Monday Night Art Class: Vertigo

The snow is gone, the spring peepers are chirping but I’m still not quite ready to let the ski season go.

Hard to believe, that less than a month ago, I was doing THIS:

I know I have a couple of ski paintings left in me this year, so that’s what painted tonight.

This is called “Vertigo” and it’s one of my favorite ski runs at Revelstoke.

It’s just steep enough, and just bumpy enough to be interesting.   But the snow is soft and friendly, and it’s just FUN to go down.

On this trip, Friar’s Mom joined me for a day, and we went up and down Vertigo like yoyo’s.

There was one run where everything clicked into place.   I was turning, carving up the snow.   It felt like floating on a cloud

It felt good, I could do no wrong.

Typically, as a skier, you get maybe a handful of runs like this in a season, where everything is just PERFECT.    Where you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

And this was one of them.

And when it happens, you’re almost crying tears of joy as you go down.


As a bonus, on the bottom, a ski instructor has seen us coming down.

He was teaching a student, and he complimented me and Friar’s Mom on our technique.   He said we provided a “good demo” for his pupil.

Wow.  To be complimented like this, from an instructor, on top of that.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


I think I might keep this painting…hold onto it for a while.

The memories are just too good.


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2 Comments on “Monday Night Art Class: Vertigo”

  1. Seestor Says:

    Beeeeeeautiful! Mother and I played in that bowl lots last year too. It’s a sweeeeeet spot.

    This announcement is brought to you by the letter eeeeeee.

  2. peefer Says:

    Revelstoke awaits me.

    Nice painting. It seems you really captured the bowl shape of the bowl. Too much snow.

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