Random Doodle of a City…

….while playing Scrabble with Friar’s Mom.


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12 Comments on “Random Doodle of a City…”

  1. XUP Says:

    If the Department of Homeland Security ever got hold of this they’d ship you down to Guatanamo for this — it’s obviously a plot to crash another airplane into a tower and then crash a hot air balloon into a bridge…and then throw a giant, probably poisonous, birthday cake into the water system

  2. Friar Says:


    Good thing Homeland Security doesn’t see my OTHER doodles, then!

  3. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Hey I used to live there!

  4. Friar Says:


    …in my mind?

  5. Friar's Mom Says:

    @ Wee Friar,

    This doodle has a definite theme–big city and various modes of transportation. Was it meant as a hint that you’d rather be elsewhere than wait for me to make my next Scrabble move?

    It’s so unlike your other doodles which seem to evolve from the deep nooks and crannies of your subconscious brain.

  6. Friar Says:

    @Friar’s Mom

    Actually, I felt the doodling helped my Scrabble game. It kept another part of my brain occupied, so I wouldn’t over-analyze stuff.

    It has nothing to do with me wanting to be elsewhere. I’ve had an inkling to draw a city for several weeks now. I just finally got around to doing it.

  7. Linda Says:

    I think your “doodle” is great! There are so many different components, it looks both old world and futuristic, spanning several centuries at once.

  8. Friar Says:


    I started making it look futuristic, like the Jetsons. But then I kept changing my mind.

  9. Cath Lawson Says:

    Friar – that is brilliant. The more I look at it, I can see bits of different major cities. I don’t like the look of where that plane is heading though.

  10. Friar Says:


    Purely accidental. I just wanted to draw a plane flying over the sky-line like you see in any big city. It has nothing to do with smashing into the building. 🙂

  11. Why not call it ‘Jetsonsville’ …..hints at the futuristic while harking back to simpler times….

  12. svc Says:

    I love your city scrape doodles. You should do one of TO, Montreal, and Quebec City. Maybe even our Big Nickle or the Wawa Goose!!!

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