One Last Ski

Lots of people are glad to see the snow disappear this time of year.   They say they’re fed up and they’ve had enough.

Not me.   I like the snow.   And I’m kinda sad when the ski season ends.

Winter looked looked like it was pretty much over, as of this past Tuesday:

But Wednesday morning, I woke up to this:

Which allowed me to go out for one more ski after work:

Not to mention getting one night’s more use out of my Christmas lights and Polar Bear:

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4 Comments on “One Last Ski”

  1. I wish it would either snow or get on with spring. I’d love to enjoy another ski but all we’ve got is cold rain and mud. 😦

  2. Friar Says:

    @Army Wife

    If I had it my way, we’d have minus 15C and bright sun and fluffy snow until April 15th. After which it would instantly turn into 25-30C summer, within a week. None of this 2 months of in-between crap of mud and rain.

  3. That is why I enjoyed Quebec City weather. It went straight from snowing to +25 within days. No allergies either!

  4. Friar Says:

    @Army Wife

    My folks would spent the winter skiing in BC. My Dad would ski in the morning, and play golf in the afternoon.

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