9 Minor Annoyances That Shouldn’t Bother Me, But Still Do.

1. Pennies

Which have stopped servinng any useful purpose in our society.

When I’m doing housework, it’s not even worth my time to pick them up.

I’ll vacuum ’em up instead.


2.  The only traffic light on a 60-mile stretch of highway

And it’s always, always RED.


3.  Tim Horton’s relentless male-bashing campaign

Derp.   Me male.  Me stupid.   Not smart like woman.   DUHHHH.

Pretty much every radio ad follows this formula.   As well TV commercials like this one.



4. Food that pretends to be healthy, when it isn’t. 

Just because it’s “Lo fat”, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. 


5.   Getting a traffic ticket

Even when you know it’s 100% your own damned fault.


6  The closing credits ot the Flinstones.

This always bothered me, for as long as I can remember.

Why didn’t Fred just use the damned window?


7.   Helena from the Mighty Hercules

Most useless.    Cartoon female.   Ever.

She no doubt helped set back the feminist movement by 10 years.

Go make Hercules a sandwich, or something.



8. That dreaded moment

When you realize the toilet’s gonna overflow.


9.  Cheap Toliet paper

That disintegrates into bunny balls.

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4 Comments on “9 Minor Annoyances That Shouldn’t Bother Me, But Still Do.”

  1. ha ha pennies annoy me too – especially the sticky ones you find down the back of the sofa

  2. Dot Says:

    I saw on TV where someone “tiled” their foyer with pennies.

  3. Dot Says:

    And that moment when you realized the toilet’s going to overflow — not minor, not at ALL minor.

  4. Friar Says:

    True…it’s a major crisis, at that point.

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