Thumbing through a Popular Mechanics magazine from 1950.

I like the manly, confident way this guy hews his logs,  but look at his  pants.

(Good Lord).  They come up to his ARMPITS!

Now I know why today’s seniors dress this way.




You gotta love this back seat playpen.   Obviously, they didn’t worry about children’s safety seats (or anything else, for that matter).

Let’s  pray Daddy never has an accident, or Little Junior will be bouncing around the inside of the car like a ping-pong ball in a bingo machine.




I don’t know WTF it is with the 1950’s and pipes.

But apparently every middle-class suburban male who read Popular Mechanics smoked one.

Here’s an entire article devote to the subject.   The guys’ smoking a pipe while in process of making ANOTHER.

(Jesus…how many pipes did people NEED back then?)




Of course, Popular Mechanics wasn’t all about manly things.

For the women, there were articles like how to wear belts and accessories,  as depicted by this (*snicker*) “glamorous” model here.



Oh, look.  Another guy smoking a pipe.

With a hat, no less.

(Now I also know why today’s seniors wear hats.)




Wow….a whole desk-set made in…PLASTIC!!!!

But to be fair, plastic just got invented back then.  At the time, it was considered more valuable than platinum.

Another thing I noticed:  there was only one type of Mommy back then:

In the kitchen, with an apron, and high-heels.

Where she belonged.




Finally, check out this beautiful ash-tray you could make.

Oooh, I WANT one.



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5 Comments on “Thumbing through a Popular Mechanics magazine from 1950.”

  1. Okay so I could use that fish lure organizer. That would be a handy thing.

  2. Friar Says:

    @Army Wife

    I could sent you the magazine, if you want! It’s chock-full of ideas on how to organize things.

  3. CaptainPush Says:

    Whatever happened to the milk man?

    And why doesn’t my brother look like anybody in my immediate family?

  4. Friar Says:

    @Captain Push
    We used to have a milkman too.

    And my younger brother also doesn’t resemble me or my sister.


  5. That is a very tempting offer Friar!

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