Moose-Spotting on a Tuesday Evening

What did you guys do after work today?

I went straight from the office and got into my car, and did a quick 5 hour road trip to see if  I could find a moose on the side of the road.

And I did.

Three of them, in fact.


Two of them were together.

In fact, I got a picture of both of them, with a BEAR.

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6 Comments on “Moose-Spotting on a Tuesday Evening”

  1. How awesome is that, being close enough to take pictures? As an added bonus, you got a bear too. It looks as if the bear is trying to decide what he wants to do, heh.

    Anyway, nice shots, and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. peefer Says:

    Junior Bear. Only Fryar.

  3. michaelpgoad Says:

    Ugly, awkward looking critters aren’t they?

    Still, it’s always cool to see them.

  4. dothage Says:

    I was going to say what Mike said. They’re so big, but so misproportioned. Nice that you caught some on your first try. I’ve never seen one in real life.

  5. WOW. Cool! Last time I saw one it was crossing the back of our campsite at Algonquin last year. I was simultaneously thrilled and afraid. It was huge!!

  6. Friar Says:

    Because this is a provincial park, the moose are used to human and they reallly don’t care if we’re there, provided you keep a distance. Outside the park, I’ve never gotten closer than a few hundred feet.

    To me, they’re a good indication of healthy wilderness. If you see a moose, you know the bush is relatively unspoiled.

    They are ugly, though.

    They’re pretty cool to see. I can’t count how many times, but each time is like it’s the first.

    Junior…with a TWO-FER! (Two in one photo). (That’s a first for him!)

    I never had one near my campsite. It’s always been from a canoe or the highway. That would be COOL to have one near my tent!

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