Friar’s Prime-Time Shows for the 2010 Summer TV Line-Up


– Nova:  A history of belly-button lint
– One Lump or Two?  The first of a 12-part documentary on tea-time in Victorian England.   Chapter One:  The introduction of the Crumpet.
– Agatha Christie Presents:  Hercule Poirot Waxes his Mustache

Discovery Channel
– Disemboweled Within Minutes
– Two Guys Smashing Things
– The Elvis-Nostradamus Conspiracy

The Learning Channel
–  Help!  I’m lying in my own filth!
– The boy whose skin exploded on contact.
– When Bed-Bugs Burrow Into Your Brain.

National Geographic Channel
– The Dog Euthanizer
– Egypt’s 20 Most Compelling Sand-dunes
– How the Civilization and Life as We Know it Will End within 10 Year

– America’s Funniest Groin Injuries
– Desperate Adultresses
– Dancing with Morons

When Chimps Explode
– Gordon Ramsay’s “You Stupid $%&@!!, Get the #@%&* out of my Kitchen!”
– So You Want to Be an Ass-Clown
-American Douchebag

– CSI:  Lincoln, Nebraska
– How I met who I think might be your Mother
– The Not-so-Amazing-Give-it-a-Rest-Already Race

– Former 60’s Child-TV-Stars-Now-in-Rehab Apprentice
– America’s got Stupidity
Conan O’Brian Jay Leno All-Night All the Time

– Growing up Taliban
– Anne of Green Gables Part XXXVIII:  A New Sun-Bonnet
– The Nature of Things:  Why David Suzuki is right and you’re wrong.

Cartoon Network
– Douche-Bob Underpants
– Ogi-yoh Sajamé!
– Death-Ball
– Fart-Masters of the Universe
– Like, totally.  What-EV-er.

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27 Comments on “Friar’s Prime-Time Shows for the 2010 Summer TV Line-Up”

  1. Friar's Mom Says:

    @Wee Friar,

    Have you forced yourslef to watch all the above-metnioned TV programs, so you can make a credible authentic report?

  2. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head on all counts.

    What does that say about our (the US’s) civilization?

    What really bugs me is people watch all that crap then come to work and want to talk to me about it. Piss off. It didn’t happen to you. It was a bit of entertaining crap that I didn’t watch on purpose and I really don’t want to hear what I missed.

    TV is a wonderful invention gone wrong. Thank goodness for the Internet.


  3. Brett Legree Says:



  4. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom
    Oh, I just cut and past the TV Guide.

    Yes. Thank Goodness for the Internet.

    So we can use FaceBook to announce to the whole world what our next meal is that we’re preparing. Or watch that video with those Girls and a Cup. Or read all kinds of “Expert” advice on how to improve our lives from “Qualified” Bloggers. Or pay a “Social Media Guru” $250/hr so they can help us fix our SEO or PEO or EI-EI-Oh.

    Not to mention, reading lame-ass posts like this one.

    Still…the internet requires typing on a keyboard, some reading and writing is involved. So I suppose it requires somewhat more brain cells that just watching TV.

    True. I never would have seen any of those Viking Death-Rock Videos, if you hadn’t shown them to me on You-Tube.

  5. dave1949 Says:

    Well it’s good to see the networks are finally starting to concentrate on quality rather than just the cheapest commercial success they can get.

  6. Friar Says:


    I think there should be more shows with chimps, like they had in the 1960’s and 70’s.

    You can never have enough monkeys, in my books.

  7. Gracious Says:

    You are a negative SOB.


  8. Friar Says:


    Your comment has been received.

  9. Eyeteaguy Says:


    Did you just call Friar’s Mom a 13itch?

    Wow you really are an a$$hole.


  10. XUP Says:

    Gee, I guess I’ll dust off all those literary classics and start reading again. There just doesn’t seem to be anything in that line-up that really grabs my attention. The new sun bonnet maybe… and if there were monkeys for sure

  11. seestor Says:


    Thanks for protecting Friar’s mom. 🙂 You’re so chivalrous!

    How nice to meet up again here in blogoland. I’m wearing my best keyboard for you today. You like?

  12. Brett Legree Says:

    Gracious = Troll.

    That is all.

  13. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I didn’t know they made thong keyboards. And the frills really set it off nicely….. and me too.


  14. Friar Says:

    (*Taking my hat off to you*)

    Bravo. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I think that would be a great idea…re-enacting Anne of Green Gables….but with Chimps! Kind of like Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp (I vaguely remember seeing that once).

    Eyeteaguy may be occasionally grumpy…but you gotta give him credit, he’ll stand up for you when it counts.

    Shhh…we better be careful. We don’t want to go trip-trapping on his bridge.

    Settle down! Do I have to come down there?

  15. XUP Says:

    Chimps are extra funny in sun bonnets. And with red braids? Hoo-haw …the zaniness that could ensue!!

  16. Davina Says:

    F**k — Gracious is a whore. They left a nasty comment on one of my recent blog posts too. Bwahahahaha. And I thought you spent all your time on Twitter.

  17. Davina Says:

    Er… sorry bout the foul language 😉 Okay, now I’ve actually read the post and stopped laughing. This is damn funny stuff, Friar; from the bit about the belly button lint to Douche-Bob Underpants. You should be writing for sitcoms or late night tv.

  18. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Gracious,

    No one is twisting your arm and forcing you to read Deep Friar’s tongue-in-cheek fun post. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t you know it’s that simple?

    Did your parents named you Gracious, or did you yourself chose Gracious as your pseudonym. For me the word “gracious” conjures up kindness, courtesy, charm, beauty, compassion, elegance, and tact. You lack all of those qualities.

    Lighten up and find something productive and meaningful to do with your life.

  19. Friar Says:


    Now I can’t shake the image of a chimp with red braids and a blue-checkered dress, playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

    Frankly, I’m SHOCKED…!!!!
    You said the “W” word you yourself hate so much! 😮

    @Friar’s Mom
    Oh, just ignore it. It will go away.

  20. alison Says:

    Which Who song do you suppose would be the theme for C.S.I.: Lincoln, Nebraska? Boris the Spider? Squeezebox? My Wife? Are there any Who songs with ‘Corn’ in the title?

  21. Friar Says:


    “The Cows are All Right”.

  22. Friar's Mom Says:


    Isn’t Nebraska also Cattle Country? What about a Canadian song by the Arrogant Worms–I Am Cow

  23. Jay Says:

    With a line up like THIS I am signing up for cable – its going to be a wonderful summer, no mosquitoes, no sunburns just 24 -7 mindless drivel. I am shivering in anticipation.

  24. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    Nice idea, but it woudln’t fly. I doubt Alison (or anyone outside of Canada) has heard of the Arrogant Worms.

    Between TV and Blogging and Twitter and Facebook, you’d never have to set foot outdoors all summer. Ever.

  25. XUP Says:

    Ya what’s the deal with this Gracious twat who appears out of nowhere and leaves stupid comments on everyone’s blog? I suspect talking nasty on blogs gets him hot. We should probably not react.

  26. CaptainPush Says:

    CBS: Survivor-East Los Angeles

    ABC: Dancing with the Midgets

    NBC: Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night of the Living Dead!

    National Geo: Lesbian Penguins of the Falkland Islands.

    BET: From the archives. Michael Jackson’s skin care for effeminate pop singers. Sponsored by Clorox.

    You see Friar, there’s always something good on cable or satellite. You just have to have the patience to explore.

  27. Friar Says:


    Who knows, eh? It seems to have originated on Eyeteaguy’s blog, and latched onto his followers like you and me. Not unlike a barnacle.

    @Captain Push

    If they live through Survivor East-LA, I’d suggest Survivor Northern Ontario. In June. With the bugs.

    If those shows don’t work out, there’s always FOX TV. With Large-Fill-in-the-TV-Screen-Bobble-Headed- -Conservative-Newscasters Screaming.

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