Fall Splendor

7 clouds in a row.


It’s like hitting the jackpot at a slot machine, or something.


Splat Creek Weather

I love autumn.


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56 Comments on “Fall Splendor”

  1. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Cool kid posts a weather report and expects 100 comments?
    Unless you blog about remembering to breath or eat, I don’t think so.
    Now why don’t you go find a real topic to blog about?
    Things like Vikings attacking Sharks or something.


  2. Friar Says:


    But I never claimed to be a Cool Kid! I just blog about what I feel like. Today, it was the shitty fall weather.

    Each time I think of writing something, mabye I should consult you first.

    Much as you’d like that, I probalby won’t, though.

    Eyeteaguy will have to WAIT for his Viking post, just like everyone else.

  3. Brett Legree Says:

    Perhaps you guys forgot…

    Every year around this time it does this.
    Next year it will do this.

    I bet it will the year after.

    So, what are you gonna do?

    Brett’s gonna head south.
    Really far south.
    Every year…

    And eventually, I won’t come back.

    To tell the truth, I hate winter.

    Hate it…

  4. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Wait for my Viking post, egad! And then I guess I’ll have to wait for my dead hamster post after that. Now if you would just submit to my will and do as I ask, we would all be much happier. Knowing you though you will never post another viking cartoon just to piss me off. Even though I have been holding back so as not to hurt your feelings. Really Friar, you should be ashamed.


    P.S. Practice makes perfect.

  5. Kelly Says:


    To be contrarian…

    I”M SO HAPPY!!!

    I love fall.

    Love rain.

    Love cooler weather.

    Love the fact that winter’s coming, even though winter will be lousy and wimpy here and I’ll hate it in its own special way. It’s not summer, and the way I hate winter here is special, because it’s nothing against winter.

    Did I mention, love rain?

    Love turtlenecks and big Irish sweaters and turning on the heat for the first time and the way folks get red cheeks when the wind whips their faces.


    (Brett—this is caused by sticking a northerner in the South. Of course, it won’t happen to you… just sayin’.)



  6. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I know what Bubba would say to Kelly if he was here. “That girl ain’t right”

    You love rain? Cool weather? Yeesh.

    I need the heat, the sun, the summer. I was born in the wrong damned country. I don’t ski, snowshoe, skate, play hockey. You can’t ride a motorcycle in the fall or winter.

    The problem I have that any warm country seems to be messed up, Haiti, Honduras, Cuba etc.


  7. XUP Says:

    What the hell are those roundish blogs coming out of the Thursday cloud? OMG!! It’s Thursday right now!!!That better not be snow!!

  8. Kelly Says:


    Heat isn’t natural to me. There’s some folks who feel like they were born in the wrong place (like you), and there’s folks who don’t. I was born in ‘xactly the right place. But I’m not there. So, blech.

    I love skating, hockey, and three feet of snow from November to March. I’ve scraped ice off the inside of my windshield just to keep driving, and I’m cool with that. My kid was born in a massive snowstorm that almost kept me from getting to the hospital. And I miss it all.

    My nostalgia for the North gets way too much press here… mostly because Friar likes to kvetch about the weather so much and I can’t resist piping up. 🙂 Somebody’s got to cause trouble when you’re agreeing with him, eh?

    Until later,


  9. Mer Says:

    @ Friar

    I love autumn, too. 🙂 It’s only going to be 85 today. I was hating those 100 degree days, I tell ya.


    Try Grand Cayman. It’s small, but not at all fucked up. The drawback: nasty nasty evil mosquitoes. It actually hurts when they getcha. And the local food. The fancier restaurants are good, but don’t eat the turtle soup at the little shack downtown whatever you do. (N.B., It was an experiment in eating. Also, they grow sea turtles there. No endangered animals were eliminated in the making of that meal.)

    My best temperatures are in the mid-60’s. I’ll take 40’s and 50’s, but I don’t have the wardrobe for anything below that. 😦

    Will never ski down another slope as I neither enjoy falling nor groin injuries, but would like to learn to snowshoe someday, however. Cross country skiing might be doable, too, as I would like to have the leisure to look at the landscape. I was married to a guy who raced through vacations and museums. Anything I wanted to slow down and look at and appreciate. Everywhere we went he called it a Marine Corps Vacation.

    ::le sigh::

  10. Brett Legree Says:

    Well, I think I’m more of a northerner than you are, Kelly, and perhaps I should clarify myself a bit.

    Cold, I can handle – I will die of spontaneous combustion, because I’m a walking fusion reactor.

    Snow I can live without, because it is deadly.

    Deadly on your car’s bodywork, and literally deadly.

    At least a dozen people I’ve known personally have been killed in winter-driving related accidents. I’m not saying that they all would be here today, but when people say they “like” snowstorms, I think of a couple of those people who were my friends.

    (Yeah, one could say, “then don’t go out”, but at least one was killed on the way to work for a company that doesn’t have progressive policies on snow days. Had the weather been better, she’d probably still be here.)

    If I want to go skiing, I’ll fly to a place with *real* mountains. It’s so flat here that the snow is just like a kick in the face from Old Man Winter.


  11. Karen JL Says:

    You should all just move to Vancouver.

    The snow usually stays in the *real* mountains and it’s chilly but not freeze-your-nuts-off cold.

    And Kelly…it rains like hell from October to March.

    I’ll bring the beer. 😉

  12. Kelly Says:


    With personal experiences like that, I’m not surprised your feelings for snow have been colored ick-color. That’s awful. I’m so sorry.


    Rain, rain, come my way… A third province to fall in love with and wish I could move to? Is there nothing I don’t love about Canada?

    Ah, yes. There is one thing I don’t love about Canada. Céline.

    . .



  13. seestor Says:


    You sold out … you posted in F not C. Where are your loyalties? You are weak.


  14. Karen JL Says:

    @ Kelly – Even though she has a home in Montreal, doesn’t Celine live south of border now? Methinks you guys have her.

    See? Even more reason to head north. 😉

  15. Kelly Says:


    See you in six years. Keep the Molson cold for me.


    Didn’t Brother grow up in F? Must he be a sellout—couldn’t he just be remembering back fondly? 😉

  16. Brett Legree Says:

    Kelly – it’s okay! I hope I didn’t make you feel bad. Hey, if you like snow, that’s okay – and I have kids, they like to play in it.

    I just don’t like it when it involves vehicles. Hey, and ask Michael Martine, he’s pretty lucky too, remember him last year?

    Now, Molson is another story – they’re not Canadian anymore!!! They’re owned by Coors 🙂

    Celine lives in Las Vegas, I believe.

  17. Kelly Says:


    Part-time in LVNV. From what I hear, she goes back to QC to have her bairns. I think she’s there awaiting one now.

    Whew. So can I have a Guinness then without offending anyone, if Molson’s sold out and gone all Fahrenheit on you?

    tee hee hee



  18. Kelly Says:

    Is it scary that I can’t stand her and I know what she’s up to? Yes…

  19. Friar Says:


    Okay, you might call it “kvetching” about the weather.

    But I’m sorry…seven consecutive days of damp drizzle and rain is crappy weather, by ANYONE’s standards!

    Unless you’re a Loon, that is.

    (Referring to the bird found on all our lakes up here.) 😉


    You’re right.

    Friar’s Theorem #274: Collective National IQ is directly proportional to that country’s latitude.

    i.e. The closer you are to the equator, the more screwed up that country is.

    You’re right….it’s that dreaded “F” word (Flurries).

    They were forecast today..but it was updated to just rain.

    (Though there were a few times today, we were gettin’ close to it).

    Yeah..but how are your summers?

    I hear if you go down south TOO far, it’s downright miserable, and everyone stays indoors.

    I wouldn’t want to see the Missilery Delta in July, for instance.

    Not to mention, during a lifetime of winter driving, you’ve probably had some close-calls yourself. (We all have).

    What I really like is the freezing rain, when the road is sheer ice, and you’re going 20 mph, and the car slides on the road, DIAGONALLY.


    That’s it. I’m movin’ over!

    (Can I sleep on your couch for a few weeks, till I find a job and a place of my own? )

    Just stay away from Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. (Nothing ever happens there)


    Not week..just lazy. I didn’t feel like explaining to my American friends how cold 6 Celsius was.

    Céline can STAY in Vegas, for all I care.

    And when Céline does breed, it’s like the Immaculate Conception, and it’s a whole HUGE event when her prodigal offspring baptized.


    Because she’s the ONLY person on the whole world who’s ever had a baby.

    Huh. Wish she’d just get herself spayed.

  20. Kelly Says:


    We of the slightly-lower collective IQ are capable of finding an online calculator to translate those funny l’il Celcius thingys, y’know. We’re screwed up but ain’t lazy.

    Besides we-all know how cold it is in Canada. So cold, icicles hang off yer pet walruses noses… in July, when yer out doin’ yer beaver-trappin’ fer winter. In yer tuques and yer plaid flannel shirts. 😉

    Sometimes, you totally crack me up. But we agree on Céline, eh?

    And yes, you pegged me. I’m a loonie.


  21. Friar Says:


    Yeah, but a significant portion of the States is further north that parts of Canada. (Parts of California are further north than the Southern Tip of Ontario). Plus you got Alaska.

    So it all evens out. The Collective IQ of the U.S. is about the same as Canada’s, overall.

    (With the exception of back-water southern towns where crooked sheriffs get in car chases with hill-billys and go “Hyuck! Hyuck! Hyuck!) 🙂

  22. Kelly Says:

    LOL as always.

  23. Brett Legree Says:

    You might want to start thinking about staying away from Ontario, too. The current government seems intent on turning us into a third world country.

    Go to BC or Alberta.

    (Kelly – you may have as many pints of Guinness as you can handle here!)

  24. Brett Legree Says:

    Uh, Friar… the Splat Creek Police go “Hyuck! Hyuck! Hyuck!”

    Do you want to be Bo, or Luke? Maybe Eyeteaguy can be Cooter if he ever moves out this way. He can fix anything…

  25. Kelly Says:


    I can handle one. I’m afraid I’m not much good as an honourary Canadian, ‘cuz I know that’s under the legal minimum…

    but I’d be glad to work on it. As long as I can still have a nice glass of wine on all the days that have a Y in them.


  26. Brett Legree Says:


    Practice makes perfect, of course 😉 and yes, you may have a glass of wine on all the days that have a Y in them.

    To maximize your wine intake, that means living Quebec is out of the question though (apologies to Quebec…)

  27. Friar Says:


    I’d rather not be Bo or Luke. Because they’re cuzzins to Daisy. I’d rather be Cooter or Enos, and have a chance at her.

    (But then again, knowing that part of the country, being cuzzins doesn’t necessarily mean jack-shit).

    Yeah…focus on BC or Alberta. (Ontario’s got “issues” right now).

    That’s where I’m eventually headed, myself.

  28. Brett Legree Says:

    Yep, being cuzzins in Hazzard means you get first dibs on old Daisy.

    (Ewww… I can’t believe I just wrote that.)

  29. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar – I’d say you could sleep on the couch…but *I* sleep on the couch (OK…futon). Yes, I’m in my forties and don’t own a real bed.

    You can’t afford one if you live in BC. 😉

    ALL the provinces have issues. I’m sure BC will be bankrupt after the stupid Olympics are over.

    And they’re already trying to make the homeless and druggies ‘disappear’ for them.

  30. Mer Says:

    Yeah..but how are your summers?

    I don’t like our summers. I don’t mind dry heat, but here it’s too hot. I think we had something over 110 this year. If not, it was pretty close. There are some years when the triple-digit heat won’t quit for weeks. I only go out at night then.

    I hear if you go down south TOO far, it’s downright miserable, and everyone stays indoors.

    It gets pretty humid in the Midwest and the South. But fireflies compensate for all that. 🙂 (I don’t know about New England because I’ve never been there.) But most people in, say, Florida, use a/c. I imagine they go from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air conditioned workplace or mall or whatever. I don’t have a car so I wait until it cools off before I go out.

    I wouldn’t want to see the Missilery Delta in July, for instance.

    I went to New Orleans in August, which is deadly here. It wasn’t that hot at all. In the low 80’s, maybe. Overcast, though. I didn’t like that. I’m not thrilled with clouds that aren’t fulfilling some purpose or other. It’s their job to precipitate!

    @ Brett

    I’m sorry about your friends. I agree with you about driving in the snow. I was driving a U-Haul full of someone else’s stuff from Sacramento to Spokane in the middle of the night. I couldn’t see the black ice until I was just about right on it, so I acted as if the entire road was paved in ice, just to be on the safe[r] side. I was actually glad the snowfall was heavy enough for the woman who was paying my way to decide we needed a motel.

    I can’t believe you folks in Canada live in the flat lands. How sad! 😦 Can you at least see the mountains? Where I live it’s flat but I can see mountains so it’s not as bad.

    Mer, who doesn’t like Celine either

  31. Davina Says:

    Ah don’t worry Friar. The weathermen will prove you wrong. They’re never right, right? And I know how disappointed you’ll be too. Tisk, tisk.

  32. Friar Says:

    I supsect there is LOTS of stuff in Hazzard County that aint’ nice.

    I mean, for starters, what are the odds of having police officers called “Cletus” and “Enos”?

    Even Friar’s Mom said that reminded her of certain body parts…!

    @Karen JL
    Well, I’m supposed to be an Enjineer. We’re supposed to have good salaries (in theory).

    SO maybe I could afford a twin-bed.

    Or maybe one of those folding inflatable-beds from Crappy Tire.

    I’ve spent a July, once, in the Southwest. I remember it being midnight and seeing the outside temperature display at the motel say “100”. I thought the thermometer musta been broken. Nope. That was the REAL temperature.

    I call it “Stupid hot”, when it’s like that. It’s not even fun to be outside.

    Though here, in Ontario, I don’t know if we even hit 90F once, the entire summer.

    True…the weather forecasts after 3 days are typically very inaccurate.

    But we’re had a jackpot of 7-consecutive cloud days for most of the week now.

    Never remember seeing it like this. Some SUN would be nice.

    (Sorry, Kelly, for Kvetching!) ;=)

  33. Kelly Says:

    I got married in New Orleans in August, once…

    Once was enough, and not because of the weather.

    Though to stay on topic, it was stinkin’ hot—over 100 for most of the week we were there—and humidity that made you sweat from the minute you opened your door until the minute you gratefully retreated into your hotel room again. There’s a reason folks talk slowly—you have to do everything slowly in New Orleans, to conserve energy. Most places didn’t have a/c, just kept the doors and windows open, to let the steam rising off your body circulate and mingle with everyone else’s misery…

    I live hundreds of miles north of New Orleans now, and I know the eastern seaboard’s weather darned well… and the South’s, I know far too well. Mer, you must have been there during a momentary ice age!

    New England, land o’ me birth? Cool. A little heat in the summer. Rarely humid. Not rainy enough for me, haha, but otherwise quite lovely.

  34. Friar Says:


    And your winters are a bit more mild. (After all, New England is just a bit more south of here).

    Even Cape Cod, or Rhode Island. It’s definitely got a “southern” feel to it. A bit more muggy in the summer. The trees are slightly different….

  35. Kyddryn Says:

    Twelve days of rain in a row, and we still held an International auto race. The last two have been beautiful, just in time for BMW’s Octoberfest. Woo frickin’ hoo.

    I miss Autumn and Winter…it hardly ever passes for cold down here…grumble…

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  36. Friar Says:


    Trade ya climates for a few months.

    You’ll think differently, believe me! 🙂

    We had wet snow flurries here May 31. And it was on the VERGE of wet snow today.

    That gives us just over four whole months, where we dont’ have to deal with the white stuff.

  37. Kyddryn Says:

    Oh, but darlin’, I grew up with snow and cold and all that. I love it. The colder, the better. I lived in buildings we heated with wood stoves, chopped wood, fed stoves in the middle of the night. Loved it. I miss winter, I do.

    Oddly enough, we often have snow in April here in Redneck Central. True, they’re flurries and the flakes hardly have time to register in our consciousness before they’re gone…but it DOES snow down here at the oddest times!

    You come on down to the middle of Hell’s Armpit in July or August and we’ll talk swap. 🙂

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who used to break the ice to go swimming in January, because she doesn’t notice cold like normal folks do)

  38. Friar Says:


    I don’t mind winter, actually. I’m a skier and I love the snow.

    It’s the “in-between” season” I don’t like. Where there’s not snow, but it’s too cold to swim or canoe or hike.

    PS. You and I are kindred spirits. I don’t notice the cold as much as other people, either.

    Never broke the ice to go swimming, but I’ve come close! 🙂


  39. Kelly Says:


    (Weather is a better topic than Eyeteaguy thinks, lol.)

    Yes, New England was like Canada lite. Unlike when I lived in Illinois and Iowa, which are both like Canada with a mean, vicious wind added. The only thing about coastal New England (same as here in the midAtlantic) is you have to be willing to put up with occasional hurricanes. I don’t make light of them, but by the time they get this far north they’re not usually the fearsome creatures that they are in the South.


    You are my new buddy. A lady after my own heart. What part of hell do you live in?

  40. Friar Says:


    Ah, never mind that ol’ Eyeteaguy. He thinks ALL my topics suck.

    Canada gets hit with hurricanes in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. Hurricane Juan hit Halifax a few years ago, and the damage was quite serious.

    Occasionally the tail end of a hurricane makes it as far inland as Toronto.

    Of course, by then it’s just a storm, but still pretty impressive. You can still get winds up to 100 km/h. I’ve seen 6-7 foot waves on Lake Ontario, (which is pretty impressive, considering it’s fresh water).

  41. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I don’t think all your topics suck….just most of them.

    Now that you are a cool kid you think you can get away with anything.

    Next you’ll post some white space and call it your thinking wall. Then we’ll all chime in and say what a good idea it is to stare at a blank wall and to get a good idea.

    Like I have time to stare into space.

    As for the weather? If its cold, put a sweater on. If its hot, take the sweater off. If its snowing, suck it up. Whatayagonna do? Make it stop?

    Winter for me is punishment for living in the best country in the world. Canada’s punishment is being placed next to the US. That is so they have something to look up to. (Double meaning in that one, did you get it?)


  42. Friar Says:


    If it’s hot, take your sweater off.

    Still hot? Then take your shirt and pants off.

    Still hot? Then strip naked…

    After that…THEN what?

  43. Kelly Says:


    Ah. You have been to Delaware.

  44. Friar Says:


    I drove THROUGH it…but never set food on the ground.

    I wanted to (just to say I actually touched Delaware soil). But my buddy from France was driving. He was so unimpressed with the Interstate (“Delaware me fait chier”), that he refused to stop!.

  45. Mer Says:

    @ Friar

    Where were you? Arizona? Nevada?

    Shallow people aside, you might like Southern California. Especially San Diego. The weather is pretty pleasant all year round. I used to live in the Los Angeles area and the temps were milder than they are in Sacramento.

    I wasn’t impressed by Delaware, either. I would have liked to go further north towards Maine and such.

    @ Kelly

    I lived in Illinois for a few years when I was a kid. I liked it, except for the tornadoes. And anything that acted as if it might become a tornado.

    One of my Internet friends lives in NOLA. I think it was upwards of 108 this summer. With the humnidity that must have been close to the lowest level of Dante’s Inferno. I felt so bad for him. He takes public transit to work.

    October is actually one of our better months. The sky is a crisp, rather than a washed out, blue, but we aren’t as cold-snappish as November or December. Sn Francisco is the place to be during May and October. October has actually started out chillier for the Sacramento area than usual so I’m wondering what winter will be like. We’re supposed to have a rainy season, but if it gets cold – cold (Don’t talk to me about Whoopi right now. I might start throwing things!), we might not get much rain. 😦


  46. Kelly Says:

    It’s clear that Mer, and Friar’s French friend (try saying that 10 times fast), have excellent taste.

    (I hope saying that out loud doesn’t come back to haunt me, lol.)

    P.S. Chier was NOT in my French lessons. *blushes* But I’ve got it now.

  47. Friar Says:

    Oh, I hopped all around the Southwest. But it was all the get-back-to-nature stuff. National Parks and whatnot. Didn’t go to too manh cities.

    All of Southern Utah. Moab. Arches. Zion. Arizona from the North Rim to Tuscon. Pahrump, Nevada. Southern California (Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Bishop, Yosemite..)

    Most of it during July, too!


    Just think of “chier” as “déguster des nuages de guimave”.

  48. Mer Says:

    @ Friar

    You went to all the really hot places. Yosemite is nice in spring, but summers can get pretty warm. If you come back to California, you could try Cabrillo National Monument, Channel Islands National Park,/a>Muir Woods National Monument, Sequoia National Park, Point Reyes National Seashore. I don’t know how many of the National Wildlife Refuges in California are open to the public, but with parks I can [mostly] tell you where the best weather is. 🙂

    Personally, I’d like to see Yellowstone, maybe Glacier Bay (Alaska), and Glacier National Park (Montana), Gulf Islands National Seashore, the Grand Canyon, a few places in New Mexico, and up around Maine and Vermont.

    If you like mountains, the Cabinet Mountains in Montana are pretty wild. Literally.

    Mer, who also likes the National Parks and whatnot 😀

  49. Mer Says:

    @ Kelly

    I can cook, too. 😉

  50. Friar Says:


    I liked Yosemite, but it was July and the place was a freaking zoo. Enjoyed Yellowstone and Sequoia, too.

    Actually I think I have some photos of Junior Bear with some huge trees. 😉

    Glacier National Park is beautiful. But to be honest, it pales in comparison to Jasper/Banff National Park. If you”re going to go all the way to Northern Montana, you might as go a bit further and hit the Canadian Rockies…

  51. Brett Legree Says:

    “Still hot? Then strip naked…

    After that…THEN what?”

    Given the choice between hanging out with a bunch of naked people (who are probably *drunk* because their cold drinks were spiked with rum), and hanging out with a bunch of people in parkas trying to survive because they can’t find fucking firewood…

    Put another way, my ancestors fucking sucked.

    (I won’t speak for anyone else’s, because I don’t know your family history.)

    But my ancestors sucked. Obviously they couldn’t make a living in Paris (yep, that’s how far back I traced it, they landed in Quebec in 1680), so they came here for some strange reason 🙂

  52. Friar Says:


    And if our ancestors DID have come to North America, why did they come HERE,instead of the Carolinas, where at least the weather is a bit more civilized?


    You’re right. They did SUCK.

  53. Mer Says:

    @ Friar

    And if our ancestors DID have come to North America, why did they come HERE,instead of the Carolinas, where at least the weather is a bit more civilized?

    Bad weather, shoddy directions and a deep aversion to humidity. 😉

    Mer, whose French ancestors might have come down from Canada

  54. Kelly Says:

    Brett, Friar,

    Hehe. Are you saying my French ancestors were smarter than yours in spite of landing closer to the equator?

    Kelly, whose Scotch ancestor thought Canada looked like a rockin’ place to hang out a while

  55. Friar Says:


    Okay! Okay! You got me! Maybe it WAS smarter to move further south! 🙂

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