Friar’s Guide to Malnutrition

Just remember the four basic food groups:  Sugar, Salt, Caffeine and Fat.

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9 Comments on “Friar’s Guide to Malnutrition”

  1. Kelvin Kao Says:

    You must make sure your diet is balanced. For example, if you ate too many donuts, you’ve got to balance it out by having more coffee, etc.

  2. Friar Says:


    ..and make sure you wash it down with some good salty potato chips. (I think that qualifies as a vegetable, too!) 😉

  3. Francis Says:

    Dammit man, haven’t you read the food guide!

    And you complain about smokers, sheesh.

  4. Friar Says:

    Don’t worry. I plan on dying from a massive heart attack instantly, thus saving our Health Care system the expense of trying to prolong my unhealthy life.

  5. XUP Says:

    Ha ha – you listed maple syrup and maple syrup is healthy – ha ha

  6. Friar Says:



    Damn! 😦

  7. Around here, in The Boogerwoods, we have a fifth group…LARD

  8. Friar Says:


    Lard is just fat, in it’s elemental form.

  9. Cath Lawson Says:

    LOL – I’m pleased to see that I just ate a perfectly balanced breakfast.

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