Be Prepared to Wait When…

Grandma Moses blows her months’ pension check on lottery tickets, and needs to check the whole stack for winners.



The only thing you can see in the slow-moving car ahead of you is a big FEDORA.



Chuckles the PowerPoint King insists on reading each and every slide…VERBATIM.


The  vehicle next in line at the drive-thru is a VAN…full of screaming demon-spawn.



Old Man Yåargen appears very perplexed about his prescription, and no doubt needs to talk to someone about it.




The 17-year-old sales clerk can’t answer your question, and, like, needs to consult their 18-year-old manager.


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8 Comments on “Be Prepared to Wait When…”

  1. Twitter Fail Says:

    Be prepared to wait when… Suzy Confused, who always sits in the front row, asks the same question for the 37th time. The answer is still “No, that won’t work,” but that doesn’t stop SQ from rephrasing the question and asking it AGAIN.

  2. Friar Says:

    @Twitter Fail

    I think SQ must work as a tag-team with Chuckles. So that meetings NEVER end.

  3. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Be prepared to wait when… calling any telecommunications company. I think this is just a test of patience. There are billions of CSR’s in India but they all listen to use squirm while on hold listening to the same recording over and over.


  4. Friar Says:


    It always helps when the Call Centre is at least within your own hemisphere.

  5. M. Goad Says:

    Death by PowerPoint. Hah! Some of my best received classes were when I did it the old fashioned way, using the board, handouts and facilitative questioning. I called it “PowerPointless.”

    Lottery tickets. I see a different wait here. Low income people of all ages cash in their meager winnings and then buy even more scratch-off tickets, “I’ll take 5 of the t______ and u-h-h-h-h-h, 5 of the u-h-h-h-h mmmmm, let’s see, the f______ and mmmmmm…..”

    Be prepared to wait if you so eager that you have to have the next great new gadget as soon as it hits the niche store shelf. We stumbled across one of those on Friday in a mall in Plano, Texas, last Friday. (I’ll have a post this afternoon on it.)

  6. Friar Says:


    My Dad told me stories about waiting in line for hours, during WWII in Poland, just to get a loaf of bread.

    And today, we have people waiting in line, camping overnight, just to get the latest electronic gizmo at Future Shop.

    Our priorities are so screwed.

  7. M. Goad Says:

    Sometimes even the “low income people of all ages” of my earlier comment do succeed in winning. Take toothless old convenience store worker, Chris Shaw, for example:

    “Recent Missouri Powerball winner Chris Shaw became richer to the tune of a whopping $258 million on Thursday. The 29 year old convenience store worker has not yet decided as to whether he will quit his day job although the toothless father of two says that he definitely plans to have his front teeth fixed.”

    “Mr Shaw said that he was down to his last $29 before buying his $5 ticket that won last Thursdays prize which was the tenth largest amount in Powerball jackpot history.”

  8. Friar Says:


    I dunno if this is Urban Legend or not. But I’ve heard that a significant portion of the population is depending on future lottery winnings as part of their retirement plan.

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