Going, going….GONE.

March 9th.


March 13th


March 15th


March 16th


March 17th

March 18th


The river is on the verge of opening up too.

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14 Comments on “Going, going….GONE.”

  1. Do you STILL have your Christmas lights up?

    Well, now I don’t feel so bad about not taking down my wreath until recently.

  2. Davina Says:

    It rained, didn’t it? 😉

  3. Brett Legree Says:

    Good riddance, Mr. Winter.

    (Since I don’t ski, all winter does is rust and dirty my car, and drive up my heating bills.)

  4. Friar Says:

    @Blogger Dad
    Well….yeah. I put them up in November, and take them down till it’s spring. I’m not gonna climb on a ladder when things are normally covered in ice.

    I just don’t turn the lights on. ….Unless it’s earth day.


    Rain, plus double-digit temperature days (Today will actually be 17C!)

    I wish there was some way to get rid of the snow here, but keep it on the ski hills. But that only works for Western Canada or Vermont. Not Ontario.

    This province sucks.

  5. Eyeteaguy Says:

    You guys have snow? I thought that was only in the movies.

  6. Friar Says:


    Yup…we have snow. We don’t live in the Southern Ontairo Banana Belt like you do…

  7. Seestor Says:

    Yesterday I watched two deer scramble across the oh so barely frozen river yesterday (1.6km wide). Today, the river is wide open and fully liquified.

    Those deer only made it by a couple of hours.

    Things are melting quickly.


  8. Friar Says:


    Maybe those herbivores aren’t a dumb as I thought they were. They crossed when they knew the going was good.

    The ice is open 20 km upstream where I live. And open 20 km downstream. I guess I live right in the middle of the slab, and it’ a matter of time before it breaks free.

  9. Brett Legree Says:

    I hear you – I am actually fine with snow on ski hills, in mountain cabins and stuff for those Christmas-y times.

    But when I’m just slogging it out M-F trying to get to and from the salt mines, no thanks… and with the way they *don’t* clear the roads up here in Splat Creek (you know what I mean…)

  10. Steph Says:

    17!! How did you buggers manage that? It’s only 13 here.

    At least the bay is mostly moving water again and the ice on our pond is finally gone…

  11. Friar Says:

    I find Splat Creek is a bit more extreme than Southern Ontario. When a cold front goes through, we’re a lot colder. When a warm front goes through, we’re a lot warmer.

    That’s part of the joys of living up here.

    What really gets to me is the 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot to the office buildings.

    I don’t mind skiing for 25 km in the snow, on my own free time. But there’s something about that winter death-march to work in the morning that sucks the life force right out of me.

  12. Just looked at the post from last April. And saw that the same rocks and same blue bags (not sure what’s in them) are still on your porch.

    My wife would be all over my ass to clean the porch!

  13. Amy Says:

    It’s supposed to be 70 here Friday, but snow on Sunday. I’ll send it up to you so your bear won’t be lonely.

  14. Friar Says:

    @Blogger Dad

    The rocks stay. I collected them from the shore of Lake Superior, at Gargantua Beach. Polished, smooth granite, from the Canadian Shield. They have sentimental value.

    The blue plastic bags are filled with the stupid flyers they continuously insist on delivering. I’ve reached steady-state: old ones get thrown out, and new ones keep arriving. But I assure you the ones from this week are not the same as those from last year’s photos.

    Sounds very similar to what we’ll be getting, plus or minus a few degrees.

    I refuse to take the Polar Bear down, though. Not while it’s still officially winter.

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