Nothing like Over-Ripe Fruit to Brighten Your Day.

Last week, I posted a still-life painting of some bananas.

Some of  my genteel readers,  however, did not seem too impressed with my artwork. 

One person correctly pointed out that a photograph would have been just as effective.

So, in the interest in keeping my audience happy, here’s another still-life of some fruit.

But this time, it’s a picture, and not a painting.

A lot of thought and effort went into this post,  so I hope it’s appreciated.

Photo Credit:   Friar’s Mom (who likes  bananas best when they’re almost black like this.)

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52 Comments on “Nothing like Over-Ripe Fruit to Brighten Your Day.”

  1. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Holy shit! I just laughed my ass off!

    That is too funny. Now how am I gonna sit? Or poop? I have no ass!

    Good one Friar!


  2. Brett Legree Says:


    Well then, I guess you’ll be full of shit, just like me heh heh…

  3. Personally I don’t eat bananas if they aren’t tinged green. Over-ripe bananas can be put directly into the freezer, peel and all. You can pull them out at a later date and make banana bread with them. You won’t even have to mash the bananas ’cause they’ll be all mushy anyway.

  4. Friar Says:


    What’s funny, is I bet you this post gets just as much response as some of my more “serious” ones.

    You and Eyeteaguy are like the Ying and Yang of shit.

    Totally different, but one compliments the other. The sum is greater than the individual parts.

    (*insert artsy-sounding martial-arts flute music here*)

  5. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I’m still laughing.


    How can I be full of shit when I have no ass? The poop just falls right out now.

    Thanks Friar, my house smells like poop.


  6. Friar Says:


    What makes me proud, is that Friar’s Mom also got into the act. She was taking photos of bananas on the kitchen table at 8:00 AM, before we went skiing.

    See how you corrupt people?

    @Canadian Army Wife
    I’m the opposite…I like bananas when the green has just disappeared.

    Of course, there’s like a six-hour window when you can eat them life this, before they get too mushy.

  7. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I don’t corrupt people. Your Mom just rocks!


  8. Friar Says:


    Friar’s Mom is cooking right now…she says to tell you she had to take all the photos this morning, because she needed to eat one of those bananas for breakfast.

    If we had waited till after skiing, the photo just woudn’t have been the same.

  9. Karen JL Says:

    Can I insert some not-at-all-appropriate banana jokes here?

    (Hmmm…I think I just did…)

  10. XUP Says:

    I like bananas when they first start to speckle – not quite this dark. But of course, I only eat organic bananas because I find they actually taste sort of like bananas. Have you ever had a banana right off the tree? Whole other fruit.

  11. Trashy Says:

    Oh great. Now I have that freakin’ tune “Banana Phone” going through my head!
    Thanks a lot!

  12. Friar's Mom Says:


    I agree with you. I like my bananas as they begin to speckle.

    However, during the winter I’m a real Snow Bird. This means I have to drive 25K down a winding mountain road every 10 to 14 days to purchase groceries. This provides me with a rotating stock of bananas -— some are like the ones pictured in this Blog and the new ones are greenish.

    @Canadian Army Wife,

    Back home when my bananas over-ripen, I make walnut chocolate chip banana bread.

  13. Brett Legree Says:

    I, on the other hand, prefer those *inorganic* bananas.

    You know, the silicon-based ones. I can’t stand those carbon-based organic bananas, *blech blech blech* down with organic compounds!

    (Just pulling your leg, XUP.)

    Did you know that the type most people eat (the Cavendish) could disappear because of lack of genetic diversity?

    It happened before, with the Gros Michel variant.

    My grandparents told me about this, how the bananas they remember when they were young ‘changed’ at some point. It was because of disease wiping out the Gros Michel.

    And the variants most likely to replace what we call a ‘banana’ are quite different, so many people might not want to eat them.

  14. Kyddryn Says:

    Hey, thanks Friar…that reminds me I need to bake banana bread when I get home…

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  15. Friar Says:


    I could have showed big, round melons instead. 😉

    I’m the same way…they have to just start to speckle.

    Never had an organic banana, though. Can you get them at Loblaws?

    (Never mind..there’s no Loblaws where I live).

    No…You can’t make me. You can’t make me. I will not look up that link…I don’t want that tune stuck in my head either.

    That’s pretty cool…I didn’t know that.

    Never occured to me that bananas “changed” .


    This banana bread….might it, by any chance, have chocolate chips in it?

  16. Brett Legree Says:

    @Karen JL and Friar,

    Had Friar shown big, round melons, I suspect that the bananas wouldn’t have been soft 😉

  17. Eyeteaguy Says:

    @ Brett,


    That was funny.

  18. Friar Says:


    Oooh. Nice one.

    And thanks, Karen. Who lead this conversation that corrupted everyone.


    WordPress doesn’t do your comment justice. On my dashboard, I can see that the “Hahahahah” is much longer than shown here.

  19. Eyeteaguy Says:

    That’s what all the girls say….

  20. Karen JL Says:

    I heard that bananas get bigger when they’re blacker…but I think that’s a myth…

  21. eyeteaguy Says:

    I honestly don’t know what to say. I am a little shocked that my nasty comment was bested.

    Perhaps my work here is done. Karen JL a Jedi you have become, yes. Continue the work you shall, debase this blog at every opportunity you will.


    *insert closing credits here*

  22. Friar Says:


    Best. Comment. Ever. 😀

    Hmmm…yes. Strong in you, the force is.

    Use it wisely, you shall.


    How do I know Karen is not you, pretending to be Karen?

    (You just can’t trust anyone, these days).

  23. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar – He wouldn’t dare. I would use the force to strike him down. 😉

    (And frankly it’s a little insulting to ME to even suggest that! Hmmph. That was comment gold, baby…)

  24. Karen JL Says:

    …and I have so little in my life these days…

  25. Friar Says:


    Well, it was such a great comment, it was almost like you were channelling Eyeteaguy.

    If it’s any consolation, you’re BOTH equally obnoxious,with your comments.

    PS. C’mon. In a few weeks, at least you’ll have the Olympics.

  26. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I still think Karen should let us feel her melons, to make sure they are ripe.

    Then I can show her my banana.


    I can’t believe I just wrote that. I think Karen stole my mojo.

  27. Karen JL Says:

    @ Eyeteaguy – You should kept quiet while you still had your dignity.

    (Well…what dignity you had left…)

  28. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I had dignity? When?
    Hey Brett, Karen said I had dignity. How come you never told me that?
    Now I’ve gone and gave away what little I had. Now what am I gonna do?

    ….um, what’s dignity?


  29. Karen JL Says:

    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. 😉

  30. Brett Legree Says:

    Never mind dignity, where can I get me some big, round, juicy melons?


    You can always count on the good ole internet.

  31. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I am trying to think of a way to bring this blog down one more level. But I think we’re in the basement.

    Good thing I brought my shovel!

    If that picture was a gamepad, then I can’t wait to show y’all my joystick!


  32. Karen JL Says:

    It’s the pathetic comments from the never-been-laid geeks that are the funniest.

    “Gee, ya think if I gave this shirt to someone, they’d let me touch ’em? Huh? Dooya?”

  33. Karen JL Says:

    No, we’re in the basement when poo is brought up.

    Boobies and pee-pees is still OK.

  34. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Boobies? Pee-pees? You have kids don’tcha…

    ’round here we call them funbags and schlongs.

    Brett has some other names but I’ll let him fill you in.

    Friar, I hope you don’t mind Karen and me borrowing your room for a while, we’ll wash the sheets when we’re done.


  35. Karen JL Says:

    No, I was just being genteel for Friar’s Mom.

    I’m allergic to babies. *shudder*

    Friar probably has rubber sheets anyway, so they’re easy to hose down. 😉

    (So much for genteel…)

  36. Friar Says:

    @Karen Brett and EyeNoDignityGuy

    I leave for a few hours to go to town….and LOOKIT what happens to this place!

    THIS…is why we can never have nice things!!!

    Good Lord.

  37. Karen JL Says:

    Rubber sheets are nice.

  38. Friar Says:

    This was one of my most “popular” posts in a while.

    Guess all I really need to do, is post photos of rotten fruit, and sit back, and watch the show. 😉

    PS. Rubber sheets are only nice if you’re into that type of thing. Which I’m not.

  39. Karen JL Says:

    Take it as a form of respect. What kind of shlobs would we be to deface the art and cartoon posts?

    So we deface the rotten fruit and lame-ass dead fish. 😉

  40. Friar Says:


    Okay…I’ll take that as a compliment.

    (..because I also have so little in my life, these days.)

  41. eyeteaguy Says:

    @ Friar,

    if you are looking for sympathy you are in the wrong place…..

    Snide comments, dirty deeds, smart ass remarks? We got you covered.


  42. Friar Says:


    Believe me, if I ever wanted sympathy, you’d be the LAST person I’d come to.

    Karen and I were just comparing the empty shells of our lives….that’s all.

  43. Brett Legree Says:

    You had me at rubber sheets.

  44. Karen JL Says:

    I bet we did, you dirty gorilla…

  45. Karen JL Says:

    @ Friar – And remember, those dirty deeds are done dirt cheap.

    On this highway to hell…

    While we shook you all night long…

  46. eyeteaguy Says:

    Key Karen, you are like TNT, you’re dy-no-mite!


  47. Friar Says:

    Hell’s Bells!

    Can’t we ever have a normal conversation around here?

  48. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Ummmm, this is normal.

  49. Friar Says:

    …and this comment makes FIFTY!!!!

  50. Just the very idea that you got 50 comments over a picture of rotting bananas if scary.

    All of the A-list bloggers should be paying attention to you Friar.

    Have you thought of doing an E-book?
    A seminar?

    A webinar?

    Hmmm….an online Camp? Tere’s got to be something here…

    “How I built an Empire With Rotting Fruit…”

  51. Friar Says:


    Hmm..I wonder what it all means?

    That I blog almost as well as the A-Listers?

    Or that what the A-Listers blog about, is the equivalent of a photo of rotting fruit?

    Makes me wonder….

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