Random Doodle #15

I just felt like doodling today.   (You can click on the drawing to enlarge it).

Some (or one) of my readers has been suggesting I just post photos of whatever it is I’m trying to draw or paint.

But this one would have been difficult to get a snapshot of.

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20 Comments on “Random Doodle #15”

  1. Davina Says:

    Catharsis in black & white: The meditating yogi looks like he is praying for order — an order of duct tape for that open-mouthed kid, that is 🙂 I have this sudden urge to buy some markers and colour this, starting with that cute alien next to the Tabarnac sauce.

  2. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Geez Davina, what, are you stalking Friar……too?

    He’s mine. Go find your own blogger.


  3. Friar Says:


    Wow…I’m flattered. You actually looked at this in intricate detail!

    Sure…go ahead and color it in. It would be like those “Doodle Art” things from the 70’s.


    You’re not the only person who comments on this blog.

    You need to accept that.

  4. Brett Legree Says:

    Near the top centre, looks like Spongebob drank a wee bit too much of the Ta Bar Nac…

    (That’s a good name for a strong Quebec ale, by the way…)

  5. Friar's Mom Says:

    @Wee Friar,

    If all those doodles come from your subconsious brain, your head must be ready to explode.

    And what’s with the electric drill? When was the last time you used one?

    I’m curious as to which one was your firstie doodle? Was it the running dog?

  6. Seestor Says:

    Nice. I like that it has a viking and a Tipper. I can’t find spongebob.

    Hi Eyeteaguy. 😉 😉


  7. Spalpeen Says:

    But where’s Waldo, god dammit?

    The colouring in idea is great. I’ll be printing this off for the boys.

  8. XUP Says:

    I don’t know, Friar’s Mom, it looks like a pretty happy brain overall – lots of fun, happy things going on overall, with just a few intermittent kicks or beatings with large sticks or givings of the finger.

  9. Davina Says:

    Eyeteaguy’s just jealous because I was first. Maybe Friar can change the order of the comments though. Maybe he WAS first and got bumped 😛

    I couldn’t help notice the relationship of “the finger” to the crapper. It almost looks like that person is reaching up out of a septic grave.

  10. Friar Says:


    Actually, I think I had just watched Spongebob, an hour or two earlier.

    I didn’t think there was such a thing as Tabarnac beer. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    @Friar’s Mom

    I started the drawing somewhere in the upper-middle, just above the dumb-ass slobbering dog. (Which is Brett’s dog, by the way). The other dog can be the Duck-Toller.


    I’m glad you showed up. Eyeteaguy missed you.


    Waldo? Aucune idée!

    Do you think your boys would actually like to color this? Maybe they’ll think it’s lame. (I can never figure out what they like..!)

    Hey, look. A Hat-Trick. One, two, three comments, from my immediate family.

    Heh heh. YOu picked up on the finger, eh? 🙂

    The finger and crapper were purely random…but it’s a “fortunate accident” that they ended up next to each other.

    And no…you beat Eyeteaguy fair and square.

  11. Friar's Mom Says:

    Is the mouse bulldozing potted pot?

  12. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom.


  13. Friar's Mom Says:

    You’re pretty good at these stream-of-consciousness doodles. I know for a fact you used to doodle at meetings when you were bored.

    Apparently it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an ace at a particular discipline. Have you met the required goal yet?

  14. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    …what do you mean, “USED to doodle at meetings…” ?

  15. Patricia Says:

    Thank you I needed to put some colour into my life…

  16. Friar Says:


    You can do like Davina and Spalpeen, and get some pens to color this in, if you like! 🙂

  17. Steph Says:

    Totally awesome. I LOVE your doodles. I esp. love the scene with the man and dog in the canoe.

  18. Friar Says:

    Yeah…that guy in the canoe is me, I suppose. It’s where I wish I was, sometimes.

  19. Glad Davina tweeted about this.

    I enlarged it and am amazed at what all you included and the detail. Great stuff, Friar.

    Geez. Now I see you creating coloring books, too. You are going to be a busy guy. I feel like a fortune teller. In your future I see……..

  20. Friar Says:


    I can do okay doodles at home. But my BEST ones are when I’m stuck inside a room listening to something really boring (like a meeting at work, or sitting in a lecture hall).

    Maybe I need to enrol in a lame night class at some community college that I have no intention on passing. Just so I can get some inspiration to draw.

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