from a father who decided the responsiblity of fatherhood was too much for him?). Oh, and you forgot how lately almost all men on TV are seen as bumbling idiots while women are all superior beings. Like that “Week the Women Went” show. What do you think would happen if they did a “Week the Men Went” where women were made to look stupid because they couldn’t do stuff.

  16. LOL. Flying to an Eco-triathalon?! Wonder what that does to the ol’ carbon footprint? (so hypocritical!)

  17. Friar Says:


    Oh, yes… the Christmas tree thing. I certainly don’t want to get into THAT debate again! (especially if James is around!) 😉

    Well, it’s different with kids. Because..they’re…well…KIDS. We’re the adults. We pay the bills. We make the rules. That gives us the God-Given right to say “Because I said so!”.

    Now, this blog post didn’t have any new cartoons. So which pictures suck? (I have no many, you need to be more specific, man!)

    Hey, I”m all for tolerance too. But it makes me wonder…exactly WHY do some people come to Canada, if they just want to keep everything the same way it used to be in their old repressive countries?

    Where’s the tolerance for Western North American values? (Again…watch what you say around Kelly…we might get into a big debate!) 🙂

    @three dog blogger.
    My suggestions: Write a whole bunch of link posts, showing the best doggie training blogs. Then have an open forum: “The benefits of training your dog”.

    Then write a list of “20 tips on how to prepare yourself to train your dog. Then another post, explaining why it’s important to FEED your dog. Then maybe an inspirational post, about how a dog made you cry with joy.

    Once you get THAT out of your system, THEN you can start discussing the actual training.

    Yeah…doncha just LOVE that show? Oooh, hah hah. I get it….lookit the stupid men, who can’t function without their wives.

    I think there will only be true equality between both sexes, once we start portraying woman on TV as the same bumbling idiots we portray men as.

    Well, I changed the city and the name of the race, but yes, I know people who’ve done things like that.

    I have no problem if people want to fly around the world and go on expensive vacations. I do the same. As long as they DON’T preach to me how they save the planet.

  18. Karen Swim Says:

    ROFL! I wish these weren’t so true but yes, except the handicapped spot. I have to tell you when my hubby became paralyzed we could never find unoccupied spaces and after lifting him out of bed, bathing him, lifting him in the truck and then driving to the hospital /doctor and not finding a space it was enough to make me wanna swear.

    Your post points out how we ridiculous we have become, sadly. Speaking of sexism did you see PETAs banned Super Bowl Ad?

  19. Friar Says:


    Wow..must be different where you live. Because we have a plethora of handicapped spots that are always empty.

    Another Pet Peeve I have is the IKEA store in Ottawa. They give preferential parking to families with small kids. (Great….why to make me feel like a 2nd-class customer, just because I chose NOT to breed!)

    It’s bad enough I had to listen to the little demon-spawn throw tantrums in the store, now I have to give them the best parking spots on top of that!

    As for the banned Superbowl ad…no, I didn’t see Peta’s commercial. (Though I heard that the ladies really liked it on “The View”). Maybe I can find it on YouTube.

  20. Brett Legree Says:

    True enough, the guy running the company makes the rules, just like the parents do.

    Then comes the day when the employee doesn’t get enough Gummie Bears and says, “frak you boss” – walking out the door with experience that will take a long time to replace 😉

  21. Friar Says:


    The guy running the company isn’t really a parent. More like an Uncle. You can have several, and if one is a dink, you just stop visiting him and hang out with the others.

    …and I prefer to hang out with Uncles that DO give out Gummi bears. 😉

  22. Kelly Says:

    LOL you are the uncle who gives out gummi bears.

  23. Friar Says:


    No, I’ll give out the chocolate. It’s got more concentrated sugar and caffeine. Helps get the kids more wired, and drives the parents nuts.

  24. Kelly Says:

    Uncle Friar,

    *tugs pantleg*

    I’m very fond of chocolate…


  25. Friar Says:


    Here…take all you want.

    But shhhh…don’t tell your parents!!!

  26. Mer Says:

    You’ll get a ticket if you parked in a handicapped spot. (Yet when was the last time you saw one of those spots actually OCCUPIED?)

    @ Friar

    It is actually Murphy’s 937th law that if you aren’t handicapped, you’ll never be able to find a regular parking spot if you need one, even if you drive around the parking lot fifty times hoping for an open space. The only open space will be the handicapped space.

    It is Murphy’s 938th law that if you need a handicapped space–because you’re disabled–and you go to the same parking lot, all the handicapped spaces will be occupied, and when you finally see someone getting into a car in one of those handicapped spaces, you’ll discover the guy isn’t disabled at all and there’s no one else in the car that fits that description either. (But at the time the guy parked, Murphy’s 937th law probably applied.)

    I’ve noticed this many times. I think these laws would be borne out in the wild if a scientist were to study Murphy’s 937th and 938th laws.

  27. Kelly Says:

    Bwah ha ha.

    My parents are where I *get* all my chocolate.

    Addicts breed addicts, I’m afraid.

  28. I think the Peta ad will go totally viral BECAUSE it is banned.. which is brilliant actually. Buy veggie stock.

  29. Friar Says:


    It’s like that expression: You can’t win. You can’t break even. In fact, you can’t even get out of the game.

    I got most of my chocolate from Grandma. My folks were pretty strict about it.


    If I buy veggie stock..can I make SOUP out of it? (Ahr! Ahr!). 🙂

    But I probably won’t. I just don’t do herbivore stuff.

  30. Dear Friar go to Then tell me you don’t like veggies.:)

  31. Friar Says:


    Was that woman doing what I THINK she was doing to that pumkin?

  32. Friar Says:


    Personally, I think that ad would have worked better with hot-dogs instead of brocolli. 🙂

  33. Karen JL Says:

    @ Janice – He’ll just be wishing he WAS a veggie. 😉

  34. @Karen-too right.LOL 🙂

    Friar- uh, I think so….

  35. Friar Says:

    @Karen and Janice

    It all depends on what KIND of veggie, and what the skanky-Peta-woman is DOING with it!

  36. Dear Friar,
    Said Peta woman obviously started her day with only ONE bowl of Friar’s Fiddly Bits..give her a break……

  37. Friar Says:


    Well, you know what they say. One bowl ISN’T enough!

    Though I somehow doubt those skanky women on the Peta commercial were ACTUAL vegetarians. Probably just actresses. You don’t get a body like that, just eating nuts and berries.

    Hey…just thought of something: That could be the New and Improved Breakfast Cereal….

    Friar’s Fiddly Bits…now with 10% more NUTS! 😉

  38. “You don’t get a body like that, just eating nuts and berries.”

    No you have to eat lettuce too…and an edamame every Tuesday.

    “now with 10% more NUTS!” LOL… a new tagline?

    Hope you have fun in the Rockies!

  39. Dear Friar,
    I know you are skiing in the rockies, but when you check in, click on my name. Sneak peek at what the Pen Men did for me. 😉 It’s my birthday gift to myself.

    Have fun on vacation!

  40. Friar Says:

    Hi Janice

    Just waitin’ for Friar’ Mom to put on her ski boots, and we’re heading out the door.

    I popped by your new blog…it looks AWESOME!

    (Though howcum you don’t have any 20-foot inflatable gorillas in it?) Just wonderin’.

  41. Amy Says:

    Must go google Eco-Triathalon.



  42. Friar Says:

    Helps your search using the keywords “granola”. 😉

  43. Amy Says:

    So THAT’S what I was missing. LOL

  44. Fiar Says:

    That’s Fiar, not to be confused with the author, Friar. I found you through a link at the Writer’s Manifesto. I loved this post, especially the eco-triathlon.

    Did you notice how what we used to call “vegetable soup” is now “vegetarian soup?”

  45. Friar Says:


    Welcome to my blog! (We’ll have to make sure the readers don’t confuse us).

    Vegetarian soup…UGH. I think the solution there would be to put some bacon in it. 🙂

  46. There, that ought to help clear it up. I really like the way you think. Bacon!™ makes EVERYTHING better.

  47. Friar Says:


    Especially the Bacon with the Trademark! 😉

  48. Brett Legree Says:

    I love vegetarian soup. Big, meaty chunks of healthy vegetarian flesh, with lots of vegetables as well 🙂

    Oooh, and vegetarian burgers too, yum!

    (pssst – don’t eat the veggie dogs, they’re made of vegetarian lips and… err, you know)

  49. t.sterling Says:

    I kinda completely forgot what the topic to this post was about after checking out those PETA commercials. I had always figured I’d need some organization to hate, and PETA topped the list… but now… I may have to reconsider… as I watch the commercials again.

    But why the stank would they ban this but keep airing the corny godaddy commercials… and yes, I went to see the rest of the commercials online and let’s just say, PETA wins.

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