Comparing Photos Taken Half an Earth Orbit Apart…

Last year, I went for a country drive to catch the fall colors, and take some photos.   I wanted to find some landscapes to paint later on.

I did the same thing today, on the spur of the moment.  Coincidentally, almost exactly six months later.   I find it interesting to compare the two sets of photos.










Hmph.   Early spring kind of SUCKS, in terms of finding good subjects to paint.  Everything is washed out and drab.

But give it another two months.   Everything will be bright green again.   And four months after that, we’ll be back to the fall colors.

That’s one thing you can say about Canada.   The seasons are never boring.

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16 Comments on “Comparing Photos Taken Half an Earth Orbit Apart…”

  1. veredd Says:

    I love it. What an interesting comparison between two very different seasons. I guess it would look better in the winter with fresh snow covering everything? But you’re right, the second set looks depressing, especially when compared with the fall colors.

  2. Friar Says:


    Winter is actually very pretty..but I never took any photos during that time, because I was too busy cross-country skiing and enjoying the outdoors.

    Late March/April is the “between time”. I find it’s just a lot of mud, and it’s not that warm out yet to do any summer activities.

    That all changes, April 30, when trout fishing season starts. 🙂

  3. Patricia Says:

    I love the pictures and the contrasts – wow amazing and interesting.

    My partner took lots of pictures of Wine Country at Thanksgiving and then painted them on Christmas Day.His brother takes pictures all year and then paints them all winter. We put up Tom’s paining on biking architect.

    I wish I took good pictures!…I don’t paint either, but I love to watch the paint come alive on the paper.

    How lucky you are and talented!

  4. Patricia Says:

    pained Yes Right! painting would be correct – can not type either tonight!

  5. Friar Says:

    That’s what I do..when the weather’s nice, I snap photos and save them…then when the weather’s cold and dark (from October to March), that’s when I do most of my painting for the year. I usually take summers off.

    Thanks for the compliment on the photos, but it’s not really that hard. Take enough digital photos, sooner or later, one of them will turn out (And if it dosent’, just Photoshop it!) 🙂

  6. Spring does suck. And everything spells like poo. What’s up with that?

  7. Karen JL Says:

    Those are great. 🙂

    At a fast glance it’s almost like comparing colour and black and white, isn’t it?

    Yes, paint the falls ones.
    Unless you’re going for that “moody look”.

  8. Friar Says:

    …it’s because all the doggie poop that has collected since November and was perfectly preserved and frozen is now all thawing out at once.

    Yeah…it’s basically a monochrome landscape until maybe the first week of May, when the leaves start appearing. BLEAH. ;-(

    Maybe I should paint using the dull colors, and show everyone what a tortured intellectual I am.

  9. Beth Partin Says:

    Friar, you have snow! I wish someone would send the Front Range of Colorado some snow. It actually rained in March last night. WTF?

  10. Kelly Says:


    I agree, the spring photos are blah. Yet… I must be a tortured intellectual. I can see the beauty there, and while I’d rather look at your paintings of the falls ones, there are painters who could make me wallow (happily? unhappily?) in the greys and browns, too.

    And look at the gorgeous sky! Positively technicolor with all the drab beneath it. That’s the promise of the future, I’d say.



    P.S. Only at this time of year can I make anyone jealous with our weather… eveything’s blooming and sprouting here. Fracking birds won’t shut up, got gorgeous photos of a fat woodpecker yesterday, etc.

    In a few weeks I can go back to horrid heat & I’ll be jealous of everyone else’s weather again. 🙂

  11. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Yup, nothing funny or witty here. I’ll check out your next post, maybe it’ll be better.


  12. Patricia Says:

    I wish I could say I will improve with practice, but my IT person has to photoshop all the pictures I take…I don’t carry my tripod around and my hands shake so badly it is hard to get a clear shot…

  13. Friar Says:


    I have painted gray bland landscapes. With the proper use of colors, it’s still possible to make ’em interesting.

    Though I kinda prefer color.

    April is gray, but at least it provides the promise of nice weather to come (unlike November, when you know that minus 35C is just around the corner).

    I wish I had a Front Range where I lived, regardless of snow or rain. (That’s why I’m trying to eventually move somewhere out West)


    Yeah..when I wrote this, I said to myself “Eyeteaguy is NOT gonna like this one…he’ll complain that I’m too boring”.

    Oh well. They can’t all be gems. I’m sure you’ll like the next one better.

    Oh, I never use a tripod either. You can always lean the camera agains a rock or a tree.

  14. Patricia Says:

    Wow, I never thought of balancing against a tree…so much to learn/so little time Thank you!

  15. alaysia Says:

    I love the pictures!

    .p.s. peace

  16. Friar Says:



    Though I prefer the autumn pictures…the spring ones…meh. Not too exciting.

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