What’s the POINT…

…of Lo-fat chocolate milk?

..of staying “just friends” with someone you like, who just broke up with you?

…of salads at McDonald’s?

…of those ultra-safe, cheesy 3-foot plastic slides at playgrounds?

…of crushed cedar chips in those same playgrounds, for that matter?

…of going to a wedding, and having to sit at the “Loser’s Table” ?

…of the DJ in stripper clubs?   (“Let’s put our hands together and make some noise for BRANDI…!!!”)

…of trying to reduce your carbon footprint by getting a more fuel-efficient car?  (Smooth move…with your trade-in, now there will be TWO cars on the road, instead of one.)

…of driving less than the speed limit?   (You’re allowed to go faster, you know!)

…of that lame-ass slice of orange that comes with your three-egg, three-meat Cardiac Breakfast Special?

…of putting one of those noise mufflers on a souped-up Honda Civic?   (*snicker*)

…of a tachometer on a car with automatic transmission?

…of half the Von-Trapp kids in The Sound of Music?   (How many do you actually remember?  Be honest! )

…of mustaches on old ladies?  (Have you totally given up, at this point, that you can’t be bothered  to pluck those hairs off?)

…of carrot cake?  (Sorry, including veggies with dessert is SO WRONG…on so many levels!)

…of Whole-Wheat Wonder Bread?

…of pennies?  (Melt them all down, I say, and make a copper monument dedicated to 1960’s era gumball machines).

…of spammers telling you how you can earn $100K in a month…then later tell you how you can earn $75K?  (I mean…WHY would I pick the first one, then?)

…of kids’ TV shows with morals? (Real kids want exploding cats, and anvils falling on coyotes).

…of “Baby on Board” decals?    (That is so 1980’s…wouldn’t those kids be, like,  25 right now?)

…of selected parking spots for seniors? (It should be based on physical ability, not on age.  Some 70-year-olds are in better shape than I am, for  cryin’ out loud!)

…of acronyms at work, particularly ones that are 10 letters long)?   (C’mon… who’s gonna remember THAT?)

…of this whole post?

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15 Comments on “What’s the POINT…”

  1. …of having a photocopier in a ‘paperless office’ (when really, half the Amazon is in your office!!)

    …Of having a road sign stating ‘School for the blind!’

  2. Davina Says:

    What’s the point…
    …of putting the words “push” and “pull” on doors? How many times have you pushed when you should have pulled? And anyway, I think we’ll manage without directions; there are after all, only two options. So what if we get it wrong the first time?

    …of trying to rush on the elevator before letting everybody OFF first?

    …of having an In and Out door? Everyone always crowds through the only one that is open anyway. We should just have one large door… a heavier one, with no handle and without the “push” and “pull” on it. That’ll teach em!

  3. Brett Legree Says:

    …of the dialog box you sometimes see when a program has crashed in Windows?

    You know, the box that says “Microsoft Word has encountered a fatal error and will now close.” followed by a button that says “Okay”.

    Thanks. Thanks for letting me know *after* the program has crashed and lost all of my work, why not rub it in, Microsoft? Why give me a box to click if there are no options?

    Kind of like the Grim Reaper laughing in your face after you get hit by a train and saying, “Yer Ded”.

    No shit.

    …of someone else saying “that must really hurt” after you slice your finger open with a knife?

    Umm, *YEAH*, it *DOES* hurt, that’s why I’m saying @#%!&@#$ and jumping around in the kitchen clutching my hand, Einstein.

  4. XUP Says:

    Wait. Are you dissin’ the VonTrapp family? Those brave little millionaire barons and baronesses who lost their mummy when her uterus fell out after birthing the 7th big-headed kid in a row? Those same brave little tykes who sang their way out of Nazi Germany in the middle of the night and ran all the way to Vermont in the night with only thin winter coats made out of curtains on their backs? (Okay, Baron Dad VonTrapp probably sold out a few of his friends along the way and bribed a lot of Nazis to help him escape, but still). The worst thing they had to suffer though was being raised by the real Maria VonTrapp who looked nothing at all like the lovely lithe Julie Andrews, but more like a thick, manly gargoyle with a moustache. So, really it’s a good thing there were so many of them so they could support each other during those awful times and so they could grow up to own half of Vermont one day.

  5. Kyddryn Says:

    You made me laugh, that’s the point.

    Also, a bit of trivia…the youngest Von Trapp? When I was an infant (not one word about dinosaurs roaming the planet!), he was my doctor. Yep. Until I was about six months old…I remember it like it was yesterday.

    OK, so maybe I don’t remember…but I’m assured it’s true by several family members.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. Friar Says:


    Remember in the 80’s, when computers first came out? Werent’ they supposed to replace all the paper?

    What happened, I wonder?

    Probably, some dick-tard pulled when he should have pushed, spilled coffee, and sued the company he worked for.

    So as a result, ALL the doors probably now have to be labelled.

    (Surprises me we don’t have “Door Procedures” and “Door Awareness Month” at work).

    I never understood those Windows Pop-up boxes that imply that if you press the other button, you can undo the failure and your computer wont’ crash.

    Huh. As if.

    There are three Von Trapp kids I remember from the movie. The youngest one (who would otherwise be cute, but her skulll is too big).

    The oldest (Lisel) who was pretty hot. (Sixteen, going on seventeen…my Ass! More like 25…!)

    And then there was that blonde lad…who’s only claim to fame is he sang “Adieu, Adieu, to Yieu and Yieu and Yieu…”.

    (Best part of the movie, that!)

    Wow..pretty cool. Two degrees of seperation, and I’m connected to the Von Trapp family.

    By the way, I said “What’s the point of this post?”, to pre-emptively defuse someone else from saying it (RIGHT, Eyeteaguy?)

  7. steph Says:

    “…of driving less than the speed limit? You’re allowed to go faster, you know!)”

    I just asked Colin about this one the other day when I complained about the people always going effing 40 in front of me.

    He said they were allowed to drive slower; that’s why it’s called *maximum* speed, or speed *limit.*

    ‘Course I just huffed and said anything under 60 should be illegal. And of course, he drives faster too.

  8. XUP Says:

    Kyddryn- The one who became a medical doctor was actually Rupert and he was the oldest, born in 1911. He was the one that was Friederich in the movie.

  9. Kyddryn Says:

    Friar, feel free to kiss the hem of my coat should I chance to pass by.

    Hey, XUP, thanks for the correction…all I can say is, I was six months old when I last saw him (and that was a lot longer ago than I like to contemplate), so I hope I’m permitted a little leeway with the memory. 🙂

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  10. Captain Push Says:

    …of spammers telling you how you can earn $100K in a month…then later tell you how you can earn $75K? (I mean…WHY would I pick the first one, then?)

    This makes me wonder if Tommy Lee gets those spam ads for Penis Enlargement? What a waste of bandwidth!

  11. Friar Says:

    Argh. I hate those road slugs.

    We got some in town that don’t even GO 40. I take my foot of the gas…and just the idling speed is enough to catch up with them.

    Infuriates me. I mean…WHAT are these PEOPLE thinking?

    Wow…you actually remember all the names! (I don’t).

    But that damned movie is like a car crash. Every time it comes on TV (at least once a year), I feel compelled to watch it.

    Wow…you touched greatness with a Von Trapp. That makes you one of the most famous bloggers I know. 😀

  12. Friar Says:


    And what a waste of band LENGTH, as well. 🙂

  13. Kyddryn Says:

    Friar…that’s just sad. Really. Sad.


    Shade and Sweetwater,

  14. Friar Says:


    No..that makes you one of the “Cool Kids”. 😉

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