Let’s Face It: My Blog Has Jumped The Shark

Okay, I admit it.

After 430 posts,  it’s time to face reality.

My blog has peaked…and is now in a slow death-spiral.

That’s too bad, because (not wanting to pat myself on the back too hard),  for a while there, The Deep Friar used to be a cool place to hang out.

I used to get decent traffic, and my posts used to generate a lot of discussion, even when I was absent.

But lately, readership has dropped, and so have the comments.    Even the regulars have stopped showing up.


I dunno why.  Maybe it’s me.   Maybe I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame, and  I’ve run out of things to say.

One thing I’ve learned is that original cartoons and humor just don’t seem to cut it anymore in BlogoLand.

Apparently,  the blogs that people want to read are the ones where we navel-gaze and get New-Age touchy-feely with our inner selves.   Not to mention quoting dead poets, and giving advice on living your dreams, like Little Timmy who fell down the well, lost all his arms and legs, but still went on to win Silver at the Quad Olympics..yadda, yadda,yadda.

Nothing wrong with those things.

But I can’t write like that.

And even if I did, I’d want to gouge my eyes out with a #2H pencil first.


But maybe it’s not just me.   Maybe it’s just summer, and things are slow.

And people have lives, and dont’ want to waste the sunny days sitting in front of a computer.


Or maybe it’s that blogs in general have peaked, and are no longer the trendy flavor-of-the-month.

In fact, a lot of my blogging friends have cut back on their posts.   Some have quit altogether.

Two years ago, blogging used to be the “In” thing.   Then it was Twitter.   Now it’s Facebook.

Ah, yes.   Facebook.

Post what you ate for supper on Facebook, and everyone will come crawling out of the woodwork, and leave comments like “Yum!” ”

But post some funny cartoons on your blog that you spent three hours drawing, and you’re left with crickets chirping.


Again, I’m not anything is wrong with this.

Good or bad, that’s just how it is.

But sometimes I’m half-tempted to pack the whole thing in.


But I’ve since come to terms with things.

Because it dawned on me that I dont’ need an audience to write.

(I mean…it would be NICE to have one).  But it isnt’ absolutely necessary.


Because I have to write.

I have ideas and thoughts and cartoons that are bottled up inside me, that need to get out.

And I can’t stop that from happening, any more than you can stop the tide from coming in.

Or Caillou from having a tempter tantrum.

Or a red squirrel from chattering “Ttttt-ttttt!” at you from their treetop varmint-throne.

And if my few (dozen?) loyal readers happen to enjoy what I post, well, then that’s a nice bonus and I’m grateful.


So I guess I’ll keep up this blog thing for the time being.

At least until the shark gets tired of being jumped over, and starts closing in….

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28 Comments on “Let’s Face It: My Blog Has Jumped The Shark”

  1. Viking Thunder Says:

    You must ask yourself; for who is this blog. Me or the Readers?

    Blog if you have to blog. if you must blog to no one, blog to no one.

    In the end, you have your immortality. In blogging, and all those creative posts you have spread your internet-seed and it has germinated in the minds of ten, if not 20 people! and thats enough for fame these days

    I will keep visting, if not just go compleate my Viking Comic Compilation album

  2. Please keep blogging. Although I don’t have time to always leave comments. I appreciate your blogs. Thank you.

  3. Mike Says:

    It’s natural for people to move on to other things (in reference to blogger friends blogging less or not blogging at all). Some find this blogging thing isn’t for them. For others, life intervenes and they don’t have time for blogging and stop or cut way back. A couple of bloggers I followed moved completely to other niches in new blogs on topics I had absolutely no interest.

    I’m sure that twitter and Facebook have impacted blogging, but, in my view, both are shallow venues that are over hyped.

    I know of at least a couple of bloggers that dropped their personal blogs for over a year and have recently returned.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    You can combine the two: blogging and facebook. Or perhaps you’re one of those people who hate facebook. I have nothing against those people as it is an addiction. But my friend writes an excellent blog about her life and shares her posts on her facebook page, therefore creating more of an audience. Just a thought. Please keep writing. I just discovered your blog a few months ago and am not sure what I will do if I don’t get a regular update on Viking doings.

  5. Friar Says:

    @Viking Thunder

    Like I’ve said, I’ve come to terms with it. When I blog, I do it because I enjoy it. Regardless if anyone is reading it or not.

    But it IS nice to know that people like you are still out there reading me, and that I’m not writing into a void. And I appreciate that.

    @Canadian Army Wife
    Thanks! And I know you lurk around, because I see you on FB all the time! 🙂

    What works for me, is that I don’t put any expectations on myself. I don’t have a set schedule. I only blog when it’s enjoyable, and as soon as it feels something I “haveta” do, I stop. That’s why I might post 4 day in a row, and then not write anything for a couple of weeks.

    Welcome to any new readers such as yourself (I get so few of them!) 🙂

    Yes, I hang around on Facebook quite a bit. And even try to plug my blog there, sometimes. Though it doesn’t seem to make a difference in my traffic. Oh well.

    But don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about the Vikings. Just that those posts take a while to prepare, so they’re not as frequent.

  6. Tony Single Says:

    I hear ya man (or rather, read ya).

    My readership has really only grown in the last couple of months. While I’m sure my comic strips must be entertaining folks, I’ve a feeling that they’re actually staying for the written pieces. Well, whatever it is, I’m just grateful to have readers at all, and they really are a fine lot over at Trottersville.

    Still, I often times feel like I’m still treading water, and that surely my head will go under at any moment! But I still keep doing it because I’m stupid that way. 😛

    I say keep it up, man, ‘cos your viking cartoons and sense of humour rock. 🙂

  7. Spalpeen Says:

    Today, you blogged about blogging AND you had an online epiphany.

    ‘Definitely jumped the shark 🙂

    Love P.

  8. Kat Says:


    I know it’s been a while since I actually posted a comment here, but I was never really a regular per say. What I love about blogs is how much they resemble spiderwebs. You find one thread of the web and there’s another tied to it. That’s how I found yours (through Steph’s), but I do come back now to this of my own accord for a read (or view if a new comic is up) now and then, and occasionally think I should comment on something before getting caught up in something else…

    However, I can relate. My own blog sometimes feels like a bit of a practice for myself more than others, but at the very least it’s a place that suffices as an outlet for the thoughts, ideas, and emotions bottled up in me. Keep blogging. I promise to be a faithful shadow if not to participate on occasion. ^_~

    Oh, and by the way, I love your cartoons, water colors, and pictures as well as what you actually blog about. =)


  9. Kat Says:

    ((And by ‘actually blog about’ I meant ‘actually -write- about’ since many of your blogs are about your cartoons, water colors, and pictures. Silly me. My brain-to-finger processes must have hung up somewhere along the line. Anyways, I’m done now.))

  10. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Your blog has not peaked. Its going through a phase. Just like any normal startup company, the initial burst is exciting. You are now in the steady growth phase which can be quite boring. Now it the time to refine what works and drop what doesn’t. Go back on your old posts and see what got the best reactions. Viking cartoons, pictures of fish etc.

    As for myself, I am swamped at work and can’t take the time out to comment like I used to. And it is summer, even TV goes into reruns and lower ratings.

    I too still read every post. But if the only reason you blog is because you want to? Then that is enough. The fact that some folks get some enjoyment out of it is just a bonus.

    Just no more fucking paintings ok?


  11. Mama Gayle Says:

    I still enjoy reading your posts, even if I don’t comment:) I also get a kick out of the little cartoons most of the time!

    I agree that it is important for you to blog for yourself no matter what anyone else thinks!! Sometimes I don’t get any comments (and sometimes I get mean comments) but I have to write about the things in my life anyway, it helps me:)

  12. Friar Says:


    Thanks. Your blog isn’t bad itself.

    I think having a small number of loyal readers isnt’ bad, though. I’d much rather have that, then to have 100 comments of yes-men who just want to suck up and market their own blogs.

    (Fortunately, that’s not a problem for me!) 🙂


    I know…pathetic, isn’t it?


    Well, it’s nice to know I have some lurkers out there like you, who watch quietly from the back benches.

    Of course, you realize, this means war.

    There’s gonna have to be a painting post in the near future.

    Oh, yes, there is.

    @Mama Gayle

    Mean comments? I hate that! I just don’t understand people who have to act that way.

    Luckily, that hasn’t happened here. (Except for one Troll commenter, who’s now long since gone)

  13. CaptainPush Says:

    Awww. Don’t stop Friar!

    I think the draw-down is due to three things:

    1. It’s SUMMER! People are out and about and not spending as much time on the computer.

    2. There is an information overload factor. There’s so much out there that people have to pick and choose in the limited time available.

    3. Texting! Many people have dumbed themselves down to “What Up?” How R U? MINDLESS stuff 24/7

    When I blogged, nobody read but I never took it personally. The writing was an exercise that I enjoyed.

    As for facebook. It’s a DISASTER. I have a facebook page and almost regret it except it lets me keep track of my wayward daughter.

  14. Gracious Says:

    I am still here. And so are you.


  15. Kyddryn Says:

    Sugar, you’d better not quit…my poor heart couldn’t take it! Also, it’s a long drive from Casa de Crazy to the Great White North, and I’d be awfully grumpy and lacking in tact when I knocked on your door at three in the morning and demanded blog posts NOW!! Umm…where do you live again??

    I can’t speak for anyone else…but I’m reading you (for what it’s worth). My silence is more a reflection of my own life right now, which is as freakin’ chaotic as I can manage (and sometimes more so). It is also, from time to time, a reflection of the fact that the piss-poor economy and my lack of fundage make Internet connection (and power, and water) something less than a sure thing – and no Internet means no commenting when I do have a few precious moments to read blogs (thank you, Borders, for free WiFi!).

    If you stopped blogging, I’d cry. You don’t wanna make me cry…do ya??

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  16. Lebowski Says:

    I suck at blogging that is why I do so little of it.
    I’ve had 4 different blogs that reflect various levels of angst in my life.
    I discovered that I am a way better blog TROLL then blog poster.
    I also am rather bored so I’ll now over the next several days go back and comment on everything.
    Blogging however is something that you should do in private and in the dark. That way you don’t actually see the hair growing in your palms.

  17. Kat Says:

    In response to:


    Of course, you realize, this means war.

    There’s gonna have to be a painting post in the near future.

    Oh, yes, there is.

    All I can say is, yay. =) I was kinda hoping that would be the end result.

  18. XUP Says:

    Phew! I thought you were going to quit. Things really have slowed down over the summer. My hits are about half of what they were back in the spring. Many of the commenters have disappeared over the last couple of months, too. Or they just pop up once in a while. If it wasn’t for you, Lebowski and G, crickets would have invaded the comments section by now. It was the same last summer and the summer before that – and Christmases. Things will pick up again in the fall, don’t worry. Also, why aren’t you my Facebook friend if you’re there all the time? Will you send me your coordinates so I can add you? (urbanpedestrian@gmail.com)

  19. XUP Says:

    I thought you’d like this. I don’t know if this will post properly, but it’s supposed to be a YouTube video: Dating Viking Women

  20. Friar Says:

    @Captain Push

    That’s they way I look at it now. I treat my blog as a dumping ground for my thoughts and writing. Readers are welcome, but not expected.


    Aw…DON’T cry! I aint’ going anywhere. Not just yet, at least.

    I wouldnt’ necessarily say you suck at blogging. But your comments are highlly entertaining. Especially at XUP’s.

    If it wasn’t for you, all the other granola-crunchers would have scared me off, by now.

    See….Eyeteaguy likes to try to mess with me. Either he’s indirectly egging me on to post some of my paintings. Or he really does HATE it, when I post them.

    Either way, I’m gonna do it, and he’ll probably go ballistic. And that alone, is worth the entertainment value.

    Not quitting, just yet. But the though has crossed my mind, now and then…to just take a sabbatical. But this still amuses me enough, right now, that I can’t see that happening in the immediate future.

    BTW, your own blog ain’t doing too shabbily. Your commets are routinely in the 30’s, or more (like today). I haven’t seen that kind of traffic in months.

    PS. That video…that’s MY kind of woman! 🙂

  21. Sheila Says:

    Friar, I’m glad you’re not packing it in! I’m late in reading blogs due to fun work & travel. But your blog is the one place this meat-eating, cigarette-smoking, hiking girl like me can go and feel like somebody understands! Don’t change, don’t stop, you’re perfect.

  22. Hi Friar,

    Interesting. You started off saying you were packing it in, but the more you wrote, the more you realized that would be the wrong thing to do. I’m happy you’ve decided to stick around.

    I’d say you probably just hit a blogging speed bump as it appears you truly enjoy writing. I hope I get to read your work, and view your art for years to come. Happy Blogging! 🙂

  23. Kate Says:

    Gosh I’m one of those folks who blogged for a while and then stopped – partly because someone else was pinching my posts, but mainly because life got in the way. And I used to comment here too. But I still read you AND I LOVE THE PAINTINGS only I stopped commenting on people’s blogs since I gave mine up.

  24. Friar Says:

    It’s good to know my blog attracts meat-eating, cigarette-smoking hiking girls! With all the granola-crunching Mother-Earth Yoga-Vegans in Blogoland, there are so FEW of you out there! 🙂

    Not necessarily packing it in…but I’m wondering if this blog is slowly fizzling out. Not just mine, but blogs in general don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be.

    I’ll continue to do this, as long as I’m having fun.

    Which I am, right now. 🙂

    I feel that same way. I remember I started to get fed up, when someone copied one of my posts. And I was okay with that by itself. After all, don’t they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” ?

    But what discouraged me that more commenters showed up for their copied post, than for my original one.

    Meh. It’s often just a big popularity contest. That’s what gets me fed up.

    Anyway, this post makes me realize I have a lot more readers than I though. Just that they lurk in the background and don’t comment.

    Which is perfectly fine with me. I’m just pleasantly surprised to see that I’m not writing into a total void.

  25. Kelvin Kao Says:

    I need an audience. I am not keeping a blog just for myself. If I wanted to do that, I could have just kept everything offline! However, I am perfectly fine writing for an audience of three. So there you go.

  26. Friar Says:


    I have an audience of about 15. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

  27. Eyeteaguy Says:

    You bugger. I had abandoned my blog but I got more comments than you did here because you linked me.

    Now I have to write another post.


  28. Friar Says:


    That’s the thanks I get, for hleping increase your monthly comments by infinity percent?

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