20 Reasons Why I was Deprived as a Child


1. Lucky Charms only had four kinds of marshmallow.  When they came out with a fifth “new blue diamonds”, we thought we had died and gone to heaven.


2. To get to your own money, you had to line up at a bank.    You had to keep a bankbook which the teller would update in PEN.


3. Batteries were shitty. They ran out of power very quickly, and they would leak acid.


4. There was no such thing as Asiago or Chipolte or salsa or any of that fancy-schmancy food.


5. Nobody ate Nachos or chicken wings.   I don’t think they even existed in restaurants.


6. Cartoons were only on for 6 hours a week, and only on Saturday mornings.


7. You couldn’t record a TV show.  If you missed it, you missed it.  Months or years might go by before you’d see it again.


8. Roller Coasters were made of wood, and only went up and down. There were no loop-de-loops.


9. The early video games were so shitty, you could see the individual pixels on the flying asteroids and you space ship.


10. Phones had 5-foot cords and most houses only had one.


11. There was only one Rocky Movie.


12. When riding in a car, I wasn’t strapped down in a kids seat. I coulda gotten KILLED.


13. People told inappropriate politically-incorrect jokes and nobody got sent on sensitivity training.


14. Nobody knew what yoga or tai-chi or tae-bo was.


15. McDonald’s Big Macs were served in Styrofoam containers, which were killing the planet and making polar bears DIE.


16. They never gave us graduation parties for finishing kindergarten.


17. Lego was mostly just red and white and black blocks. You were lucky if you had a few wheels to make a block-car.


18. If you misbehaved at school, you got the strap.  I never did..but just the threat of it traumatized me for life.


19. The only fruit you had in the grocery store was apples, oranges and bananas. You might get grapes or cherries for a few weeks a year, when they were in season.


20. The closest thing we had to an I-phone was Etch-a-Sketch

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8 Comments on “20 Reasons Why I was Deprived as a Child”

  1. I loved my Etch-a-Sketch. The church had a strawberry social. June was the only time you got strawberries. Kiwis were WAY to exotic for most people to eat. Yogurt was a new food. We got cupcakes the last day of kindergarten and we were allowed to have peanut butter at school. We were thrilled when we got a box of yellow, blue and clear Legos. Mrs. Parks pulled kids to the office by their ear.

  2. Anna Cull Says:

    If you wanted to know the answer to something, you had to leave the house (leave the house!) and go to the library – or ask your Dad (who told you to go to the library).

  3. Mike Says:

    Hah!. You were privileged. I can, just barely, remember the family’s first TV — It only worked in the evening and there was only 1 station, so, of course, there were no video games or Saturday morning cartoons. Some weekends we went to the to my grandparent’s cabin — it had running water for the kitchen sink, but there wasn’t a bathroom. When my wife was about 8, her parents bought a place in the country in Wisconsin — party line crank phone, outhouse instead of a bathroom, no running water in the house, one-room schoolhouse for the first couple of years they lived there.

    Never hear of Legos until I was too old for them, but did have Lincoln Logs. Didn’t have to worry about a strap if I misbehaved in school — got popped with a paddle once when I was in the 5th or 6th grade in Nebraska and then again in Texas the year before I graduated from high school. I sure didn’t want to tell my parents or I would have gotten in trouble with them over getting in trouble in school.

    People told inappropriate politically-incorrect jokes — and some of them really believed the nastiness behind the jokes. I remember being told about how THOSE people lived.

  4. Linda Lord Says:

    Ah..those were the days….kids today dont know the meaning of TRUE deprivation!!

  5. Friar Says:

    @Army Wife. Yeah…I forgot peanut butter at lunch. If you brought in a PBJ today, they’d send you on sensitivity training and hold a candle-light vigil outside your house.

    @Anna Oh…yeahhh…those things called “BOOKS”. That were edited and fact-checked, before they were published. And could be used as credible sources of informatin.

    @Mike We had a crappy black and white TV that only got three stations (one French) and occasionally (if the reception was clear) we would get ONE American station. When I was ten, we got a color TV and a TV antenna, and suddenly we got all the American stations (three networks and PBS) and I thought we had died and gone to heaven.

    My uncle had an old farmhouse which he used as a summer retreat. It dated to the early 1900’s. Like your grandparent’s cabin, it had one hand-pump in the kitchen for water and the toilet was the outhouse outside. He did have electricity, though, with his generator.

    Today’s kids, I tell ya. Don’t know how GOOD they have it (Grumble Grumble Grumble). 🙂

  6. We got two tv stations – ABC and PBS. On Sat. night at either 7pm or 8pm the choice was between Hee Haw and Lawrence Welk – I think this is a big part of the reason than I now read so much 😉

  7. Friar Says:

    @Kim I remember Lawrence Welk. We reluctantly watched him because we knew “Emergency” would be on next. 🙂

  8. Friar Says:

    I remember when I saw PBS for the first time…I was about 8. Mr. Rogers and the Electric Company. Oh my!

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