The “Ah-hah” moment, when these songs became permanently ruined for me.

Song:  “Susie Q” 
Ah-Hah Moment:   Working out in the gym, 1985.     

I was on the excercise bike, listening to CCR on my Walkman. (Yes…my Walkman!   This was back in the 80’s).     “Susie Q” came on..and the instrumental part went on and on and on and on…… My workout seemed to drag on forever.             

That as the turning point. At that instant, I became bored with that  song.  25 years later, I still feel the same way.           


Song:  “Footloose”
Ah-hah Moment:   Somewhere in the early 90’s,  at the Nth Wedding reception I was forced to attend.         

 Overplayed.  Overplayed.   Overplayed.            

Wedding receptions have also killed the following songs:     Mony Mony.   Lady in Red.   Shout.   You Make a Grown Man Cry.   Old Time Rock’n’Roll.           


Song:  “New York, New York”
Ah-Hah Moment:   A bar in Hamilton, circa 1988.        

The lights went on for the last song of the evening, these Ass-clowns started to dance a chorus line to the music.           

Looking at my buddy, we shook our heads.   Even back then, this was trite and cliché.   Yet today, some people still do it.         

 Okay.  Hah hah.  We get it.   NEXT  “clever” dance joke, please.          


Song:   “American Pie”
Ah-Hah Moment:  When Madonna sang it.      

 Well, actually, this didn’t ruin Don McClean’s version for me.   But at that moment, whatever tiny bit of respect I might have almost maybe had for Madonna, totally disappeared.    


 Song:  “Come Together”
Ah-Hah Moment:   Circa 2005.  Listening to CHEZ 106 FM, driving my car.          

Don’t get me wrong.  I”m a huge Beatles fan.  But these Moldy-Oldy Classic Rock Stations seem to think that “Come Together” is the only thing the Fab Four have ever written.            

It”s been overplayed to death.  Now I just fast-forward my CD if it comes on.  Or if it’s the radio, turn it off.          


 Song:  “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”
Ah-Hah Moment:   See above.           


Song:  “Love by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf
Ah-Hah Moment:   1991, white-water rafting weekend.      

I can pinpoint the precise moment.   It was during a dance party in the evening.  This group of 20-year old girls thinking they were oh, so clever, started screaming the lyrics to each other on the dance floor.  “Do you love me, will you love me forever?”.      

 That image was so fucking lame it still remains with me to this day.   Whenever I hear that song, I’m instantly transported back to that traumatic moment.  And this has now become a CHICK song, and is dead to me.   (Sorry Meatloaf).          


Song:  “Hot Hot Hot”
Ah-Hah Moment:  Being forced to dance the Conga Line .        

It’s bad enough we have to listen to this damned song.  But there’s an on-going conspiracy, where the women will cajole their husbands/boyfriends/dates into joining that stupid Conga line.    Where we grab each other’s waists and hop around the room like jack-asses.         

Ideally the line should be guy/girl/guy/girl.           

 But as the line grows, it invariably gets mixed up .  Then it’s guy/guy/guy/…/ girl/girl/…/guy/guy/guy/.     

And I’d usually the one between two guys, with neither of us wanting  to grab each other’s butts.  (Which was fine with me!)   Yet we’d still be pressured into continuing this lame-ass dance, by screaming females in the line behind us.       

 Since that moment, I’ve always sat this one out.              


 Song:  “Macarena”
Ah-Hah Moment:   My sister’s wedding, 1997.          

I still have images of obsee 50-year old women dancing to this in creepy robotic unison,  stuffed into their tight clothes like so many fat sausages bursting in their casing.          

 To this day, I still awake screaming, sometimes. 

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13 Comments on “The “Ah-hah” moment, when these songs became permanently ruined for me.”

  1. Oh the dreaded conga line. All I can say is that you can NEVER get army guys drunk enough to do that. THANK GOD!

    Macarena – We drove from BC to QC one day (actually it was 4 days non-stop) and through the badlands we only got one radio station. They alternated playing Macarena and La Vida Loca. Since then I’ve refused to go to Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota – just in case I have flashbacks.

  2. Friar Says:

    @Army Wife

    HAHAH! As IF…!!! I can just picture a bunch of army guys being asked to do that! 🙂

    I agree. There are lots of reason to avoid the Dakotas and high plains. But the Macarena and La Vida Loca are good enough as any.

  3. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Well that is better than the radio station here who think there is only one rock and roll band. The Rolling Stones. All Stones all the time. Its only after listening for while do you realize that the Stones only wrote one song. 17 albums one song.

  4. Friar Says:


    Oh, that would be BRUTAL.

    Nothing like over-playing a group, to totally kill their music.

  5. Kelvin Kao Says:

    I do that for Living la vida Loca. Way overplayed…

  6. Friar Says:


    Living La Vida Loca is in another category altogether …it was already permanently ruined for my the first time I heard it. 🙂

  7. XUP Says:

    I see weddings ruined a lot of songs for you. I’ve often wondered if it was weddings that ruined a lot of songs for me too, or if it was the songs that ruined weddings for me. Or maybe it was the dresses. Or the weird hair-do’s or the boring speeches or the nasty food or the drunks or the whole marriage thing.

  8. Friar Says:


    I think it’s mainly overplay that ruins songs…and weddings have a tendency to do just that.

    I hate wedding receptions too…but for whole over reasons, besides just the songs.

  9. Lisa Says:

    I gotta stand up for the 50 year old chubs dancing to the Macarena. 🙂 We like to have fun, what can I say? Although I never could get the coordiation to do it.

    I’m with you on the overplayed crappola. Apparently, my husband never listened to the radio much when he was younger because every time some lame ass old song comes on, he turns up the volume and seems so happy to hear it. I make it my mission to detect a song from the first note and change the channel fast before it comes into his consciousness. Is that evil? I think not!

    Good rant, btw. 🙂

  10. Trashy Says:

    Yeah, wedding receptions have that effect!
    Plus, you are forced to listen to the Chicken Dance and Achy Breaky Heart over and over…

    For me. Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll has been ruined by hearing it played endlessly during breaks in the action at sporting events… and at volumes that make bats head for the rafters!

  11. Friar Says:

    I’m like that…I instantly recognize the song and CLICK. Switch stations.
    Otherwise, you get an ear-worm and the damned tune’s stuck in your head.

    PS. I’m not against people being chubby. (I dont’ exactly have six-pack abs myself!)

    It’s chubby people who dress in TIGHT CLOTHING that I’m against.

    You don’t see me wearing a Speedo at the beach. Chunky 50-something wedding-mommies should not wear tight dresses, either.

    First time I did the Chicken/Bird Dance was in 83. With an unattractive girl who almost looked like bird when she did the dance…it was creepy and just felt WRONG. Never did like the song after that.

    Hmm…shoulda added that to my list, when I come to think of it.

  12. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,

    Speaking of earworms and wedding music:

    What about YMCA?

    and Chubby Checkers Lets Twist Again, and Limbo Rock?

    That really dates me.

  13. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom
    Chubby Checker sang something like 83 Twist songs.

    It’s the first one “Let’s do the Twist” that seems to get the wedding-overplay.

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