Krûll the Greater

Krûll the Greater, Pumpkin-hater.
Told his wife “I’ll be back later.”
Then found himself a pumpkin shell
And kicked it all to living hell.

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10 Comments on “Krûll the Greater”

  1. Eyeteaguy Says:



  2. Friar Says:


    Good for you!

  3. Brett Legree Says:

    Krull was a half-decent Conan rip-off movie.

    This is better 🙂

  4. Friar Says:


    I vaguely remember Krull from my university days.

    We’d constantly scream the name in the dormitories, for some reason.

  5. Friar Says:



    I want one.

  6. stubsy Says:

    Whats he got against pumpkins??

  7. Friar Says:


    Dunno…but he HATES them.

  8. Friar's Mom Says:

    Since this is a Viking Pumpkin post, did the Vikings design the first Pumpkin Catapult?

    One day, I gotta watch one of these fall events.

  9. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    I’m sure the Vikings used catapults. But I think they wouldn’t have use something as soft as a pumpkin. They’re probably use something made of steel with metal spikes. That burst into flames on impact.

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