Odin Rules


Meet Odin, guardian of Friar’s Mom’s Ski Fortress of Solitude.

Though Odin stands proud now, it wasn’t always so.   

He came  from humble origins.

A month ago, someone had thrown out several boxes of Christmas decorations at the ski hill garbage transfer station.  

This feller was sitting on top, and (being ever the packrat freecycler), Friar”s Mom rescued him, and gave him a place in her home.

And naturally, she decided to  call him Odin.  

(Though where she got the Viking influence, I can’t POSSIBLY imagine!)

So now Odin guards our Ski Fortress.

And we put offerings of bread at his feet, to feed the woodland varmints.

Like the Stellar  Jays and squirrels who come to feed.

Who sometimes knock him over.

 But we always prop him up again.

Because you don’t want to anger the Viking Ruler of Asgard.

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12 Comments on “Odin Rules”

  1. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Huh? What? Slow news day?

    What about a painting on snow. Or a picture of a wall. Y’know, something we can sink our teeth into.

    Oh, by the way. FIRSTIES!!!!


  2. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Eye1stguy,

    You beat me to it. I wanted to be firstie.
    Wee Friar had just posted “Odin Rules”.

    I put out ends of homemade bread for the Stellar Jays, they’re such beautiful birds; however, the sneaky vermin squirrels usually get first dibs.

    I have a continuous battle with these destructive critters back home and the battle continues out here with their relatives.

  3. Friar's Mom Says:


    Congratulations! ou win!

  4. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I like winning.

    Back in my day we had a squirrel problem too. A modified pellet gun fixed the problem….for a summer. I got 22 in one year and by the next you wouldn’t have known it.

    Not even Odin could stave off the hordes.


  5. Brett Legree Says:

    I don’t think the birds have anything to do with photo number two.

    Odin’s been into the mead again, hasn’t he.

  6. dave1949 Says:

    You need to get one of those $5000 dollar squirrel banning feeders and then let ODIN perch on top with the Jays. It won’t actually keep the bushy tailed rats out of the feed but at least it’ll give them something to laugh about while they patrol their turf.

  7. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Eyeteaguy,

    I was once so infuriated at the damage the squirrels did to my property, I borrowed a pellet gun from my neighbour. But alas, I could not bring myself to even load the revolver, let alone use it.

    Instead I have an arsenal of garden clogs, rubber boots, trowels, windfall apples in the fall. The cheeky critters laugh every time I miss.

    Beware of Cruella.

  8. eyeteaguy Says:

    I’d pay money to see Friar’s mom tossing clogs at squirrels.

    It would beat watching the Olymics, which are fixed and run by mutinational companies.


  9. Friar Says:

    Maybe that’s how Odin ended up on the trash-heap in the first place.

    Has anyone actually developped a squirrel-proof bird feeder? Because I’ve yet to see one that keeps those varmints away.

    Yeah, you should see Friar’s Mom in action. It’s quite entertaining. She’s at constant war with the critters.

    Can’t say I blame her. They’ve constantly trying to invade her house, backyard deck and garden shed.

  10. I have a feeling Odin got invited to guy’s night out….

  11. XUP Says:

    Lookin’ good Odin…love the trim new physique..

  12. Friar Says:


    Yep…he and Loki and Thor had a night on the town.

    Their wives are not too happy about it, though.

    Odin’s got to keep slim, if he wants to be battle-ready, for next time the varmint squirrels attack.

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