I just don’t have anything I feel like saying right now…

…it happens.

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81 Comments on “(…………)”

  1. Patricia Says:

    absolutely love the picture I understand a picture can be worth 1000 words 🙂

  2. Randi Says:

    But sometimes a beautiful picture like that is all you need to say…

  3. Karen JL Says:

    I guess Hell really can freeze over. 😉

  4. steph Says:

    Oh, and don’t you love it when that happens? We had that, both C and I, around the campfire this weekend and at the lookout points on Algonquin trails…

    PS. Karen: Bahahahaha!!

  5. steph Says:

    PS. Friar: The SEO value of this blog post title is priceless. 🙂

  6. Friar Says:

    @Patricia and Randi
    If you want any words for this post, you’ll have to consult Junior Bear, who’s filling in for me. 😉

    @Karen JL

    Yeah, it’s probaby a sign of the impending Apocalypse.

    I’m pretty sure it will freak out some, like Eyeteaguy.

  7. Davina Says:

    Is it 2012 already? Was I sleeping too long or something.

    Great title though… very braille-like. And although the picture is lovely and the bear is cute, I just had this sudden urge to run at him and drop-kick him into the water. 🙂

  8. Friar Says:

    Yes…let the SEO gurus figure this one out….

    Where did you hike in Algonquin? I’m thinking of doing Centennial Ridge in a week or so when the fall colors peak.

    You sound just like some friends who tried to set fire to The Bear on my 30th birthday, many years ago. 🙂

  9. seestor Says:

    Ok, ok, we don’t even need words. Perhaps you could you draw us a picture of vikings smashing things. That will feed us for a little while.

  10. Friar Says:


    I have a Viking-smashing-things-post on the back burner.

    But I was lazy today…much easier to just post a lame-ass photo of the bear.

    I know Eyeteaguy will just LOVE it.

  11. Friar's Mom Says:

    Hi Junior Bear,

    Wow! Friar wrote that you were filling in for him. He said you have “the words”. This is the first time he handed over a post to someone else. It’s not like you’re a guest Blogger, you’re “The Blogee”.

    What words can you provide us about Friar? I’m curious. You spend so much time with Friar. Are there things you know about him that his own mother doesn’t know?

    You’re such a lucky and unique bear. You traveled all over the world with Friar and posed for so many photos. However, what I find interesting about this photo is that you’re not looking at the camera. This is the first time you’re gazing at the background. Is there a reason for that? Were you savouring in a peaceful moment? Did you have a falling out with Friar, and turned your back on him? Is Friar trying to tell us something? Just curious.

    Friar’s Mom

    @ Davina,

    How could you drop kick Junior Bear? He’s not a football. Plus if you ran at him, you’d probably trip on the crack, fall, and break a few bones. Don’t mess around with Junior Bear!

  12. Junior Bear Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    Oh, dont’ worry. If Friar wanted to tell us something, he’d just go ahead and say it.

    Friar and I didn’t have any falling out or anything. He was off reading a book, and I was just sitting there, pondering the enormity of Lake Superior.

    It was a different pose, with me not looking at the camera. Guess that’s why Friar snapped the photo.

    PS. Thanks for straightening up Davina.

    Drop-kicking. Hmph.

    – Junior Bear

  13. Friar's Mom Says:

    @Junior Bear,

    We have something in common. I too have pondered over the enormity and starkness of sky and water, with nothing to obstruct the view. I love Lake Superior, it reminds me of the ocean.

  14. Elizebeth Says:

    Friar is probably playing on twitter…LOL

    Nice pic Jr. Bear!

  15. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Nice post, I’m feeling the same way.

    Bear looks peaceful, I’m jealous.

  16. Kyddryn Says:

    Hey, Friar? I love your bear.


    He’s awesome.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who thinks you’re OK, too)

  17. Davina Says:

    @Friar’s Mom. Ah don’t worry bout me lying there on the rocks with my broken bones… I’ll be okay 😉 Nah, I’d NEVER drop-kick Junior Bear. I don’t know what came over me; everything looked so peaceful and quiet (which I normally love), and this urge just overcame me. I had a vision of Junior Bear flying through the air screaming “Wheeeeee”. I’m better now that I’ve had my scolding.

    @Junior Bear. I have 3 little bears just like you and no, there’s no Goldilocks. I’m wondering if your Pick-A-Nick basket is sinking perhaps? Though you don’t look too worried — already had lunch, right? But you do kinda look like you need a hug though, so consider it done.

    @Friar…. I just got nothing else to say… it happens 😉

  18. Davina Says:

    @Friar’s Mom. BTW, congratulations on your recovery from that accident. I hear you’re home now. That is terrific!

  19. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Davina,

    My progress has been awesome since I left the Rehab Centre. I gradually increased my brisk walking distance. I’m up to 6.2k.

    Friar’s Seestor gave me this useful website: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com

  20. Brett Legree Says:

    Friar was sleeping, and left his computer unlocked.

    The bear was tired of Friar being the star and took matters into his own paws.

  21. Kelly Says:


    You aren’t much good at titles, but you can create a mood like Fellini with just one image. Well-done.


    I thought the rule was not to announce these little blips in the continuum, and just let Eyeteaguy hop up and down until he tires of it?


    Karen JL,

    Shh… you are the secret reason I love this blog. ROFL.



  22. Davina Says:

    @Friar’s Mom, you’re my kinda gal. Can’t keep you down for long. That pedometer map looks like a great resource — really cool. Some great walking weather is coming up too with the cooler weather and the colourful leaves.

    @Kelly… Friar seems to have a knack for “letting” his commenters and his teddy bear write his blog for him. “Would you like fries with that?” >>> We’re all in the Deep Friar here…sizzling…getting fried… becoming free radicals 🙂

  23. Junior Bear Says:

    Oh, Friar’s probably at work, and unable to answer any comments (lest he get chastised by the Widget Factory Internet Police).

  24. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom
    Yeah, Lake Superior is great.

    Too bad you always drive around it so quickly though.


    That’s IT? That’s all you’re gonna say?

    No comments about a lame-ass bear, or that this post really sucks?

    (Now I’m kinda on edge…like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop).

    Oh, you and I have chatted enough, lately, on Twitter.

    I’m so GLAD you think the Bear is Awesome (but that I’m “OK”, though). 😉

    Hard for the bear to type, with his blunt teddy-paws. But he somehow manages.

    Yes…THANK GOD for Karen. Otherwise, this blog would just suck.

    And I could have left my blog blank. Which I did for a while.

    Only that posting this photo about nothing turned out to be marginally more amusing than doing nothing in the first place.


    See? I take 2 minutes to cut and paste a photo, and I get more comments than when I actually try to write something.

    Funny how that always works out

    From now on, maybe I’ll just let the Bear write my posts for me.

  25. Junior Bear Says:

    Thanks for the compliment (but it was actually Friar who took the photo).

    No Pick-a-nick baskets. We had already eaten at the A&W in Marathon.

    Yes, the photo is kind of contemplative, isn’t it?

    (I just hope nobody thinks I”m a tortured intellectual now).

    Bears HATE tortured intellectuals.

  26. Karen JL Says:

    @ Kelly – It’s my little blog-away-from-blog. If I don’t have time for anything else, there’s always time to come to Friar’s and be a smart-ass. 😉

    @ Friar – You’d cry if I left.


  27. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Wrong, bears torture intellectuals, or just eat them if the berries are out of season.


    That is a lame-ass bear and your post sucks. Happy now?

  28. Kelly Says:


    Dare I say it…

    I think you’ve got a COMMUNITY going on here.

    You feel obligated, at least to post a bear-guest-post, and we feel obligated to come by and support your unwillingness to blog…

    Being a Cool Kid is the secret, isn’t it?

    (That, and having Karen JL as a buddy…)

    You ought to write an eBook.




  29. Friar Says:

    Well, maybe not cry.

    Well, okay, cry.

    But only because I identify with other smart-asses.


    Ahhh…that’s more like it.

    Now I can relax. 🙂


    No, I am not a Cool Kid. I am NOT a Cool Kid. You can’t make me! You can’t make me! AAAAAAH!!

    (*running screaming from the room*)

    How many hits do the Cool kids get each time they post? Hundreds. Mabye thousands.

    I’m talking dozens, here. Mabye a good post will hit 100.

    But like Brett said on your blog today, I’d rather have a small number of “Real” people commenting, than hundreds of yes-men polishing the rod.

    But you better buy my E-Book NOW..because at the next full moon, the price doubles. (No, make that TRIPLES).

    Yeah, that’s it. Triples. 😉

  30. Junior Bear Says:


    Oooh…comments like that make me want to EAT people. (Like Eyeteaguy sez).

    But I won’t say it to you…’coz it might get misconstrued the wrong way.

  31. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Friar is a cool kid. Their album is called Gone Fishing. No shit.

    The Cool Kids is an alternative hip hop group from Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. The duo consists of Antoine “Mikey Rocks” Reed (originally from Matteson, Illinois) and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll (originally from Mount Clemens, Michigan).[1] Self-described as “the new black version of the Beastie Boys,” The Cool Kids’ music has been released primarily via their MySpace page, but have been signed to the independent Chocolate Industries via their own label C.A.K.E. Recordings.[2] Reed and Ingersoll have collaborated with several other musical ashleighs and made appearances in numerous skye’s, such as Asher Roth, Kenna, The Bloody Beetroots and Maroon 5.

    Contents [hide]
    1 History
    2 Discography
    2.1 EPs
    2.2 Solo Albums
    2.2.1 Official Mixtapes
    2.2.2 Unofficial
    2.3 Guest Appearances
    3 Videography
    4 References
    5 See also
    6 External links

    [edit] History
    The members of The Cool Kids met in 2005 when Reed found a beat on MySpace that Ingersoll had produced.[1] The two met to discuss terms of the beat’s sale, and eventually ended up recording for two hours.[3] They were inspired by golden age hip hop and artists like Eric B. & Rakim.[4] Ingersoll began promoting the new duo’s material, and it was eventually booked by Josh Young of Flosstradamus for a DJ performance.[3] At this performance (in a venue called Town Hall Pub), the duo met the DJ Diplo who offered to release a mixtape of their unreleased tracks titled Totally Flossed Out on his label Mad Decent, though it was eventually released on C.A.K.E. Recordings.[5] They also received an offer from the DJ A-Trak to sign to his Fool’s Gold label,[5] which they did, but only for one single.[6] Of their time with Fool’s Gold, the Cool Kids felt they weren’t getting enough attention: “When your boss is on tour with Kanye West, it’s easy to have timelines missed,” said Chuck in an interview. [7]

    All of their material had been released solely on the band’s MySpace page[4]—their recording contract came after performances at the CMJ Music Festival and Pitchfork Music Festival, on July 15, 2007.[1][8] Eventually, The Cool Kids signed to Chocolate Industries, another independent label.[6] The group has revealed on its MySpace page that The Cool Kids’ debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, will be released in 2008, though as of 2009 it has not been released.[9] Ingersoll has been the producer for tracks released thus far,[10] but both work in rapping and production.[11] The duo uses music software program Reason from Propellerhead Software to produce their music.[12]

    They have been on tour, opening for M.I.A.[13] and they will be also joining the bill of the 2008 Rock the Bells hip hop festival on select dates.[14] The group toured across Australia in February 2008 and also appeared at the Laneway Festival. The group also appeared at Suny Purchase’s Culture Shock event in April 2009.[15] One of the duo’s singles, “Black Mags”, was featured in a late 2007 Rhapsody TV commercial, along with Sara Bareilles.[16] In the same year, the group collaborated with Lil Wayne and DJ Benzi through the Internet on a track entitled “Gettin’ It”, which will reportedly appear on the DJ’s future album Get Right.[17]

    The Cool Kids have been featured in the video games NBA Live 08 and MLB 2K8 with the song “88”,[18] and in the episode “The First Cut Is the Deepest” from HBO’s TV series Entourage with the song “Mikey Rocks”.[19] They were listed in Rolling Stone’s Ten Artists to Watch in 2008.[20] According to Rolling Stone, “since “Black Mags” debuted, the Cool Kids have gone from an underground sensation in their native Chicago to the hottest ticket at New York’s CMJ festival.” [21]

    The duo have been endorsed by Mountain Dew for their new single, “Delivery Man”, to which commercials and the music video have aired on MTV2. The group’s song “Bassment Party” was featured in the September 21, 2008 episode of the HBO hit comedy Entourage. They also recorded an original track, “2K Pennies,” for the soundtrack of NBA 2K9. However, The Cool Kids have said in an interview that their success has been gradual. [22] They will also be headlining the “NBA 2K Bounce Tour” along with Q-Tip.[23] Producer Don Cannon said in a interview with XXL, that he will be working with The Cool Kids for their new album. The group’s second official mixtape, Gone Fishing was released on May 5, 2009. They are currently working on their debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, which is slated to release this year.[9][24]

    Their song “A Little Bit Cooler” was used in an MVP commercial from Nike with Lebron James & Kobe Bryant entitled “Mrs. Lewis”.

  32. Friar Says:


    Suuuuure….don’t post anything on your blog for almost two months. But use my blog to write/cut and paste a 1000-word biography

    (Though it is kinda funny, that their album is called “Gone Fishing”.

    Now, lets hope you haven’t scared off all my readers.

  33. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Yo, yo, yo. ‘Sup dog. I’m down with that y’all. Word.

  34. Friar Says:


    You been takin’ lessons from Kayne?

    You gonna go ruin another awards show? (Nome whum sane?)

  35. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I actually had to look that up. I live under a rock apparently.

    So you are now likening me to a rude rap artist?

    You cut me deep Friar.


  36. Friar Says:


    My apologies.

    I had meant to compare you to a mediocre rap artist. Not a rude one.

  37. Brett Legree Says:

    Friar’s not a rap star, he’s the big dude singing.

    I’m the bass player with all the hair, and Eyeteaguy is the hyper guy on guitar…

  38. Friar Says:


    Great band.

    I wonder who their influences were? James Taylor? Gershwin and Gershwin?

    Too bad the mosh pit didnt’ let the high-diver go Kersplatto, though. (He’d probably have liked it).

  39. Patricia Says:

    I came back to look at the bear picture and feel serene – I am not reading any other comments except from your mum….which made me happy to see she is back at the computer and walking – feeling better.

    Must be that great Canadian- Socialistic “you’ll have to wait and wait” health care system we have been hearing so much about these days!

  40. Karen JL Says:

    @ Junior Bear – You shouldn’t eat people. Just catch and release. It’s more fun.

  41. Davina Says:

    GASP! I came back to see what shenanigans I’ve missed and see the header has changed. Now I see Junior Bear (who looks like he took a major growth spurt BTW), I see Uncle Friar, I see Brett, I see Tipper Daug and I see Walter. Very Zen-like — kinda like the calm before the storm. And very pretty trees.

  42. Kelly Says:

    OH! Friar, I love the new banner!



  43. Brett Legree Says:

    You gotta admit that guy has more guts than (say) Kanye West, though…

    And the sad thing is, these guys probably have more money in the bank than you or I will ever see, even though most people don’t know who they are.

  44. Friar Says:


    I admit, Friar’s Mom had great health care. It was a trauma/injury and she got treated instantly. Didnt’ cost us a cent.

    Other health-care related things, not so great. Huge waiting lists for things like MRI scans, cancer specialists, or knee surgeries. I had to wait almost a year to have a knee ligament fixed.


    Catch and release…YES. Good ideas. (I’ll try to bite people gently, so as to not ruin them too much for next time).


    Actually, that’s not Junior Bear you see. It’s Ursaåal, (from one of my other Viking posts).


    Yeah, it’s about time I changed the old banner.

    I think I’m gonna be updating them a lot more often, from now on.


    Not really sad, actually. I think that’s they way to go.

    Be a rock star. Have all the money you want. But still be anonymous, so you can have a normal life and be able to walk the streets and not be mobbed.

  45. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Ursaaal – check
    Viking – check
    Tipper – check
    Friar – check
    Eyeteaguy – …….

  46. XUP Says:

    Mark of a blogging pro — he can say nothing and still get 47++ comments

  47. Brett Legree Says:

    (Eyeteaguy – …….)

    Locked away in the server room keeping things on the straight and narrow, of course…

  48. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Straight an narrow. I’d love to know the origins of that!

    Friar, that’s 49. Someone wite a comment! I need my bonus.

    See here why.



  49. ROFLOL… Ommmmmm…..little bear is doing yoga!!!!!!!!

  50. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Little bear is doing what he should be doing in the woods.

  51. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Hmmm, comments are getting shorter. I think we are running out of things to s

  52. Shhh, we’re supposed to be meditating.. See.. like the bear…Friar’s prob’ly working on his life coach certification….

  53. Brett Legree Says:

    Don’t tarnish the image of Little Bear!

    Great stuff, will put anyone to sleep no matter how much sugar they’ve had…

  54. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Children’s cartoon freak me out.

    What ever happened to Rocket Robin Hood and Hercules. Wassa mattah? They not good enough for you?

  55. I liked Little Bear. Reminded me of Friar. Bet he can make pie like that. With a nice happy face on it in berries. I think he’ll show us how, too. It’s in week three of his online webinar

  56. Brett Legree Says:

    Rocket Robin Hood and Herc are still around – but of course, they’re for “big boys” like us.

    Little Bear’s good for the tykes who haven’t made their first confirmed kill yet 🙂

    (I like Little Bear, though – he’s just a bear, no toys to flog, unlike most modern cartoons…)

  57. Friar Says:


    Okay..maybe you’ll be on the NEXT banner…


    Well, I’d like to think I’m a blogging pro…but I know better.

    It’s totally random.

    I can spend a lot of time writing a well-thought out piece of satire, or a heart-felt story, and I’ll get maybe 15-20 views.

    Other times, I have a Teddy Bear write my post, and it’s the most popular one of the month!

    Guess it depends on how silly/talkative the comments from the Peanut Gallery are on any given day.

    And today’s one of those days.

    No, no, NO! The Bear is NOT doing yoga!

    He’s just chillin’ out.

    (Bears dont’ DO yoga…but they might eat yoga instructors, if the berry crop is sparse).

    See? You’re just trying to milk it. They have to be MEANINGFUL comments.


    No. It’s not my Life Coach Certification I”m working on.

    It’s my “Emotional Freedom Coach” diploma.


    ARGHH!!! 😦

    I hate that shit, Little Bear.

    Though he’s (very marginally) better then the Urinestain Bears.


    Rocket Robin Hoods rocks (And it’s partly responsible for me getting the name “Friar”…).

    Search my blog for Rocket Robin. I wrote a post way way back…one of my first. I think you’ll like it.

    Okay…I’ll admit….Little Bear is still a cub. He’s not bad-ass yet.

    Wait 2-3 years. Then he’ll start mauling his sister and other cubs.

  58. “Emotional Freedom Coach”


    …nope still laughing….

    …prob’ly bear is contemplating just how big a burger he is going to have for dinner.

  59. Friar Says:


    “Emotional Freedom Coach”.

    Surely, you’ve had a Twitter follower or two, who’s called themsevles that.

    I have.

    Leftover Chinese food tonight. (The Bear had burgers yesterday).

  60. Davina Says:

    Well, I’ve missed quite a party here! This is even better than Twitter. You know, you take a mean photograph Friar. I mean, just look at how level that horizon line is. How many beer would it take to change that? Hey, are those leaves floating in the sky in your header, or butterflies? Hyuck, hyuck…snicker.

  61. David Says:

    Who are you deep friar? I just found your blog today. So funny. But I’d love to see a bio page. I assume you have a past of some sort. Or are you one of those hilarious infant bloggers I’ve heard about?

  62. Friar Says:


    Haven’t your heard? This is “Fritter” (Friar’s Twitter). And it’s much better.

    PS. Oh, it’s not rocket science to get the composition right on the photo. I just followed the 1/3 – 1/3 rule.
    1/3 water. And the bear is 1/3 horizontally across the bottom.


    Welcome. But, hmmm…I never heard of that term “Infant blogger”..(?)

    But you might have to wait a while for the bio page.

    It’s one of those things I never got around to doing, and I’m a Certified Class III Procrastinator.

  63. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Oh, oh, let me wite it for you! Please, please!


  64. Friar Says:


    Gee….do you really think I SHOULD?

  65. Davina,
    I thought the leaves were a metamorphosis from left to right of life-like leaves into butterflies then fishes jumping in the sky symbolizing Friar’s outlook on life, his philosophy, his joie de vivre.

    The Emotional Freedom Coaches are leaving me alone… prob’bly too touchy feelie for them, like kyptonite. Course I don’t do the clever random vocab trolling you do… 🙂

  66. Friar Says:


    Or…maybe I just wanted to draw leaves, because it’s autumn. 😉

    And I agree. Part of my problems is I like to poke fun of all those Freedom Coaches and Social Media knobs on Twitter.

    Which itself,automatically generates more Freedom Coach and Social Media Knob followers.

  67. Davina Says:

    @Janice I liked your analogy re the leaves to butterflies to fishes. Notice how each leaf is just above the first letter of each word too eh? Like The Deep Friar is being lifted up toward the heavens (insert angelic singing and harp music here).

    Tis a beautiful bit of artwork Friar,(she pauses thoughtfully… as if listening for something)… looks almost too peaceful. I’d be lookin over my shoulder if I came upon this scene. Look how poor Walter is hiding behind that tree 🙂

  68. Friar Says:


    I just love how artists produce something, and other people try to interpret what they drawing means. Which often has nothing to do with what the artist originally meant. 😀

    Now, that yellow Lab could be Walter. Or Basil. (I haven’t decided yet).

    But he is not “poor”. He’s deliberately being a shit-disturber, hiding, waiting, for the next person to come by, who will be jumped on and slobbered on. as Labs typically do. Those lovable arseholes.

  69. Brett Legree Says:

    I saw dead people.


  70. Davina,
    It’s that old sometimes a cigar is just a cigar….or a leaf…:D

    But we all have our responses to it.

    Case in point… a lone bear sitting in front of a lake and (…..)

    and he gets what? 75 freaking comments???!!!! On nothing. NOTHING to say….. You worked for Jerry Seinfeld right, Friar, that’s what Eyeteaguy is going to tell us in that juicy bio of yours he’s writing…

    Just puts the bait out and watches the fishes come right up and bite…

    I hear you snickering, Friar…

  71. Friar Says:


    Yeah…they were dispatched by the Viking.


    Don’t blame me if I get 75 comments.

    It’s the BEAR.

  72. hannah78 Says:

    Great picture! Teddy bear looks wistful.:)

  73. Ah yes, the bear…ommmm… I still think he’s been sneaking out to yoga class.. look how peaceful he is. I mean can you be sure he’s not? Does he check in ALL the time with you…d’ you have him log every minute of every day and fill it out in triplicate? Hmmm? Or is he a wild bear, an independent thinker more prone to roam? Maybe flex a bit?
    You might check your canoe for paw prints too…I heard he was spotted on the lake in the middle of the day in the middle of the week…with bits of Cheese Poofs down his front…and a companion…
    Just saying…
    I think BEAR is more than just a bear. 🙂

  74. Friar Says:


    Yes…The Bear probably was wistful. It was the last full day of vacation…and we had a 12 hour drive back home.


    I have no control over what Junior Bear does on his free time.

    But I can assure you..he does NOT do Yoga!!!!

    Who knows? Maybe that peaceful look is from smoking weed or something.

  75. Oscar Says:

    WOW … you made a Maine boy very happy with a pre-peak preview 🙂 Thanks!

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