Bad Art: Godzilla Attacks Montreal

There’s always a story behind every one of my paintings, including my bad art.

I had almost forgotten about this one, which I did about 11 years ago.

I was living in the West Island of Montreal at the the time, and I remember that I had taken my paints out to the waterfront, to try to capture Mount Royal and the downtown skyline in the distance.

The painting already wasn’t going well.   The colors of the sky were already not going the way I wanted.

To add to my aggravation, a toddler and his dad had to come and stand right next to me.    They had the whole park to go to, yet they had to stand right beside ME.

And this was one of those little obnoxious kids who would never shut up.   He kept asking his daddy questions, over and over again, and daddy kept answering while referring to himself in the third person.

Drove me nuts.    And my painting suffered, as a result.

And that’s when I put in Godzilla.

I always say, if you’ve already ruined a painting,  then you might as well have some fun out of it.

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7 Comments on “Bad Art: Godzilla Attacks Montreal”

  1. Eyeteaguy Says:

    I like it.


  2. michaelpgoad Says:

    Stupid, obnoxious kids. Enabling parents. Godzilla takes em out.

  3. Friar Says:


    You’re not the firs to say that. I think someone might have even offered to buy this, once, for 10 bucks.

    What’s scary, is the stupid obnoxious kid is now a stupid obnoxious teenager with a sense of entitlement.

  4. Opal Says:

    I was one of those kids who asked questions. My father called me his little question box. It’s no suprise that I landed a job that was research based in my adult years.

    I’m still like that with something new, however now I’m old enough to find the answer to my questions — through research. I’ve been doing that since I was about ten years old. I rarely pester anyone anymore, heh. 😉

    My eight-year old daughter asks a lot of questions, when she was younger I’d readily answer them, but now with certain things I tell her to research it, and tell me about what she found out.

    Oh by the way, I like the picture. 🙂

  5. Opal Says:

    That should have been ‘surprise’, let me stop now before I find more mistakes… 😉

  6. Friar Says:


    Normally, I don’t mind kids asking questions. But NOT when they have to stand right next to me when I’m trying to paint. 🙂

  7. Opal Says:

    I never did that in public, most of my questions were asked at home, or I’d wait until we were in the car. My daughter is the same way, heh. I can see how that would be annoying.

    But, yeah kids can ask A LOT of questions. I got an idea, but never knew the extent until I had my own child, and now I feel sorry for my dad. Funny thing, I rarely pestered mom with my questions; it was usually dad.

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