Friar’s Predictions for 2010

The film industry, once again at a loss to come up with new ideas, will make yet another feature movie based on a comic-book superhero. 

There will be a  next “latest thing”, that will be even cooler than Facebook or Twitter.   All the bloggers and Social Media knobs will come running to it, like flies on shit, because it will considered the greatest thing since sliced bread.

One of the Cool Kid bloggers will screw up, big time.  But their disciples will forgive them, and their blog will be more popular than ever.

A celebrity will screw up and fall from grace.

A fallen celebrity will redeem themself, and make a comeback.

 There will be another “Flavor-of-the-Month” cause, and people on Twitter will color their Avatars accordingly.

The earth will continue to cool.   The Global Warming proponents will ignore this, and dismiss it as “Climate Change”. 

There will be a new Gizmo sold on TV, that will be guaranteed to give you washboard abs in only minutes a day.

The word “Douche” will continue to gain popularity and acceptance into the mainstream vocabulary.

Due to poor quality control, China will be forced to recall a product that would otherwise poison the consumers.

Another crappy Japanese cartoon will makes its way onto the Cartoon Channel.

There will be a big demonstration in a Middle-Eastern country.   News footage will show thousands of angry young men, punching their fists into the air and shouting.

There will be a latest version of the I-phone that will cost $1000, that will make other I-phones look like junk.   People will line up at 4:00 AM to buy it.    6 months later, there will be a surplus and  price will be reduced to $197.

A Hip-Hop star will be charged with a firearms-related crime.

A Congressman will be charged with a sex-related crime.

Simon Cowell will make someone cry on American Idol.

Sponge-Bob will move in with Patrick.

Oprah will Ascend into Heaven, and be seated at the Right Hand of the Father.

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26 Comments on “Friar’s Predictions for 2010”

  1. bandobras Says:

    Boy I don’t see how you could come up with all these whacko far out predictions.
    I predict someone working with a mega government grant will finally inform all humanity about what was the best thing before sliced bread.

  2. Kyddryn Says:

    Wow…you’re, like, scary good…

    It’s…it’s spooky…

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who doesn’t Twitter because she was raised to believe that nice girls don’t do that sort of thing…)(not that she’s a nice girl…)

  3. XUP Says:

    You’re like one of those guys who says stuff. You should have your own TV show.

  4. Friar Says:


    Yes…What did people say in the 1800’s, before sliced bread was invented?

    I can see it being someone’s PhD research topic in cultural anthropology.

    Oh, I know lots of girls who Twitter.

    You should cross over to the Dark Side…and try it sometimes….

    “You’re lik.e one of those guys who says stuff.”

    That’s gotta be one of the most accurate compliments I’ve ever recieved.

  5. aliastaken Says:

    Oprah, haha.

  6. steph Says:

    Ahahaha! That last one made me laugh out loud.

    What? Nothing about Céline Dion?

    PS. Is anything good going to happen?

  7. Friar Says:


    If she had her way, she’d probably take over, and run things up there, too.


    What? You don’t think the latest I-Phone gadget or new superhero movie is a good thing? 🙂

    PS. I gave Céline a break. Just this once.

  8. Davina Says:

    I can’t wait for your 2012 predictions, oh Great Deep Friar. Am I missing out cause I’ve never seen Sponge-Bob? Don’t get that show on any of my 4 tv channels. And Douche? Heh, heh… could be a sad day if that gained popularity and acceptance into the mainstream vocabulary; I think you’d miss the thrill of the opposition 😉

  9. Karen Swim Says:

    Oh wise one, was that a recap of 2009 or 2010 prediction? Oh my bad, must be 2010, there’s no mention of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. 🙂

  10. XUP Says:

    I know, eh? And, btw — Oprah don’t be seated on the right hand of nobody…that’s the second banana seat. God’s just gonna have to shove over and let her have the big chair.

  11. Friar Says:

    Well, 2012 is a bit far away. But one think I CAN predict..the world will NOT end (despite what the Mayan calendar says).

    PS. You ARE missing out, by not watching Sponge-Bob. You need to get more channels!


    According to my Friar-Scope, we are entering a period of Tepidity/Mediocrity. One year kinda blends into the other.

    Oprah’s got enough money, she just might buy God out. And THEN…Lord help us. (I mean…Oprah help us!)

  12. Kat Says:


    “despite what the Mayan calendar says”

    Technically the Mayan calendar says nothing, but moving past that… I really wish the misinterpretation of said calendar hadn’t stirred up so much mumbo jumbo. It’s like reliving the approach to the year 2000 when all computers were supposed to spontaneously cease processing.

    Aside from that, amazing predictions. I hope that Simon fails to make anyone cry because if he did so I bet he’d get fired. It’s probably written into his contract, you know? =p

    Also, I don’t think anyone misses out for not having seen Sponge Bob (though I admit I have enjoyed one or two episodes).

  13. Anemone Says:

    This is truly prophetic.

    I’ve been enjoying this blog for a while now. (Most of the time.) Thought I’d say hi. 🙂

  14. Friar Says:

    Yeah…I don’t know why everyone puts such faith in a calendar written by a civiliziation that didn’t even invent the WHEEL.

    Regarding Simon. I must admit, I love to hate him…Otherwise, the show would be lamer than it already is (if that were possible)

    Well, glad you popped by. Come back any time!

  15. XUP Says:

    Damn – I just realized I changed my WordPress layout theme to exactly the same one you have. I didn’t mean to…I only noticed it looked familiar when I got to the comments.

  16. Friar Says:


    Oh, that’s okay. Noboyd has a monopoly on themes anyway. I promise I won’t report you to the WordPress Police.

  17. Karen JL Says:

    Don’t forget – A celebrity will die unexpectedly and there will be a toxicology report to wait for.

    Happy New Year all. 🙂

  18. Friar's Mom Says:

    @Wee Friar,

    . . . and the Queen of England will sit on her throne.

  19. Friar Says:


    And the cause of death will be a drug overdose, which will be considered “natural causes” (for a celebrity).

    @Friar’s Mom

    The Queen of England will always sit on her throne. That’s all she does. (except maybe wave her hand and declare the Olympic games “Open”).

  20. Karen Swim Says:

    @Friar, in all fairness the Queen also attends polo matches, drinks tea and throws parties for American celebs who must figure out whether or not to curtsy.

  21. Friar Says:


    She also provides gainful employement to several hat makers, I reckon.

  22. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,

    Here’s a hat Her Majesty’s milliner didn’t make for her:

    Her Majesty also provides gainful employment for handbag makers. Wonder what she keeps in her ever-present matching purse? Any ideas?

  23. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    Wow. I knew Buckingham Palace had financial problems, but I didn’t know they were THAT bad!

  24. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,

    I guess it proves that it’s not only Tim Horton’s that hires seniors.

  25. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    Well, it’s something to consider, if you ever need extra cash.

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