Friar Spies…

I spy, with my little eye…

A dragster.   The South Pole.  Kids riding the short bus.  A jet plane.   An electric drill.  A slug.   Jupiter.  The number seven.  Pac Man.  A cactus.  A pink heart, yellow moon, orange star, and  green clover.  A frog.  A can of coke.  A sperm whale.   The letter I.  Phases of the Moon.  A Big Mac.  A ghost.  A bone.  A dog.  The definition of entropy.  A glass of Coke.   A Space Invader.  A razor blade.   A sand castle.   Firewood.  Steps.  A sailboat.  A giraffe.  A real caste.   The Rockies.  A baleen whale.   A steam train.  A stick of Wrigley Doublemint Gum.  Battling Tops.  A maple leaf.   A big dog.  Cow manure.  A monster truck.  A giraffe.  Grapes.  A cell with mitochondria.   The sun.  A laugh of derision.   Omega.  A Tesseract.  A cow.  Stop signs stacked in an octoganal prism.   A polar bear possibly yawning.

…and, my overall impression of the room I was in that prompted me to draw this.

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6 Comments on “Friar Spies…”

  1. svc Says:

    So excited to see new post. Don’t tell me to get a life. Thanks for naming everything. Interesting to see the subjects you project and think about. Love the battling tops, space invader, stick of double mint gum, and cell with mitochondria!!! Love it. Cow manure, yawning bear, and boring tells me you may have been at You really draw so well. Thxs.

  2. Friar Says:

    Glad you like it.

    I can’t just sit down and draw these any old time. I have to be in the right frame of mind. Like being trapped in a room and having to listen to people drone on. Boring university lectures or meetings. That’s when I do my best work.

  3. I’ve figured out the “personality” of your meeting by looking at this. Razor blade, HAH!, battling tops, Stop signs….

  4. Friar Says:

    @Army Wife

    Don’t try to read too much into everything. It’s totally random. 🙂

  5. Mike Goad Says:

    Before I read the other comments, my initial thought was “another boring meeting.”

    I had one of those yesterday, but it was the last hour of a four hour workday — so it wasn’t so bad. Three more days of work on this contract.

  6. svc Says:

    Sorry, will try to behave re: interpretation.

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