The Cumulated Wisdom That Reading Blogs and Facebook Has Taught Me

Stone-Age cultures who never so much as invented the wheel, are, by default, so MUCH wiser and smarter than our Western Civilization.

Calling yourself a “Coach” or “Advisor” makes you just as qualified in counselling people as being an accredited, professionally trained psychologist does.

Self-employed free-lancers who can barely pay the rent are infinitely more successful than the $100K/yr losers working in cubicle farms.

Anyone who can string 250 words together on a blog is a “writer”.

Anyone who can post pictures on Facebook or Flickr is a “photographer”.

Not driving a car makes you morally superior to everyone else who does.

Modern Western medicine is a SHAM,  perpetuated by the major pharmaceutical companies.    Why don’t you just pound a prayer-drum, and drink some herbal tea instead?

Nobody really needs university or college.   When you start working,  that’s when you’ll learn about your job, as you go.

“Minimalism” is where it’s at.     If you enjoy having a large house,  fancy toys, and exotic vacations…Well, then hang your head in SHAME!.  Because you represent everything that’s wrong with the planet!

Just because a New-Age paranormal phenomenon has no scientific basis whatsoever, and has never been proven under rigorous, double-blind laboratory tests, doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly valid.

Science once said the earth was flat.  But they were wrong.   So Science might be wrong about auras and magical crystals and unicorns, too.

It’s possible to solve major disasters (like high-pressure oil spewing out of the ocean floor) by just getting a group of people together at the same time to bang drums.    OHmmmmmmm.

Petroleum is not a mineral like bauxite or calcium carbonate.   It is Mother-Earth’s Life-Blood!

When you’re on vacation, it’s more important to document each and every event and post it on Facebook, than to actually live the moment.

Growing virtual vegetables on a digital farm is a far more satisfying than maintaining a garden in real-life.

Our individual lives are so GOSH-DARNED important, that even our simple meals are news-worthy events that require broadcasting to the whole world.

Furthermore, every meal description that’s posted on FaceBook shall be “YUMMY”.    To say otherwise, amounts to heresy.

If you’re stressed out and feel miserable,  the best solution is to isolate yourself in front of the computer, and read about how other people deal with it.

For God’s sakes, the LAST thing you want to do is to go outside, and get some fresh air and exercise.

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12 Comments on “The Cumulated Wisdom That Reading Blogs and Facebook Has Taught Me”

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  2. Blogger Dad Says:

    Do the Bloggies have a category for angriest blogger?

  3. Friar Says:

    @Blogger Dad

    No….if you were a true Blogger, you would never get angry. You’d just sit back and accept things, and invoke the serenity prayer.

    And then write a post about it. 🙂

  4. Tony Single Says:

    The kinda post I’ve always wanted to write, but have always been too afraid too. 😛

  5. Tony Single Says:

    Dang it. That last “too” was meant to be “to”. I know I know… I’m being anal, but still. Dagnabbit all… 😛

  6. Friar Says:


    I’ve stirred up the pot enough, that one more post like this won’t make things any worse of me!. 🙂

  7. XUP Says:

    Oh Friar…the thing is that people who think more like you don’t blog. Blogging is for artsy lefties for the most part because it’s about putting yourself, your “art”, your ideas/feelings/thoughts out there for everyone to read and comment on. At the other end of the scale you have the way right-wingers who are proselytizing all over the internet. And then you have a few people in the middle who just get pissed off at everyone on either end.

  8. Friar Says:


    Agreed. People who tend to think like me don’t blog as much….which is why I was kinda questionning the whole thing and whether or not I should continue.

    But I’m still having fun, so I think I’ll continue for a while.

    That’s my artsy side talking. (I think it’s safe to say I dont’ have a leftie side!)

  9. XUP Says:

    You’re not that far right. I’ve seen you exhibit a soft spot for unfortunates on occasion and I think you even admitted to eating a vegetable once.

  10. Friar Says:


    Actually, I don’t think I’m that far right, either. I like to think I’m on the side of common sense and fiscal responsibitily, wherever that happens to be.

    But the way some of the granola-crowd goes on, you’d think I was a gun totin’ critter-shootin’ pickup-truck drivin’ yahoo.

    But yes, I HAVE been know to eat the odd veggie. (Even dogs eat grass, once in a while, to help their digestion).

  11. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I use blogs to communicate with my friends.
    If I wanted to learn something I’d watch PBS.


  12. Friar Says:


    I learn things from the Discovery Channel.

    Basically how things explode.

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