Searching the back-roads of Ontario for the last few Fall colors.

The colors have mostly peaked around here, but I’ve managed to get a few more snapshots before it all comes to an end.

These were taken two weekends ago.

This was on top of an abandoned ski hill, looking down where the chairlift used to be.

There’s a tiny dot near the road, the middle of the photo above.     That’s my car.

If you dont’ believe me, here it is blown up…


It’s not a very big ski hill.   But these are the highest “mountains” in the region, so you can get quite a good view on the top.

The hills in the far distance, behind the Bear, are about 50 km away.

As you can see, there’s not much around the area, which might have been a factor as to why the ski hill closed.


I love the old barns with hand-hewn square timbers.   These were the originals.

At least the cows were curious…

You know you’re in Small-town Ontario when you can stand in the middle of the highway without worrying about other cars.

At least that road had painted lines, though.  Unlike this next one…

And of course, I could have always gotten off the pavement, and gone off-roading in the bush…but that’s for another day.


Here’s one of my favorite trees that I like to photograph, as it was on September 22nd.

And here’s how it was on October 2nd.

ARGHH!!   From green, to half-bare in 10 days!!!

It never ceases to amaze me how fleeting the colors are!

Though you never know when exactly it will end.

These next pictures were from just a few days ago.   I found some forest  that still had some bright yellow,  so I took some quick photos after work, in the 30-40 minutes of remaining good light.


The fishermen were die-hards.  They looked cold..sitting in their winter jackets, trolling back and forth, trying to catch the elusive walleye.

Fishermen are stupid that way.

I know…because I’m one myself.

Though I was glad there were there…their  boats made the foreground more interesting.   (But I would have preferred they were spaced further apart for better composition!)



This last one will probably be a watercolor painting, one day.

Well, like I said…the colors are past their peak.     So that will probably be it for fall photos…

…until next year.

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9 Comments on “Searching the back-roads of Ontario for the last few Fall colors.”

  1. Beautiful – love the old barns!

  2. steph Says:

    Oh Friar, all these are spectacular! You have a great eye. I really love the one with the curious cow. And the one before it, and the one with the church in it, and the one… well. The cow was my fave.

    Excellent shots.

  3. steph Says:

    PS. The way you post between the shots is really great, too. The style works well.

  4. steph Says:

    In the photo before the one with Bear, the clouds are phenom. That photo looks unreal.

  5. Friar Says:

    Me too….I know the backroads where you can find lots of the old barns.

    It’s amazing they’re still standing…considering they’re located on poor soil where the farms have barely survived for decades.

    Thanks. These photos weren’t easy, though. This represents hundreds of km of driving, and hundreds of photos. I’ve picked the best ones.

    But I have the time..and it’s not about pictures. It’s about exploring and finding new hidden places. Plus some of these will be paintings.

    I like the cow too. Too bad the sun was directly at me….the photo’s a bit washed out. But that was the only beef-critter who wanted to stand close to me.

  6. steph Says:

    But the sun was PERFECT! That was one of the things I really liked about the photo. It added to it. That washed out look gives it a bit of a vintage feel.

  7. steph Says:

    And the shadow is very cool.

  8. Zhu Says:

    I also love standing in the middle of the road to take pictures and it’s quite easy in the country, as you said: you can hear cars coming a mile away!

  9. Friar Says:


    On some of the roads I go on…a car driving by is the highlight of the afternoon.

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