Monday Night Art Class

I decided to paint a ski hill for a ┬áchange…



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12 Comments on “Monday Night Art Class”

  1. Wonderful watercolor. The palette is just right and you did a great job on the shadows which are important to this painting.

  2. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I think the painting on the top is much better than the painting below.


  3. Friar Says:

    The first 80% of the painting looked like nothing. It was only at the very end, when I put the shadows in that it all clicked into place.

    The top one is the painting. The bottom one is the photo.

  4. Linda Says:

    Wow! Love it.

  5. mike Says:

    Very nice! I like it.

  6. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Well then you photoed a nice painting.

  7. Friar Says:

    @Linda and Mike

    @Eyeteaguy keep telling me what a waste of time it is to paint something, when I can just take a photo instead.

    So I thought I’d paint something, then take a photo of it. Just to waste even MORE time.

    I have no life.

  8. Dale Dunlop Says:

    Hey Friar! That is a beautiful painting. I’d recognize that scene in an instant. You are a very talented fella, aren’t you? PLUS you can ski really well! You’re a keeper.



  9. Eyeteaguy Says:


    I think Dale is sweet on you.

  10. Friar Says:

    I can’t wait to go back there (only 10 months away!) Hope we can hook up again with Friar’s Mom, and ski some more Revelstoke.


    Not to worry. Dale is happily married. But she’s my mogul-guru, who taught me to ski bumps.

  11. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Oh, is that what they are calling it now?

    Whatever floats your boat.

  12. svc Says:

    I really like this painting. You and eyeteaguy are hilarious. I went to his blog – not comments since 2010, and it was sentimental! I was shocked. Kind of boring though, could not find the artwork!

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