Pop-Philosophy from the Toy Store


Life is like wood-burning set:  you only have one chance to make a lasting first impression.

Life is like a yo-yo.  It has its ups and downs, but you have to accept it, because it’s all part of the game.   For brief moments, you can allow yourself to stay put and rest.  But you can only do this for so long, at the risk of just stagnating and losing all your momentum.

Life is like an Etch-a-Sketch.  It takes a lot of patience and discipline to create something out of nothing.  But we shouldn’t be too arrogant or proud, because our materialistic accomplishments on this planet are of a fleeting nature… All it takes is one small disturbance to shake things up a bit, and we could lose everything we’ve worked so hard to attain.  But on the bright side, we always have the opportunity to begin anew, and start with a clean slate.

Life is like a Slinky.   A boring, mundane task like going down the stairs can suddenly be transformed into a dance of whimsical delight.    It reminds us to stop taking things for granted:  there is magic and wonder in everything that surrounds us.

Life is like a Barrel of Monkeys.    Together, we can co-operate with our fellow brothers, and join together to meet a common goal.    But remember,  we are only as strong as our weakest link.

Life is like Jenga.   We like things to be stable.  We like structure.   But if we keep removing the building blocks that represent the foundation of our values and beliefs, sooner or later, our Tower of Expectations will come crashing down.

Life is like an Easy-Bake oven.   With just something as simple and mundane as a light bulb, it literally becomes child’s play to create culinary delights that some adults can only dream about.   It just goes to show you that with the right approach, even the most complex tasks are not all that difficult.

Life is like a Kenner’s SSP Smash-up Derby Set.    Whenever you least expect it,  events beyond your control might collide with you, and you’ll feel smashed to pieces.    But it’s not the end of the world.    You just have to pick yourself up, put yourself back together, and start all over again.

Life is like Twister.   You tie yourself up in knots,  pushing your own comfort level to put yourself into unnatural positions.   But sooner or later, you’ll have to resort to going back to who you are, and accepting it.  What comes up, must come down.

Life is like Lego.   The sum of the whole is greater than that of the individual parts. The important thing is to avoid having pre-conceived notions about who should belong with what group.  Regardless of where we came from or what color we are, we are basically all the same family, and we can work together to create something beautiful.   We are all inter-connected:  each individual contributes in their own small way to the big picture.

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16 Comments on “Pop-Philosophy from the Toy Store”

  1. Friar's Mom Says:

    You are so original. Please, may I have some more.

    What profound analogies do you have for a skipping rope, Hoola Hoop, Frisbee, or Teddy Bear?

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for this post…I probably can not write too much as I have just had treatment #2, but I did walk there and back and now only have a slight headache. I took your advice and did not drive – the pain freedom is worth it…

    This reminds me of the book If Life is a Game, what are the rules? It just made perfect sense to me.

    I am trying to get untwisted and not fall down again…cause I really want to go to Scotland healthy this summer.
    Tomorrow’s post is a bit more risque – I wrote about under wear!

  3. Karen JL Says:

    It pains me to think how many people will *actually* believe you’re trying to be all ‘deep’ and stuff.

    I know better.

    Let’s replace “Life” with “Sex” and have a helluva more fun post, shall we? 😉

    Friar’s Mom…you start.

  4. Liz Says:

    @Friar’s Mom: I can hardly wait to read the Teddy-Bear analogy.

    @Karen: Here I was going to call Friar a “Renaissance Man” and compliment him on how deep a thinker he was. I’ve been duped? I’m crushed.

    @Friar: What analogies would you have for Silly Putty, Barbie Dolls or the game “Doctor?”

  5. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Karen,
    I doubt if any regular Friar readers will take this post seriously. They know it’s a parody.

    @ Liz
    I think Friar has the making of one of those small bathroom books “Friar’s Little Book of Toy Store Philosophy”. Published under humour.

    I too can’t wait to hear about the Teddy Bear. Wee Friar had a toy critter which was very important in his childhood.

  6. Karen Swim Says:

    Friar, if I were a new reader this is the part where I’d go all mushy and take the pop-philosophy seriously. I would tell you how it moved me and cry about the etch-a-sketch. I would proclaim you a guru and vow to come back and read your every word. But, I’m not new and laughing my head off at your snarky humor. 🙂 Life is like a yo-yo, ROFL!

  7. seanmp1 Says:

    I totally agree, you could write a kick ass humor book. Wait another six months, pile all the grab bag stuff together, and give it a sharp edit. Shop it. It’s good stuff.

  8. Friar Says:

    @Friar’ Mom
    I’ll have to get back to you on those other toys. (Perhaps this evening).

    Yeah, I’ve seemed to fool only one person today (Poor Liz).

    “Sex is like”…Hmmm. That would be pretty funny. Mabye I’ll write that one these days, when I’m feeling in more of a sh*t-disturbing mood.

    But it migth scare away my more genteel readers, like Karen.

    Honest mistake, thinking I’m a “Renaissance Guy”. You’ll catch on, the more of my posts you read.

    I’ll try to come up with answers for your toys, later today, as well.

    Hahah! I (almost) fooled some of you.

    It makes me wonder…what about the other people who are seriously TRYING to be gurus?

    If I can come up with this stuff off the top of my head, just how HARD can it be?

    (Or maybe I’m just THAT talented and THAT smart!).

    Yeah..that must be it. 😉

    @Writer Dad
    Hmm..that’s a good idea. I’ve often thought of that. Putting my “Best of Friar” into an Ebook. I think I’ll have enough material within 6 months.

    I’ve just bought my own domain name, and plan to host my own site in the near future. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

  9. Karen JL Says:

    You’re own domain and hosting? Very smart.

    And I meant to still write about the toys but use the word “sex”. (Sex toys…get it?)

    Sex is like a slinky because you get all stretchy and bendy…then it’s all downhill from there.

    Yeah, that kind of thing. 😉

    (In case anyone is wondering…I’m being a smart-ass too.)

  10. XUP Says:

    Life is like Clackers. Just when you think everything is bouncing along beautifully your whole world shatters and you get shards of glass in your eye.

  11. Friar Says:

    @Karen JL

    Sex is like Silly Putty. Sometimes it can be soft. Sometimes it can be bouncy. It just depends on how you want to proceed with it.

    Oh, this is TOO easy. 🙂

  12. Friar Says:

    Oh, you’re dating yourself! I remember those Clackers! That was the early 70’s, I think.

    Didn’t they get banned (because some kid got killed or something?)

    Hmph. They never allow any natural selection in our society, anymore.

  13. Karen JL Says:

    I didn’t know what you and XUP were talking about until I Googled it. Then I got a *wooooosh* of a flashback.

    I had those things! Purple I think. I guess I came out unscathed.

    (OK…dating myself too. *picks up cane*)

  14. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    Life is like a skipping rope. We sometimes expend so much energy jumping and hopping around, but we just end up in the same place, and going nowhere.

    Life is like a Hoola Hoop. Things happen in cycles. What goes around, comes around.

    Life is like a Frisbee. We can choose a course that’s straight and true. Or we can go off on a tangent,off to one side, and not know where we’ll end up. The important thing to remember, is that that WE have control. It’s up to us, how we cant to make that first throw.

    Life is like a Teddy Bear. We all keep a small Teddy Bear within us. It’s nothing to be ashamed of…it’s part of our childhood, it’s part of who we are.

    It’s important to stay young, and never lose that “eyes wide open” youthful perspective of the world.


    Life is like Silly Putty. Sometimes, we need to be pliable and yielding. Sometimes we need to be resistant, and bounce back when something is thrown at us. It’s by combining these two qualities, that we’ll learn to copoe with every day’s trials and tribulations.

    Life is like a Barbie Doll. Sometimes we aren’t completely happy with our own existence, and we might fantasize about being someone else who is more attractive or more popular.

    But looks are deceiving. It’s what’s inside that counts. You might think someone is perfect, but in reality, they might just be a hollow shell.

    As for the game “Doctor”. Well, that’s not really a toy.

    But Life can be like “Doctor”, at times. We should never be afraid to use our child-like curiously to investigate and examine all aspects of a problem, probe all the nooks and crannies. It’s only by exploring to we learn.

  15. Friar Says:

    Sorry…forgot about you there.

    Glad you’re feeling better after your treatment, compared to last time! And that you didn’t drive! 🙂

    I think we had a pair of those clacker things….somewhere in the house. Wow. Almost 40 years ago.

    ..suprised we didnt’ take someone’s eye out, or something.

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