Three Moose and a Bear on a Sunday Evening


What I like about where I live, is that the wilderness is never that far away.   Today, I thought I’d go for a ride with Junior Bear and try to spot some moose.   You can usually find them in the Provincial Park this time of year, right by the highway.   Apparently they like the road salt.

We weren’t disappointed.   This evening we got a hat trick:  Two bulls,  just starting their antlers, and one cow.

These critters weren’t that afraid.   They were obviously used to having people gawk at them.   They tolerated our presence, provided we kept a respectful distance.




Of course, Junior insisted on having his taken photo with each one.




I’m sure I’m not the first person on the planet to take a photo of a moose with their Teddy Bear.

But I wonder how many people have photos of their Bear with THREE different moose….taken on the SAME evening?

(I think Junior must hold some kind of record, after today.)

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22 Comments on “Three Moose and a Bear on a Sunday Evening”

  1. Beth Partin Says:


    I don’t know–the bear looks pretty close to that second moose! That’s brave. The moose in Colorado have a reputation for charging. Maybe the moose in your neck of the woods are more chilled out.

  2. feefifoto Says:

    Those are definitely some very tame mooses, or else they’d be terrified to be so close to a bear.

  3. Friar Says:

    Whenever I’ve seen a moose in the bush (outside the parks), they’re skittish and run away before you can get within 100 yards.

    This is a pretty busy highway corridor, the critters are used to people being around.

    That being said…that’s about as close as I wanted to get.

    What would really be good, is if I got a bear to pose with other bears.

  4. Karen JL Says:

    That’s pretty freakin’ cool!

    I’ve heard stories of people who hit a moose…their car is totaled and the moose walks away.

    Big critters they is! 🙂

  5. Friar Says:

    That’s why I don’t like driving on those highways at night!

    Just Google “moose collision” and you’ll see why.

    The are mighty big critters. They’re one of the few herbivores I respect…an angry moose has been known to fight off a pack of wolves.

  6. Liz Says:

    Too funny 😆 Seeing those moose reminded me of Northern Exposure. It was one of my favorite TV shows.

  7. Mer Says:

    Junior Bear is awesome, Friar! 😀 Reminds me of the movie Amélie, which I loved even though no one else in my family understood why.

    @ Liz

    How do you make your smilie laugh? I don’t know that one…

  8. Friar Says:

    Wow…that show takes me back. Yeah, I remember that moose!

    If you search my site, there are all kind of bear photos. Junior’s been travelling with me for 15 years.

  9. Liz Says:

    To make the laughing smilie “:lol:” Don’t put the quotes in.

    I bet Junior has some stories to tell if he could talk. 😉

  10. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,
    Loved your photos. You wouldn’t be able to get so close if the cow had a calf with her.

    The moose may reach 6 feet in height at the shoulders and 9 feet in length, and may weight between 900 and 1,400 pounds. This means that their legs are higher than the roof of a car.

    You will recall we hit a deer once. We got its rump and it ran off into the ditch. The collision repair was only $2,500, with no harm to the passengers.

    I took your advice and Googled Moose Collisions “Images”. I was shocked to see the photos. I can’t imagine how anyone can survive some of those collisions, when the moose gets squashed into the car. I’m glad you took photos during daylight hours rather than at dusk after work.

    p.s. Junior bear missed his bear opportunity in Alaska, when you took photos of grizzlies.

  11. Beth Partin Says:

    Friar, the bear with the bears, heh. Maybe it would be safer to take him to Chicago?

  12. Friar Says:

    A few of my readers have suggested I make a short E-Book with all of Juniors travels.

    I probalb will. That’s a project for one of these days….

    @Friar’s Mom

    I remember hitting that stupid deer. Dumb herbivore. I’d never seen Dad so livid.

    I do have ONE photo of Junior with the Grizzies. (And believe me, they’re a lot further away than the moose were).

    See my comment above. I do have one bear-with-a-hear photo. That might have to be another post one day.

  13. Hi Friar.
    We can relate to these huge animals. Such long legs.
    I am glad Junior Bear got to see them.
    Love your drawings and stories.

  14. Patricia Says:

    Very cool post and I am so glad Junior bear was in the shots and on record.

    We hit a deer on a ski trip – it was jumping across the road and jumped on to the hood of the car and then ran away. Lots of damage to the car and a head light and it truly scared the kids.

    No moose right here…thank goodness we have enough wild life

  15. Friar Says:

    @Pat and Mike
    Hey, welcome to the Deep Friar! Glad to see you!

    Come back anytime…lots more stories and drawings to come. Including more with Junior Bear

    I had an incident with a deer on the highway once, with my Honda Civic, going 60 mph.

    It could have run 5 feet to safety, or it could have jumped 20 feet into danger. Guess which Bambi chose?

    $3000 worth of damage. Stupid herbivore!

  16. hannah78 Says:

    Wow! Great pics!

  17. Friar Says:



    People ask me why I put up with all the crap where I work.

    But then, lookit where I get to live. I can just hop in the car and take pictures like this, on a random afternoon.

    That makes up for a lot!

  18. mehculpa Says:

    @ Friar

    Did Bambi live or did you get a month’s worth dinner?


  19. mehculpa Says:

    * of dinner



  20. Friar Says:


    No, Bambi was no more. I suspect it was quick and painless. Stupid deer. Almost killed me.

    Lots of people asked me: “Why didn’t you keep the meat?”.

    Um..because I was 100 miles from home, at 11:00 PM, with a small Honda Civic with a busted windshield. And I wasn’t set up (nor did I know how) to butcher large critters.

    A trucker stopped to see if I was okay. I suspect he probably radioed his buddies, and SOMEONE got some good venison.

  21. Patricia Says:

    In our county if a trucker calls it in a local meat company goes out and gets the meat and they use it to feed the folks in the jails.
    They also trap and kill our Canadian Geese overpopulation and feed the meat to the folks in the jail.

    We limped home after the deer jumped our car – happy to be able to get home safely and able to repair our vehicle. It is rather a tramatic event.

  22. Friar Says:

    Where I live now, out in the sticks, I’d have no problems finding someone to dress the meat. But this was years ago…and I didn’t know anyone in Ottawa who could do this.

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