Yeah, but I caught a trout.

There’s something special about catching a trout, especially a wild one on a lake that hasnt’ been stocked.

Because, as I’ve written about before, these are magical fish.

When you catch one,  you’re not just happy at the moment it happens.

There’s a lingering euphoria, a deep sense of satisfaction, that lasts for days afterward.

Bass, pike, walleye…they’re all fun to catch too.

But there’s nothing quite like catching a fresh trout on a pristine lake, just after ice-out.


It’s hard to describe.  You feel like you’re a successful hunter-gatherer.   You feel like the cat that’s caught the canary.  You feel that you’ve accomplished something.

And you keep chucking to yourself:  “I caught a trout! “,  over and over.

And it makes you happy.


It doesn’t matter what happens for days (or even weeks)  afterward.

The fact that you’ve caught a trout makes things a little bit easier to take.

Case in point:

My car’s rusting out and it will cost a lot of money to fix.
Yeah, but I caught a trout.

I’ll probably get yelled at for not getting that report done on time.
Yeah, but I caught a trout.

I have to deal with so-and-so today, and they’re really annoying.
Yeah, but I caught a trout.


Try it yourself, and see.

It works.

And it’s cheaper than a $100/hour therapist.


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4 Comments on “Yeah, but I caught a trout.”

  1. Eyeteaguy Says:

    Normally I’d make fun of you for your lousy photography…you cut your head off. But you are right. Catching a hard to catch fish is satisfying.

    I can’t eat fish (allergic) so I toss ’em back or give them away. But I grunt like a cave man and say “me good provider”


  2. Friar Says:


    I deliberately cut my head off. So the trout-stalkers can’t identify me.

    You can never be too careful.

  3. Clown Samuel Says:

    I’d recognize that bod anywhere. Canoe looks strangely familiar too.

    Dude. You obviously don’t have the math gene — you didn’t catch A trout — you caught TWO trout. Speckled ones at that — the pinnacle of spring fishing. Next on your to-do list? Catch your limit (5) of speckled trout in one day.

  4. Friar Says:


    Yeah…but I caught a trout…TWICE.

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