Batting 0.500 This Week

Sometimes when I paint, I have a really good day.

Like last Saturday, when I finished this one:

Painting 1

And then some days aren’t so good.

Like two days later:

Bad Art (Skating)

Oh well.  They can’t all be gems.

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30 Comments on “Batting 0.500 This Week”

  1. XUP Says:

    Aw, I like the little skatey people. I want to know what happens next. I also love watercolours – excellent mountain peaks.

  2. Linda Says:

    Lovely mountains. People are more difficult to capture, I believe. Would love to see more art work.

  3. Brett Legree Says:

    They’re both good, but I’d pay more for the second one, because I piss myself laughing every time I see it.

    The thing is, because I know you, when I read the words on the painting, I can hear your voice and I can see your arms moving up and down 🙂

  4. bandobras Says:

    At least you have something to help ease those moments in life when a bit of tension creeps in.

  5. Friar Says:


    I was reasonably happy with the skatey people. It was the God-Damned DOG. Very small, almost a silhouette, and a foreshortened 3/4 view of his butt.

    REALLY difficult to get right, on such a small scale. One of my colleagues in my painting group said it looked like a “cartoon dog”. And I realized he was right.

    And once the pigment’s down on the paper, that’s it. Game over.

    Oh well. Better luck next time.


    I regularly post paintings from time to time. You can also see more if you dig in the archivse of “Friar’s Artwork”.

    Once I painted a boat on a beach. It was awful…so I added flames and smoke, to set it on fire.

    Mom liked it so much, she had it framed, and she still displays it in her bathroom.

    Yep. When I paint well, I get that calm Zen-like feeling.

    When I paint badly, I have my little temper tantrum and I blow off steam.

    Either way, workds for me.

  6. Karen JL Says:

    I think puppy’s legs are too long and feet too big. Hence the cartoony feel. You learn and move on to the next one, right?

    Awesome mountains! You were ‘in the zone’ on that one. 🙂

  7. Friar Says:


    After I botched the painting, I tried practicing the dog over and over, and couldn’t get it right. I even broke the dog photo into grid-squares, to try to get the proportions right.

    But still it defeated me. (Sigh).

    I think the problem was I was trying too hard to make it look exactly like a tiny dog.

    Given that small size on the paper, it might have been better to just make a few quick brush-strokes, to SUGGEST a dog.

    (Problem is, not knowing exactly which quick brushstrokes to put down). 😦

    But yeah, at least I got the mountains okay. 😉

  8. seestor Says:

    Whoa, forget the dog and people … the mountain scene make me want to strap on skis and go touring. 🙂 I’d bring a guide along so that I don’t die in an avalanche.

  9. Friar Says:


    That was pretty inaccessible terrain… That area (Wrangell St. Elias) is about the size of Switzerland. You can fit Banff in a tiny corner of it.

    But then again, bushplanes do land on glaciers to drop off mountaineers, etc.

    Maybe that will be your next extreme vacation… 🙂

  10. Mer Says:

    @ Friar

    I like the dog. Not every canine is in correct proportion in the real world. I thought that pic problematic because the characters were standing on air since it’s kind of hard to get the perspective right, but that’s just me. I like ground even if it’s just a line.

    The “FUCK ME” is to die for, however. :mrgreen: I’ve had days like that. Weeks even.

    The snowy mountains I just love. Nifty. 😀


  11. Friar Says:


    Well, of COURSE they’re standing on air. I hadn’t gotten around to painting the ice and their relfections yet. 😉

  12. Davina Says:

    Lol, I would have liked to watch this. I’m wondering just how hard you were gripping that paintbrush. How animated your strokes were. How set your jaw was… and whether or not there were certain words being uttered 😉 BTW, is that dog farting?

    The first one is awesome Friar. It’s amazing how much depth and perspective watercolours can give.

  13. Friar Says:


    I was in my painting group while I did that…surrounded by mild, meek seniors. I woudln’t want to give anyone angina or anything.

    So I was actually quite quiet when I did it…and I hid the painting afterward.

    That’s why I had to vent here.

  14. Friar Says:


    PS. Don’t know if the dog was farting or not. But his arse WAS facing the camera.

  15. seestor Says:

    I’m up for a plane ride to get me into that terrain. Think of skinning up that back mountain (the snowy one) and then taking the skins off and skiing down in fresh virgin snow! Yippppeeeeeee!

    EyeVguy … hee hee, I said “virgin”.


  16. Friar Says:


    If I recall, that big mountain is Mt. Blackburn, that’s ~ about 16,000 feet in elevation.

    You better start working on your cardio, then.

  17. seestor Says:

    Ok, i’ll start on my cardio. I’m taking my first step right now … m&ms, almonds, raisins. Mmmm. I get so excited about m&m’s that my heart starts to race.

  18. Friar Says:


    Yes, because you’re in such TERRIBLE SHAPE!

    (Have you thought about taking up running or something?) 😉

  19. Kelly Says:


    Ah, lovely. Captures the soaring sentiments that have made up this day, down to the last subtle nuances…

    And the first one’s nice too.




  20. Friar Says:


    I often produce my best work when I’m experiencing angst.

    But then again there are always exceptions. 😉

  21. Kelly Says:


    I often produce zilch when I’m experiencing angst. Yesterday was like that.

    I hate drama.



    P.S. There is far too much winking going on this comment section. I nearly contributed another but I’m resisting.

  22. Eyeteaguy Says:


    I thought this was the Deep Friar, not some art show.


    Virgin is not a dirty word. Fuck is, so is shit and ass.


  23. Brett Legree Says:

    Fuck is only dirty if you want it to be.

    Ass – depends on time since the last shower.

    Shit – hmm. You got me there.

  24. Friar Says:


    Ahhhh….nice to see you back to your old self!

    (I was gettin’ worried there, with you praising my posts!)

    What about french words that sound like swears, but aren’t, really.

    Seal = Phoque

    Ace of Spades = As de pique.

  25. Friar Says:


    Oh, don’t hold back.

    Winking isn’t just encouraged here, it’s EXPECTED.

  26. Kelly Says:

    Yes, but I have emoticon-o-phobia. I break out in hives from overexposure. 😉


  27. hannah78 Says:

    Wow! Beautiful mountain painting!

  28. Friar Says:



    But does that mean you don’t like the 2nd painting as much? 😉

  29. Cath Lawson Says:

    LMAO at your second painting Friar – I didn’t realise you could paint but I just saw your paintings on Davina’s blog.

    You need to make sure folk who pop over to your blog see what you can do. You write such hilarious stuff – I didn’t realise you had other talents too.

  30. Friar Says:


    Thanks. I occasionally post a painting here and there. If you click on “Friar’s Artwork” you can see some of my stuff.

    One of these days, I’m going to host my own site and have a page devoted to posting my artwork for sale.

    Can’t do that here, though. WordPress doesn’t like that.

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